Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 3

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Thief, Became Demon King of Phantom Thief

The first thing he saw was two big horns.
The legendary sword Fragnum stab deep into the chest, and the black blood of the horn owner, Demon King, spilled.
It was a sight he saw once.

-Death of the Demon King.

But there was no hero here.
There were no Zott, no Meralda,or Mary.

“O thief”

The Demon King’s voice echoed.
The place was that from the former battlefield.

“A nameless person”
“……Demon king!”

Keith shouted.
We should had killed him.
My companion-no, no longer companion, but the Demon King should had died.
Keith took a step back unconsciously.

Now, the hero party was not here.
Keith was alone, he couldn’t win.
The Demon King took the sword that was stabbed into his chest, bleeding from the corner of his mouth, but still speaking in a powerful voice.

“The Demon King will never die”
“Even after spilling that much blood … you still can say that.”

There was a black puddle under the throne.
If the Demon King had received that much damage, Keith maybe still had a chance.
It’s not a chance to defeat him, but a chance to escape – thief’s speciality

“I’ve inherited the power of the predecessor, the predecessor, and even Demon King from a long ago. I never die. It’s like a curse. It’s an endless task.”

Black puddles spread.
Keith tried to step back again, but had stopped moving as if his feet had stuck to the floor.

“You have escaped from everything, nameless one. You have escaped from the knights following you, and you have escaped from the adventurer’s guild, from the hero who are trying to kill you.”
“I’m sorry, but that’s what they call thief!”

Keith said, the Demon King laughed.

“Are you still a thief now?”

At that moment, lightning flashed behind Keith.
The lightning cast Keith’s shadow on the black puddle.
The thunder that echoed later rang on his heart.
Keith’s shadow on the Demon King’s blood was no longer in the shape of Keith.

“The Demon King does not die. The Demon King become power. They becomes power and will be inherited …”

Finally, the black puddle run to Keith’s feet.
The polished cobblestones began to melt, catching Keith’s feet in a bottomless swamp.

“I can’t run away from the Demon King, even though the Demon King is alone … can’t escape … but …”

Keith’s body sink with zubuzubu sound to the black swamp, trying to understood what the Demon King said in his head.

“… you … won’t … be … able to escape”


When Keith noticed, he fell on a red carpet.
Raising his upper body slowly.
High ceiling, black wall, and a wide room no matter where you looked around

Looking around, only Keith was here.
There was no sound.

The only lights in the dark hall were four giant crystals on a table.
Large and small figures could be seen in it.
Keith approached the crystal and looked at it.

“This is……!”

Sleeping in the pale glowing crystal was the “Four heavenly king”, who had once been defeated by the hero party.
If there were four heavenly kings here that mean-

“I fell into hell … here …?”

Keith’s voice resonated in the large room.
The Four heavenly kings were frozen and did not move.

No one else was here.
Only silence dominated the wide room.


He endured a long journey, enduring the harassment of his friends, and finally defeated the Demon King.
Just to help family from prison.

“Patience, patience, and patience … the result is this ?!!”

In a wide room alone, Keith shouted.

“For what reason is that journey! What happen if I defeated the Demon King? It was good to save my family … it was good … but I couldn’t even do that, i just do what i can, setting aside my pride. Even so, I still continue the journey, then I am killed and go to hell !? Is it such a sin to release my family from an evil noble !? “

The shout echoed in the wide room.

“If there are god or demon king, answer me! What should I do!?”

Keith’s cry reached nowhere.

“Shit! Shit shit shit shit!

The carpet that was stomped on did not made any noise.
Exhausted Keith sighed.
If this was hell, there must be punishment.
But there was no sign of anything happening.

He looked around and found a mirror in the corner of the room.


Stepping on the carpet which didn’t made any noise, Keith approached the mirror.

Rune were engraved on the gold rim surrounding the mirror.
――This was an [identification mirror].
By using this, it was possible to determine the occupation of the person reflected.
Keith stood in front of [Identification Mirror] without thinking anything.

This was not the first time.
In the past, he was surprised to saw a [thief] displayed under his neck in a room of a noble whose property was stolen by him.

“…………… Hmm?

When Keith first looked on his reflection in the mirror, he was shocked.
But he couldn’t remember why anymore.

Horn grew on each side of his head.


He tried to grab his head.
There was definitely a horn, definitely a horn there.
The mirror reflected his hand touching the horn with a stunned expression.
And below that.

“Hey, what?”

[Phantom Thief] Control the Demon’s kin and steal anything you see.

Underneath, numerical values such as MP and skills were lined up.
The letters wad glowing red.

[Phantom Thief] was said to be the top occupation of [Thief], but he had not seen it yet.
Aldberg thieves also said they had never seen it.

“You have a good ability! You are going to be a phantom thief! That’s right! You’re the demon king!”

The Demon King said such a thing then Keith came here.
Now his saying had became true.

“No, no, no, that’s such a great story …”

[Demon King]-the incarnation of destruction and violence in the world.
An entity that lead the world into chaos.

“Is that … me?”

[Identification mirror] did not lie.
And the horn on his head was the best proof.

“Fufu … fufufufufufu …”

It was so stupid that he could only laugh.
In a dark room, the Demon King was born.
Former thief, alone

“A demon king who is alone? Even though I don’t know where this is !?”

With his arms outstretched, Keith shouted.

“If i’m a demon king, there is probably one or two minions. If there’s, come out!”

At the moment when he said it in a loud voice, the four crystals shattered.
Four figures slowly opened their eyes on the pedestal.

-The resurrection of the four heavenly kings.

It’s bad, I’m gonna be killed.

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