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Demon King of Phantom Thief Steal a Sickness

Joseph said to Keith, Diana, and the thieves.

“Everyone seems tired from your long journey. We will prepare your meals immediately, so we hope you can wait at your room.”
“Wait, Joseph. I have a request.”

Joseph went one step further.

“Yes, Demon King-sama.”
“Everyone feel very hungry, but they are not used to this place. So it would be helpful to have a place where everyone can freely eat.”
“I see. Then it would be good to make an all-you-can-eat party,…
“You really help me. Sorry to order you like that.”
“It’s nothing. We are delighted at the wish of Demon King-sama. Please don’t hesitate to tell me what you want.”

As Joseph bowed, the maids also bowed deeply and went to the back.
All of the thieves were guided by Joseph to the waiting room while looking at the pictures and armor at the entrance.
Luxurious chair and a round marble table.
Sitting there, the maids appeared and prepared tea for everyone.

“But Keith. You really became a Demon King …”

The boss grabbed the teacup and said while drinking tea.

“Well somehow I become one. I still haven’t fully understood it yet though …”

Keith stared at his palm.
No longer just a thief, but a Demon King.

“Well, Demon King-sama. Please look at everyone’s face. Everyone is grateful to Keith. Of course me too.”
“I’m glad everyone is free now.”

Keith looked at the other, as the boss said.
Everyone was a little confused, but they were really happy to be free.

“Pegaton, it’s good right. You can recuperate for a while now.”
“Yeah … really grateful … I feel like I’m a king …”

Pegaton, a sick man, was holding his belly and smiling painfully.

“Pegaton, are you not feeling well?”

When Keith asked, one of his friends nodded.

“Oh, I ate something that smelled like horse dung, hmm when i thought about it, I really did something bad.”
“What … it’s a little stomachache …”

Keith confirmed Pegaton’s status with [Identification Glass].
The numbers like strength and endurance were much lower than everyone.
And at the bottom, it was displayed as [Sick].
Keith saw it

-The Phantom Thief can steal everything they see.

“Pegaton, could you lay down on the couch?”
“Oioi, Keith … Don’t treat me like I’m sick”
“Just listen to me.”

Even though Pegaton didn’t knew what Keith was thinking, he still lay down on the couch, pushed by Keith’s serious expression.

“Well … you can stay calm … thank you …”

Keith concentrated his consciousness on [Identification Glass].
Below the status that were lined up, he found a part that glows red.
A little to the right – Keith then touched it.

――The feeling of grabbing something.

When Keith lifted his hand off Pegaton’s belly, something like a black mist swirled around his palm.

“Oh, that’s all …”

When Keith squeezed his palm, the little black thing splattered.

“Pegaton, are you still hurt?”
“Hmm … mmmm … mmmm?”

Pegaton touched his belly and pushed his finger.
Moving his arms, then got up from the sofa.
The face that endured the pain was now glowed.

“No pain! And I feel light! Keith, what did you do?”

Everyone eyes turned round and staring at the bouncing Pegaton.
Keith was really relieved.

“I stole your illness. You might be surprised to know that I became a Demon King and a Phantom Thief. “
“A Phantom Thief !?”

Eyes that looked at Pegaton were now staring all the way to Keith.

“I have heard about the phantom thief since I was a kid … To think it was real.”


Keith became boss.
Uoooooo cheers rang out.

“Hey, it’s a lie, right…”
“No, it’s true”


The appearance of Luka.

“Wow! The face and body are the same as me!”



“Yo brother!”

Keith said, hitting Pegaton’s shoulder who had his mouth open.

“I think that’s enough …”

When Keith cancelled his skill, the scene became quiet.

(As expexted that’s too much, huh …)

Became something like a monster – Keith thought it’s too soon to show his family such a thing.
When thinking something like that,

“It’s real …”
“Hey, it’s real …”
“It’s a Phantom Thief …”
“It’s the Phantom Thief I dreamed of …”

The murmur gradually grew, which eventually turned into a cheer in honor of Keith.

“”Keith! Phantom thief! Keith! Demon King! Keith!””

Everyone raised the teacup high, like cheering for something.
Pegaton placed his arm on Keith’s shoulder. 

“You freed me from that hell, healed my illness, as expected from a Phantom Thief! You can keep your head up for a lifetime! Okay, I’ll let you hear a special joke on this occasion. I have been training for this time! Yeah, listen up everyone! Listen, there’s an astronomer in a grinder house somewhere. “
“What is a scholar doing in grinder house!?” (TN: the last two character of astronomer(it’s from 4 character) in Japanese mean scholar and he/she only said the last two character.)

Pegaton jumped off from the sofa.

“That’s, that’s the joke, isn’t it a nice joke! It will warm your head!”

At first, the others were suspicious of Pegaton’s joke, but laugh in the end.
Keith also laughed at Pegaton’s shoulder.
Aleira, who was listening, was also laughing.
(TN: is it just me who isn’t laughing? I don’t know the joke and i translate it literary. So… I’m sorry for my inexperience.)

“Is it a human joke? I want to hear more!”
“Pegaton, have you kept that sloppy thing in your stomach all the time! You will get sick!”

Had been released by Pegaton, Keith went to Diana.

“Just now, are you laughing?”
“Of- of course not, Demon King-sama”
“No, you were absolutely laughing!”

Keith then pat Diana’s head.

“I said i am not laughing. That’s such a vulgar thing, I am not…”

While Diana was drinking the cup of tea, Keith told her Pegaton’s joke.
Diana burst out the tea.

“Keho, keho!”
“I’m sorry, Diana. I don’t think you will be that excited.”
“No, this is because, keho, my lack of training … as the four heavenly king … as a lady …”
“Well, you can laugh when you want to laugh.”

Joseph then came to said something.

“Demon King-sama, we’re ready for the meal.”

Keith told the others loudly, and everyone then shouted.

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