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Demon King of Phantom Thief, Went to the Elven Village

Everyone who was completely full with the meal slept soundly on the soft bed on the second floor.
Soon after dawn, after a light breakfast, they left the tent(?).

“Please be safe, Demon King-sama.”

Joseph bowed and disappeared like a smoke.
When Keith and the others went outside, Zuzuzuzu- the “tent” sink into the ground.
The thieves shouted in surprise.
What remains behind was just a flat earth.

“Everyone seems to be doing well.”

Diana’s memory when she fainted yesterday seem to had flew somewhere.

“Yes, and thank you, Diana.”

Keith thanked Diana from the bottom of his heart.
Eat plenty and sleep plenty—everything that everyone couldn’t do had finally became true because of her.

“As a member of the Four Heavenly King, it was a matter of course.”

Diana bowed deeply.

“Aleira, you too. Thank you very much. If you weren’t there, everyone might not have been here.”

Aleira answered with her red eyes glittering.

“You don’t need to thank me Demon King-sama! I’m happy to have everyone teach me a lot of jokes! Humans unexpectedly have more worth rather than being killed thoughtlessly!”
“Oh, oh …”

Aleira was a bit suspicious, but the interaction between her and the Aldberg thieves was much smoother than Keith thought.

“That’s good then. Tell me about it when you can.”
“Of course!”

Aleira smiled beautifuly, unlike what a demon looked like.
Diana was also really cool in comparison.

“Demon King-sama, from here you can transfer using Aleira’s [Gate] to Demon King Castle, but i have suggestion.”

Diana said.

“We can move with Fenrir and the other wolves. Then we can meet our vassal. “
“Human call them Demi-human. “

Demi-human refered to races other than human with intelligence, such as dwarves, khajiit, and kobold.(TN: you guys know what khajiit is? It’s a race with a cat(or maybe tiger dunno, never play it). It’s Skyrim Elder Scroll reference.)

Demi-human was known as the Demon King’s minion, and the area where they live was also close to Demon King Castle.
All of them were equally reluctant near humans.
That was why they built their village near Demon King Castle where no humans live in.

“It sounds interesting.”

Keith was interested in Demi-human because he never met them.

“Then let’s go there.”

Diana, who summoned the wolves again, told Keith.

“The closest Demi-human from here is the elven village.”

Elves were particularly famous for hating humans.
That’s not surprising, because the beautiful-looking elves were often kidnapped and sold as slave.
Keith was a former thief, so he knew that story.
Of course, Aldberg thieves never attempted to elves trafficking.

“Will the Elven Village accept humans?”
“Elves are our vassal…. It is impossible for them to reject Demon King-sama and your family. “

Keith had become a Demon King, but he was a former human, and the thieves were all human.
As Keith said to Diana, would they accepted it easily?

(Well, if we can’t enter then we can’t, no need to think about it.)

Keith rode behind Diana again and held her waist.

“Kyun! Let’s leave …”

The wolves started to run, went out of the meadow, and continued to run.
On the way, they took a lunch break and then depart again.

After entering the forest, the wolves finally slowed down.
As they passed through the trees, the sky began to turned red.
It’s already evening.

“Demon King-sama”

While in front of Keith, Diana said.

“For meeting our vassal, please don’t do anything rash.”
“… Right, Aleira, don’t do anything.”

Keith told Aleyla, who was trying to raise her cane.

-[Presence Detection].

They were surrounded. The opponent was standing behind the tree. A total of 24 people.
[Identification Glass] could told Keith about their equipment.
The wolf pack stopped as Diana stroked Fenrir’s fur.

(This is, boss is more suitable for the opponent this time…)

With that in mind, Keith shouted.

“Put down your bow!”

Noises were heard on the tree.
Eventually there was one response.
The voice of a young man.

“We cannot let human pass through our village! Leave quietly!”

That was the word Keith expected.
Keith shouted while still riding Fenrir.

“You all! This is me! Do I look like a human to you !?”

Keith opened his arm to draw the elves’s attention to the horns on his head.

“If you can see it, it’s up to you to believe it or not! But at that time, be prepared!”

The noise increased.
At that time, a sharp woman’s voice sounded from behind the tree.

“Put down your bow and get off the tree immediately!”

The sound of soft landing echoed one after another.
What appeared were young men and young women with a bow.
Elves were long-lived and old age did not change their appearance.

“… Sorry for being rude, Demon King-sama.”

The one who bowed and said that was a beautiful woman with shiny hair that flow down.
Elves only difference from human was that their ears protrude outward.

“But … sorry if i’m rude … for Demon Lord-sama to came to the village so soon … that …”

The woman seem trying to hide her impatience.

“The sacrifice… should have been sent for the next half a year …”
“… sacrifice?”

When Keith asked Diana, Diana turned around and answered.

“Yes, sacrifice is needed to increase the number of demon army. Vassal is providing it on a regular basis. ”

Looking at the elf woman, she secretly bit her lip and seemed to endure something.

“That’s right … It’s our ultimate pleasure to serve the Demon King …”

Answering while trembling a little.
It turned out that the elf woman was just trembling from fear.

“… No, that’s not the case this time.”

Keith said.

“Actually, we are on a journey. We wanted to stay overnight. That’s all I want.”

Hearing those words, the woman’s face glow as if she had risen from the edge of despair.

“Is … Is that so! I understand! Then I’ll do my best to entertain you!”

As Keiths descended from Fenrir, Diana snapped her finger.
The wolves disappear like smoke.

“Then I’ll guide you.”

When they moved deeper into the forest, a piled branches and leaves and suddenly came to Keith’s sight.
There were many huts in the village, which were lined up until far away.
The place were full of flowers, and there were those who were holding baskets beside the flower, those who maintaining bows, and the children who play with pieces of wood wrapped around them.

They all stopped and looked at the Keiths.
Then the ones who moved first were the parents, who hurriedly picked up their child and entered the hut.
The children simply opened their eyes wide from fear looking at the Demon King and his companion.

They knew how meaningless the act of running away in front of the Demon King is.
Parents who hid their children simply followed their instinct.

“Everyone, listen carefully!”

The woman said in a loud voice.

“The Demon King want to rest in this village! No sacrifice is needed tonight!”

The elves heard heard that were relieved.
However, their expressions had not yet wiped out the colors of tension.
Keith was looked at with fears as the Demon King.

(For them to fear the Demon King this much … well that must be because of the sacrifice …)

Diana said that they rule their vassal with fear, but Keith didn’t wanted that, he needed to do something.

“Keith. You, you really became someone that is big.”

Boss said.

“Somehow. But now is not the time for that …”

Keith replied while sighing

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