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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 40

Demon King of Phantom Thief 4 comments

Go to the 5th floor

With my tension at MAX, I’m finally stepping foot on the 5th floor.
The monsters on the 5th level are very different from the 4 previous floor.

“Sill, are there any monsters?”

“There are two over there.”

What appeared,
It was a group of Mudman and Sandman.
Unlike the biological monster before, this one is moving but not sure if it is alive.
Each one has “Man” in their name, but they are not human, just a humanoid monster.

For the time being, ask Sill to use Iron Wall Maiden and testing how strong they are.
Try firing a crossbow at Mudman.



Did the crossbow’s arrow slip through?
In a hurry, I try to shoot at Sandman this time.



After all, the arrow slipped through.

I became impatient, but I managed to regain my feel...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 39

Demon King of Phantom Thief 4 comments

5th Floor, the Day Before

The plan was to dive into the 5th floor today, but I’m still on the 4th floor.
The reason for the delay is because I’m applying for a rank up today.
I was able to apply when I reached BP 40, but I wanted to apply after I break through the 4th floor.

“Takagi Kaito-san”


“Congratulations. This is your Iron-Rank Identification Card.”

“Thank you.”

“Looking at your record, you have a rank up from Stone Rank in just a few months. That’s amazing. Is there some secret to it?”

“No, no. That’s not the case. Haha …”

“It seems that you took more than two years to reach Stone Rank, but only a few months to Iron Rank. That’s not something everyone can do. Please continue to do your best.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

Although I was rarely pra...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 38

Demon King of Phantom Thief 2 comments

Shopping Mall

Right now, I’m in a shopping mall.
Unlike at the dungeon market, I don’t really know what to buy.
When the misunderstanding about this shopping thing came, the only thing that came to my mind was the shopping mall.
I said I wanted to buy clothes, but since I am in the dungeon almost every day, denim pants and a hoodie are enough, but right now I can’t say that.


“What kind of clothes do you like? Something casual?”

“I don’t really know myself, so can I leave it to you?”

“I understand. Leave it to me.”

It isn’t the usual casual clothing store that she brought me to.

For some reason, it is a fashionable and mature clothing store.
It is the kind of store I won’t be able to enter if I am alone.

“Uhm, Katsuragi-san?”

“It’s okay, it’s o...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 37

Demon King of Phantom Thief 4 comments


Next week, I will challenge the 5th floor.
I want to prepare well for the 5th floor, which is an unknown floor to me.
And today I will go shopping with Katsuragi-san.
I wanted to confess to her, but because of my stupidity, we end up like this.
Of course, it’s my first time shopping with a girl, so I’m really happy.

We promised to meet at 9 o’clock and I arrived at the station at 8 o’clock.
I couldn’t sleep well because my tension was too high, and I was restless and nerveous, so I came early.
Of course, Katsuragi-san hasn’t come, so I’m waiting alone.

Why is one hour so long?

At 8:45, Katsuragi-san finally appeared.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

“Where are we going today?”

“Well. I’m thinking of going to the dungeon market first and then to the shopping mall...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 36

Demon King of Phantom Thief 3 comments

Breaking through the 4th floor

The day after my ‘Water Ball’ was strengthened by the bracelet, I began to dive into the 4th floor again.

“Sill, Rusheria, please support me today too.”

“Yes.” “Yeah.”

Immediately, we encountered 5 G-chan.
It’s the highest number of monster that we ever face.
As usual, Sill and Rusheria are trembling.

When I turn my face toward Sill,

“Iron Wall Maiden.”

Sill immediately activates a skill.
In the dungeon, our cooperation has been considerably polished after a series of battles, and it has become possible to communicate without giving instruction. As for Rusheria, we can also communicate, although it is limited for the 4th floor.

As usual, the five G-chan who rush to the Iron Wall Maiden in rage, and let out a loud scream.
I endure the soun...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 35

Demon King of Phantom Thief 3 comments

Confession !?

I am thinking of challenging the 5th fooor.
I had decided to confess if I have the strength ti dive into the 5th floor before.
I’ve been delaying it for a long time, but I’ve finally decided.
Tomorrow, I will confess to Katsuragi Haruka.

I’ve been restless since I woke up in the morning.
I go to school, but my legs are heavy with expectations.
As usual in the classroom,
To Oyama Shinji and Mizutani Hayato


As usual,


Reply so.

After that, I attend the class, but I can hardly concentrate.
Right now, I’m only thinking about my confession and glance at Katsuragi once in a while.

During the lunch break, I am talking with Shinji and Hayato, but suddenly Hayato say,

“What happen?”

“Kaito, aren’t you strange today?”

So sharp···

“No, not r...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 34

Demon King of Phantom Thief 3 comments

One more coming in a few hours as I didn’t release a chapter yesterday

Magic Item

I stared at the bracelet inside the glass.
It doesn’t look like it’s broken, and it’s beautiful.
Looking at the item description,

Amplifies the magical effect of the wearer.
However, there is a restriction that the wearer cannot move from the spot while the magic is activated.

This is…

Isn’t this the so-called cursed magic item?
Increase magic. That is amazing.
However, there is a restriction that the wearer cannot move at all during the magic activation.
Isn’t this fatal?
If there are multiple enemies, I’ll be killed in one shot while the magic is activated.
It’s a curse that make a fatal flaw when facing the monsters deeper than the third level.

Some magic items are sometimes called cursed it...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 33

Demon King of Phantom Thief 4 comments

You might have realize it before by I have put some ads on my website. I’m a beginner in this and I will try my best so that the ads won’t trouble you when you read. I’ll continue for a week at least and if it still affecting your reading experience, I’ll just remove the ads.

Rest Day

The next day, I was asleep after I was hit by G-chan.
I am in so much pain that I can’t move. In addition, I got a fever.
It’s serious.
I’ve been asleep for three days and I’m absent from school.
With a low potion, this kind of damage would recover in an instant, but I don’t have it.
After all, it is a luxury item that costs 100,000 yen per bottle.
There is no choice but to leave it to my natural healing power, and I continue to become the inhabitant of bed.

It looks like I will be able to move tomorrow.

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 32

Demon King of Phantom Thief 4 comments


I managed to defeat the cicada-type monster, but I was exhausted, so I went home and made friend with my bed.

The next day, in a corner on the 1st floor of the dungeon, I decided to summon Sill and Rusheria and have a discussion.

“I’m going to dive into the 4th floor again today, but before that, I have something to talk about.”

“Yes. What is it?” “What is it?”

“It is about yesterday’s battle. When I was fighting G-chan, I got hit and blown away, but I didn’t receive any support.”

“Yes.” “Well.”

“Then you saw me suffering from the sound attack of the cicada monster.”

“… Yes” “… Well”

“You also saw that the attack of my crossbow did not work but I thankfully managed to defeat it with Water Ball.”

“… Yes” “… Well”

“The next time it happen,...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 31

Demon King of Phantom Thief One comment

Cicada Season

It’s been a few days since I started diving into the 4th floor.
When a insect-shaped monster appears,

“Kyaa!!!” “Uaa!!!”

“Sill, please use Iron Wall Maiden.”

It’s a repitition of this.
It seems that those two never get used to it.
Even when I ask them,

“I can’t do what I can’t do !!”

That’s their reply.

Three cockroach-type monster, that I call G-chan, appear and I immediately use the insecticide attack.
When the three escaped, they were in a state of panic while letting out an annoying screams, along with the screams of my two servants.
Even so, I chased after them, but suddenly the last one of G-chan.


It made a humming noise and flew toward me.

No matter how mild insects are, cockroaches, which are as big as large dogs, are heading to m...

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