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Demon King of Phantom Thief, steal on the battlefield

Although the Kingdom of Tristram had remained in peace, the continent was now in the midst of war.

One was the eastern country, the Ashtran Empire.
The other was an allied force of the Duchy of Raden and the Republic of Colden.

One of the eight Allied forces boldly crossed the current of the Rubia River before the Imperial Army arrived, forming a lineup.
 Despite losing some of the horses and carriages, it was a feat to be able to move the defensive side to the territory of the empire.
Imperial army, who did not expect the Allied army to take the risky bet of crossing the river, were forced to retreat, despite being in their own territory.

Battle of Loftenkous, that was what historian would call it later.

Speaking of this war, this battle was not a big decisive battle.
But it was imprinted on the hearts of the people because of something unusual that happened.

It was – Demon King’s intervention.

What suddenly appeared between the two fighting forces,

A man who had horns on his forehead and wore a cape,
A large man with a body that shone like a silver,
A man dressed in a tattered black coat,
A young girl in a black dress, and
A beautiful woman with cane in a purple dress.

These five people had changed the tide of this battle.

“Listen, ten ,ten!”

The loud voice of the big man echoed across the plains.

“Demon King-sama wants your ‘power’! It doesn’t matter which army you are in! Anyone who wants to devote yourself to the Demon King, come out immediately!”

It was noisy as both side stopped the battle.

(Well, as I thought …)

Keith scratched the back of his head.
Ginlow had said that, but there was no one who would say yes.
They didn’t even know what it means to devote yourself.

However, Ginlow’s words seems tonhad been recognized as a signal of war.
For now, the Demon King was the enemy of all humans, regardless of country.
If they could also destroy the hostile country, then it’s two birds with one stone.


Both commanders shouted.
The sound of the drum echoed.
The arrow fired from that signal fly toward Keith and the others and pierced from both sides.

The army was not flexible enough to suddenly aim the arrow to the Keith and the others.
The battle was already decided even before it began.

The barrage of arrows were over, and the sound of the drums began to roared again.
From the Imperial Army.

“Uoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!”

The Imperial infantry ran, while shouting.
The Allies lowered their shields, them sticking out spears, preparing for defense.
The two forces met, piercing and pushing each other, that was war.

But this time – in the middle of the battle was the Demon King of Phantom Thief and his subordinates.
That made everything crazy.


Ginlow jumped to the imperial army that was approaching.
Keith fluttered his cape, stealing skills and stats from the soldiers.


Victor fired bullets at the soldiers one after another with two pistols.
But it’s not just a bullet.
The bullet was connected by steel wire that was held by Keith.
Of course, Keith stole the status and skills of the soldiers.

When no conscious soldiers were around Keith, Diana summoned a beast.

“Please ride it!”

A giant wolf run around the battlefield and threatens the soldiers.
The soldiers were like sheeps driven by a sheepdog.
Then Keith could steal their skills and stats one by one.

Frontline soldiers were aware of the anomaly, but were pushed forward from the back.

“Stop! Stop!”
“Don’t be scared. It’s much better than dying.”

Keith touched the soldier with his palm m and stole everything.

“I understand! Obey the earth-[gravity]”

As the lightning bolt came out from the eye embedded in the Aleira’s wand, the soldiers were thrown into the air like a toy.
The soldiers were stacked, and the result was a human spiral staircase.
Keith run up the spiral stairs, touching each of the soldiers.

-All the skills and stats of that soldier were Keith’s.

The formation of the Imperial Army collapsed.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

It would take some time for the commander’s voice to be heard by the army and actually began the retreat.
By then, all their status and skills of the soldiers on the front line had been stolen by Keith.

“Do you want to pursue them, Demon King-sama?”
“No, it’s fine. If I steal too much, I’ll have trouble organizing it.”

Of course knew all the stolen skills.
But it need some “intelligence” to organized it.
His intelligence had also been considerably increased from the stolen status.

“Good work, Demon King-sama. Let’s return soon.
“Yes, yes!”
“Before that, let’s stop by the orcs, the dwarves and goblins.”
“I understand!”

The status and skills stolen today were from infantry.
Most stolen items from infantry were best given to infantry.
Lately, it had became quite clear which class each race was suitable for.

Orc: Infantry
Dwarf: Infantry
Goblin: Light infantry
Elves: Archer
Kobold: Cavalry


Magicians were produced by various races.
Magicians unit was from different races.

(Orcs and goblins need more intelligence)

Recently, skills [Rule] [Tactic] were busy.

After passing through the [gate] made by Aleira, Keith came to the village of Orc.
A peculiar smell hit his nose.
Diana took out her handkerchief and covered her nose.

Orc had no habit of bathing and did not make toilets.
There waa no need to hide the smell because they were a strong race.

(I wonder if this can be managed somehow by improving their intelligence)

Orc who knew that the Keith and the others had appeared in the village had gathered.

“Demon King-sama, come. We, welcome.”
“First is you. Lower your head a little.”

This extraordinarily large Orc was supposed to be the chief here.
Keith held his hand over the orc’s head and poured the skills and stats he had stolen from hero and the army.
His palmd glowed green, and the orcs who saw it move backward.

(First of all, [Charge] [Pierce], and [Command] … I already have it.)

Organizing the skills and stats of the orc, the palm was still glowing.

“It’s fine now”

The orc raised his head.

“Um … the Demon King. I asked you, what exactly did you do? ……

The Orc was surprised at the words that came out of his mouth.

“The Demon King … this is …?”
“I gave you intelligence. “

If the Orc looked around, the whole scenery was different.
There was a sea of information that had never existed before, and he could see that it was organized in my head.
If he look at his peers, each one’s personality was immediately remembered.

The curtain covering the world had been removed.
What the Orc chief felt was such a great shock.

――The world had changed.

“I’m grateful for your help … really thank you …”

The words that flow out of his mouth surprise the Orc chief.
Smooth talk that was never thought of by Orc.
The orc chief had evolved in a flash.

“I will return this thanks!”
“I’m grateful to receive that word, so let’s have everyone stand in line.”

The orc chief was excited, but still lining up his friends.
From this day, everything changed.
The Orc chief was shaking his chest with such a feeling


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    Skirmishers are light infantry or light cavalry soldiers deployed as a vanguard, flank guard, or rearguard to screen a tactical position or a larger body of friendly troops from enemy advances.
    Goblins can change to one the above instead of a Skirmisher.

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