Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 25

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There is a gore scene in this chapter… not that heavy but well, everyone have their own preference so… well that’s it.

Enjoy the chapter!

Aleira, Torturing The Assassins

Passing through the territory of Raden Principality, the three assassins finally reached the border of the Demon Kingdom.
From here, it wasn’t the territory of humans anymore.
Abigail, Elada, and Selkin were running cautiously, but quickly, while sharpening their senses.


Entering the forest and went ahead for a while.
Then, Abigail stopped her feet from hearing a sound from the distance.

“Elada, scout it.”
“Roger that”

Elada leaned forward like a cat and moved silently through the deep forest.
After a while, she returned to Abigail.

“The elves are building the fort. There were also dwarves and orcs.”

Elada also saw the Aldberg thieves who were singing, but that was not something to report.

“Dwarves and elves should have been hostile to each other… it’s weird.”

The orcs that awakened their intelligence were the one who mediated the two races.
That was what made Dwarves and the Elves worked together building the fort, but Abigail didn’t know that.

“In any case, we have to take a detour.”

Only a very old map was left of the Demon King Castle.
Abigail spread the map.

“It’s pretty bad terrain, but we have to take this route …”

The hero party traveled with the guidance of a star that shined at night.
So the hero party didn’t need a map – one of the things that made this assassin squad different.
The assassination squad progressed little by little, repeatedly looking at the map, star, and also the movement of the sun.

It was a long journey.
Not only elves were building forts.
The dwarves villages, as well as the Goblin and Kobold, were under construction.

(It’s as if the enemy had known about us coming… It’s weird.)

The opponent was the Demon King.
Abigail didn’t know what kind of means the enemy used to detect intruder.
Abigail thought about that, although her didn’t tell her subordinates.

Climbing steep cliffs, hiding from demons in the deep forest, and passing through barren rocks.
The 13th Corps of the Ashtran Empire, the assassination squad, had finally reached the Demon King Castle.

“As expected there is a fort … and it is already complete.”

A tall fort with towers to prevented entry from the front.
It was built in strategic location, using all the terrain advantages.

“I and Selkin will take the lead. I take the west, and Selkin from the east. Elada, let us know if anything is wrong with a bird whistle.”

A bird whistle, like its name, was like a tool that sounds like a bird when blown.
But only a trained assassin could distinguish between real bird and the tool.

“Roger that”
“…… Roger that”

Selkin was grinning.
Freed from a boring long journey, he could finally concentrate on his main business “killing”.
The intense arm that has been trained tightened.

Selkin liked murder.
Even before being scouted by the 13th Corps, there were countless peoples that he killed for fun.
Assassination was Selkin’s specialty.

The top priority was the assassination of the Demon King.
For that, even innocent peoples could be killed.
It was a shame, however, as there was also such a madman in the demon territory.

From shadow to shadows, Selkin sprinted, lowering his body.
While using the route that was invisible from the fort, approaching the Demon King Castle.

Finally, Selkin came to the black castle.
Hidden by the outer wall, slowly approaching the entrance gate.
After confirming that there was no presence, Selkin entered the entrance gate.

(This castle has a loose security compare to the human castle … Is it a sign of confident or just arrogance …?)

As Selkin proceeded through the castle, he heard a humming from somewhere.
From a woman to be exact.

“Fufun, fufun, Aldberg thieves ♪”

Selkin had heard it somewhere, but he didn’t remember where.
Looking at the shadow of a pillar, a woman with a wand was walking.

(She seems to be a mage … looks like human, but …

Selkin licked his lips as he saw the sleek curves of the tight purple dress.

(It may not be bad to have fun after killing her.)

With that in mind, Selkin pulled out the dagger from his waist.
Assassination happened in an instant – there was no time to felt pain.

(Goodbye, erotic nee-chan …)

Selkin jumped from behind the woman without any sound.
A sharp dagger shined.
At that moment–.


