Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 5

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Demon King of Phantom Thief, Four Heavenly King and Dinner

“Demon King-sama.”

Aleira Qualiator turned her red eyes to Keith.

“It may be very rude, but can I touch it?”
“You can do what you want, hmm … Aleira … right.”
“Alei is fine! Then!”

Aleira stood up and placed her hand on Keith’s horn.
He was touched by a beautiful woman, and it made him nervous.
Immediately a valley on the purple dress appeared before him.

Keith looked at it-and sinfully remembered Mary.
Although hidden by a long robe, so it’s hard to know her size, but Mary had a quite big one.

(What’s Mary doing now in the party?)

Thinking about that, the eyeball embedded in the Aleira’s staff glowed red.

“Oh, right! When I think about it, your complexion is bad! Demon King-sama, you have lost a lot of blood! Did something happen !?”

Aleira’s eyes became big.

“Yeah, I already told you. I have a blood loss. In a physical sense.”

Keith answered with a blue face.

“Demon King-sama. Meat is the best for lack of blood. I also recommend eating liver and heart!”

Ginlow’s voice echoed in the wide room.

“Well, let’s have a meal.”

All four heavenly king stood up and Diana snapped his finger.
Then a dark gate opened on the floor not far from them, Zuzuzuzu-and a gray-haired man dressed in butler attire appeared.

“You have something for me, Diana-sama?”
“Joseph, prepare a meal for Demon King-sama right now. He is an ex-human, and now he is running out of blood.
“I understand. Then how about a demekin grass salad, a demi dragon soup, a fried crabfish, a fishman’s blood, a goblin heart sashimi, a human meat.”

No matter how someone would ask, it’s a parade of nasty food.
Is this a normal food for demons?

“How is it, Demon King-sama?”
“Hmmm. I’m not very used to eating that … but I’ll eat it if you say it’s good.”

Keith said, Joseph bowed deeply.

“Then, for the four heavenly king, would you all like squid, octopus and sunny lettuce, caprese hors d’oeuvre, buffalo cream soup, sardine garlic saute, citron sorbet, beef steak, and finally, nagan fruit compote?”
“I don’t care.”
“No, no, wait a minute. Why do I feel that you eat luxurious food?”
“Luxurious …?”

Diana tilted her neck.

“It’s more like a dog’s food than what he prepare for Demon King-sama.”
“I want to eat that too! Dog food is fine!”

Ginlow dropped his head.

“Everyone who eats a lowly food and speaks the same thing as his subordinates to raise their morale is exactly what a great one will do …”

It seem to be misunderstood.

“Exactly as what Ginlow say. I’m so glad to serve Demon King-sama. Joseph, follow Demon King-sama.”
“I am afraid, i already do that.”

Apparently Demon King didn’t eat anything.

“So, Joseph will guide you to the dining room, so we’ll excuse ourselves.”
“Wait, don’t we eat together?”

Keith asked.

“I fear we are not going to eat together.”
“Then, why don’t we all eat together?”

Keith had a lot to asked the four heavenly king.
While eating was a good opportunity to talked about that.

“Eating together with Demon King-sama …?”

Diana stared at Keith.

“I’m fine with that, but it’s fine if you don’t want to …”

Keith said, and his purple eyes shone.

“Eating with Demon King-sama … I don’t have the will to refuse such an honor!

Diana looked happy with her fingers crossed at her chest.

“Whoo! Eating with Demon King-sama! This is the first time!”

Aleira was jumping around.

“Thank you …!”

Ginlow bowed his huge body..


Victor bow down in the same way beside Ginlow, but his emotion couldn’t be seen.
Four heavenly king showed each reaction.

“Let’s prepare it like that. Wait for a while.”

With that said, Joseph disappeared like smoke.
Then Keiths move to a dining room from the gate made by Diana.
He sat down in a soft chair, and waited for a while while drinking an drink prepared by the maid.

A glittering chandelier shone on the ceiling.
It didn’t necessarily mean that they like darkness just because they were demons.

“That butler or maid aren’t living things?”
“Yes, they are golem.”

It was hard to imagine that the white hand that laid the glass and poured wine was made of mud.
It was something ordinary as Diana’s summoning was top notch.

“I have kept you waiting”

The maids started carrying the food, signaled by Joseph’s voice.
In this way, the Demon King-sama and four heavenly king began a dinner party.

“It’s such a remote place but you can have all this ingredients … I’m not familiar with fine cuisine, but it may be more luxurious than the king’s departure party.”
“I don’t want to eat human gross food.”
“That’s right!”

According to their story, Aleira could use warp magic to where she had once went.
she said that she was using that ability to collected fresh produce and livestock from different countries.

“I always bring my minions. But I caught the fish the Demon King is eating right now!”

Aleira said with a big smile.

“Thank you, it was very delicious.”
“I’m so happy!”

With a full smile, Aleyla replied.

“This is something that isn’t related but, I’ve never found for a treasure chest before in the demon king’s castle.”
“Of course. Most of the rooms at Demon Castle can only be entered through my [gate]. Of course, if you use the power of a demon king’s magic stone …”

So Diana’s eating stopped.

“Demon King-sama … the cape’s magic stone …!”
“Oh, that was taken by a hero.”

Hearing that, Diana clasped the spoon.
The silver spoon was twisted by the small white fingers. 

“That humans … the demon king’s magic stones …!”

The truth was that it was stolen during the battle by Keith.
But it was a bit hard to said that.

“Is magic stone so important?”
“Of course. It’s also necessary to move between rooms of the Demon Castle, and half of the power of the Demon King is supplied by magic stones.”

(That mean my strength is about half that of the Demon King. If they attack again, there’s no one to stop them.)

Diana continued as though she knew what Keith was thinking.

“But don’t worry. I saw the Demon King reflected in the [ Identification Mirror] earlier, but Demon King-sama has been strengthened by the highest job. Even as you are now, depending on how you fight, you should be equal to or more powerful than the predecessor. ”

Keith new profession [Phantom Thief]-The greatness had been heard many times by members of Aldberg thieves.
Disguise into everything, go anywhere, open every door, steal everything.
Though they never meet someone with that profession
Nevertheless, it was hard to thought that Keith had the power of the rumored.

“How about seeing the equipment storage after dinner, i wish Demon King-sama had the equipment that matched you. ”
“Equipment …”

Keith had been equipped with old knife and slingshots.
Keith felt a little excited to imagine the equipment that lurked in the Demon Castle.


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