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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 27

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How to Use Magic

The next day I am in the explorer guild.
To make a chance, sell only 10 slime magic cores and talk to Hitsugaya-san with a small talk as usual.

“There is something I’m interested about. Magic Orbs are rare items, aren’t they?”

“That’s right. It’s rarely put up for sale.”

“How much is it?”

“It can be sold for more than 50 million yen even for unpopular wind and water systems. More than 100 million yen for fire and lightning.”

“It’s expensive, isn’t it?”

“Not really, but it’s not something that a high school students can afford.”

“No, there are some high school student explorers who have been successful in purchasing Magic Orbs.”

“Takagi-san, please aim for it.”

“No, no. I can’t...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 26

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First Magic

Blue Magic Orb drop item.
Probably tens of millions of yen if sold.
If I sell it, I will be very rich.

I have already decided.
Use it myself.

Today, I will be a mage that I dreamed about.

According to TV, to use Magic Orbs, one should only throw it to the ground.
Then you will be able to use the magic contained inside the Magic Orbs

My dream cannot be bought by money.

I slammed the blue magic orb against the ground with my quivering hands.



I don’t feel any change.

Checking my status in a hurry,

Takagi Kaito

LV: 11
HP: 23
MP: 14
BP: 28
Slime Slayer
Goblin Slayer (temporary)
God’s Blessing
Water Ball NEW

There it is. So it is real.
Water-based magic, Water Ball

“Woahh, I did it!”

I screamed unintentionally.

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 25

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Drop Item

I’m absent from exploration today because I’m worried about the magic core issue that accompanies Sill’s level up.
I thought about it and came to one conclusion.
There is no other choice.

My conclusion is to withdraw from the 3rd floor and hunt slimes on the 1st floor.
It does not mean that I have given up exploring the 3rd floor, but if I cannot move due to lack of magic core, collect a large amount of magic core first and then proceed with the exploration. It feels a bit inefficient, but I think that’s the only way.

A slime’s magic core is the smallest.
Although it is the smallest, two hellhound magic cores and three slime magic cores are about the same size, so if I collect them in large quantities, there will be no problem with the amount that Sill and Rusheria eat.

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 24

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Sill’s Level Up

It’s been a week since Sill’s feeling became clear.
Anyway, I try to treat Sill kindly.
The difficulty, though, is that if I’m too kind to Sill, Rusheria’s mood will become worse.
What should I do?
What should I, who have no interaction with girl before, do?
Often, the protagonists in dramas and novels are doing well in similar situations.
Rather, they live happily and enjoying their life.
If I am an dense protgonisy, I can completely ignore it and have fun.

However, this is a reality. It’s real.

I can’t do such a trick.
I can’t do it.
All I can do is wear down my nerves and observing their complexions.

While having such a stressing mental state, I became more devoted to killing monsters, as if seeking an outlet for stress.
Killing monsters on the 3rd floor.
Of course...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 23

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And I’m back. I’m still experimenting with the website so please tell me if there is something wrong. I’ll post yesterday chapter later.

Sill’s Feeling

I am simply pleased that my LV went up.

“I did it.”

Moreover, this time it is not just an ordinary level up, but a super level up with growth correction of God’s Blessing.

My expectation soared to the roof then I check my status.

This? ??
Isn’t it strange? ??

Takagi Kaito
This is my status when I’m LV 9

LV: 9
HP: 20
MP: 9
BP: 20

And this is my status at LV 10 that was corrected by God’s Blessing previously

LV: 10
HP: 25
MP: 12
BP: 25

And this is the status when I level up today.

LV: 11
HP: 27
MP: 14
BP: 28

Previously, my status only rise by 1 or 2 when I level up.
By acquiring the skill God’s Blessing, my sta...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 22

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I’ll move my site to wordpress self hosting in a few day. So I’m sorry if I am late in posting the chapter. But fret not as I will post it after my site is ready. I will post the same amount of chapters that I miss at once in bulk.

Party Battle

I got Rusheria and I was full of anxiety, but even if I worry, nothing will change, so I decide to challenge 3rd floor again.
When I dive into the 3rd floor, 3 familiar hellhounds same as last time appeared.

“Sill, please use Iron Wall Maiden”

“I understand. Iron Wall Maiden”

“I’ll kill one, so Rusheria please kill the other two.”

“Yes, yes. Give me a magic core after this. Prison Flame of Ruin”

While I was killing one hellhound with a crossbow, the other two were wiped out with a single Prison Flame of Ruin by Rusheria.


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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 21

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I put the new servant card on my forehead and said the name Rusheria in my head.

As with Sill, the card is surrounded by a flash of light, and then a beautiful black-haired woman stood …



There stood a little girl with black hair.
Appearance is reminiscent of the servant card Viscount-class demon. About the same, but the little girl version.

Exactly the same as with Sill …

“My transcendental beauty …”

“My 200 million yen …”

“My dream …”

I realized in an instant.
I’ve done it.
A servant who became a little girl like Sill has appeared.

“Are you my master?”

“Oh, well, yes.”

“What an unreliable master.”


“You look stupid.”

What? There is a tremendous sense of discomfort.
Is this black-haired little girl really...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 20

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The second loach,
No, picking up the second servant card and check the displayed servant in a hurry.



I’m still nervous even though it is the second time for me.


“Here it is!!!”
What was drawn on the servant card was a transcendental beauty with a nice body, her black hair and eyes looks like it is made of a jet-black darkness.

Type: Viscount-class demon
Name: Rusheria
Lv: 1
HP: 70
MP: 120
BP: 130
Skill: Prison Flame of Ruin, Breath of Erosion
Equipment: Magic Wand Torgil Magical Outfit Azedom

Definitely a transcendental beauty, but I am more attracted to her type.

“Viscount-class demon??”

It’s quite common in the game world, so I know what it means.
Looking at the status, I get the impression that it is a little inferior to Sill, bu...

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Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 41

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Demon King of Phantom Thief, Meet the Ice Spirit

On the north of the Demon King’s territory, there were three people, Keith, Diana, and Ginlow.
Diana took out a tent, which could be called a villa, on the hill where the blizzard is raging.

“Let’s enter now, it’s getting colder and colder”

Go inside the tent and put on thick fur slippers.
They sat on a rock chair around the fireplace and warmed their feet.

“We can’t move if the weather is still like this.”

Keith said, looking at the window, looking at the dimly shining village beyond the blizzard.

“But now that we’ve set up the tent, they are probably aware of our existence. We’ve also turned on the lights on the second floor. If there’s no reaction, then there is nothing we can do. “

After saying that, Diana drinks ...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 19

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Second Servant Card

I was stunned by the exploration result of -12953 yen the day before.
Even though I dived into the dungeon and won all the battles, I was in the red.

It is truly an unprecedented situation.

To be honest, my fighting ability is low without surströmming.
Moreover, I was able to handle up to 3 monsters this time, but honestly it is unknown when it becomes more than that.
There is a lack of my ability, but the number of people is also insufficient.
Most of the explorers who dive deeper than the 3rd floor form a party of about 3 to 5 people.
In my case, even if Sill has an unusually high BP, we only have two people.
To be honest, it’s tough.
On the other hand, there is no one who I can invite to form a party, and there is almost no explorer of the same level who has time...

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