The dagger, which was tearing the air, was blocked by a wand held by the woman.
A giant eyeball embedded on the tip of the wand stared at Zelkin.

“Wha …!”

Selkin retreated quickly.

“… It seems like a guest has finally come after a long time ~”

The woman turned slowly.
She was a beautiful woman with red eyes that was shining.

“Me? Just now you were trying to kill this onee-san right?”

To fight against a mage, don’t let them cast any spells – attacking again quickly!
Selkin jumped again and swung his dagger.

“Look, as expected you are trying to kill me!”

The woman happily swung her wand and repelled the dagger back.
Her smile didn’t disappeared.

“Then, let’s try something … [Freeze]”

The moment the woman muttered so, Selkin couldn’t move.
His body didn’t listen to what his brain was saying.
Even his finger couldn’t move.

“Hey, you can’t even resist low-level magic? That mean you are not from the hero party.”

The woman’s smile became even wider.

“I found a good toy.”

The woman touched her chin.

“Thank you, I’m Aleira Qualiator. Aleira is fine!”

As soon as the woman’s chin was touched, only Selkin’s mouth began to move.
After that was a matter of pride.

-He already prepared himself.

“… Kill me”
“Well, I won’t kill you easily! Such a waste!”

Aleira said that.

“Do you want to try various things? And also interrogation? You probably have to do it.”
“… It’s a big mistake if you think that I will say something”

Serkin had prepared himself after becoming an assassin.

“No, no, you don’t need to say anything! … [Balloon]”

As she chanted, Selkin’s belly began to swell little by little.


Little by little, little by little.
But it swelled steadily

Cold sweat did not stop.
It was not just being killed.

-It’s not just a torture.

“You know what happens if you keep swelling like this? I personally love watching it … Then let’s talk.”

The woman pinched Selkin’s skin between her hands.

“Where are you from?”
“Oh, you are still silent … [Balloon level 2]”

The expansion of the body accelerated at once.
The trained, tightened body expanded like a ball.

“Well well, say it, say it!”

Sweat that was like a waterfall flowed from the temple of Selkin.
His tongue came out of his mouth.

Serkin was a great assassin.
He had been trained to endured torture.

But who would have expected such a torture?
The fear to the mage set aside his pride as an assassin.

“… Speak … Wait, I’ll speak!”

Serkin’s heart finally broke.


“Well, I don’t care about that anymore. It’s more fun to watch you.”

Despair struck Zelkin.
This woman – was just enjoying it.
From the beginning, she didn’t intend to asked anything.

She was just enjoying murder.
It’s not like Selkin – more like enjoying people dying slowly.

“No, no … no, I don’t want to die …”
“Do your best ♪ Do your best ♪”

Each time Aleira clapped her hands, Selkin’s body swelled.
Blood vessels emerged on his skin.
One could hear the sound of something breaking from his body.

Tears were spilling more and more.
The human face that Selkin had killed came to his mind.

-I don’t want to die I don’t want to die I don’t want to die I don’t want to die I don’t want to die! !

“I’ll do anything! I’l fo anyfing! Anyfing!”
“So you’ll do anything …”

Aleira showed her white teeth and laughed.
Her red eyes were shining.

“Then, can you show this onee-san the best death ever?”

――Selkin visibility had gone dark.

Fear grew within his body because of the dark world.

“Fai’ll teff yo anyfing …!”
“Then let’s count from 5!”

Aleira said, happily clapping her hands with rhythm.

“Yes, 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …” 

Selkin’s body was already close to a sphere.

“Tah … oh huh …”
“Zero ♪”


Selkin’s blood and guts scattered, he had ended his life as an assassin.

“Is it okay to not interrogating him? Well whatever, it was fun! Really fun!”

On the other hand, Abigail, who did not know about the terrible death of Selkin, was climbing the steep cliff to infiltrated the Demon King Castle.

-Without knowing the fate that await her.


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