Demon King of Phantom Thief

Title : Demon King of Phantom Thief – a Betrayed Thief Stole the Stats and Skills of the Hero Party Then Reigned Over the World

Type : Japanese novel

Author : マライヤ・ムー

Status : on-going

Source : syosetsu

Year : 2020


Thief- the most hated profession from the Hero party.

Thief Keith contributed to the defeat of the Demon King, but he was betrayed and killed by the king and his allies.

To protect himself, he wore a cursed item, [Demon King’s Cape]

At that moment Keith unexpectedly reigned as the [Demon King of Phantom Thief]!

From kings, generals to the hero party, from stats, skills to treasures, he stole them all.

From the four heavenly king to the thieves, the elves and the dwarves, opened the way to world domination!

Heroic Exploration Tale


April 2028, I’m still in the dungeon today.
Kaito Takagi dives into the dungeon every day instead of doing a part-time job.
Mob character Kaito is an explorer who hunts slime every day and could only earn a meager amount of pocket money.
The others calls me a slime slayer (LV3).
In the past, I tried to hunt goblin and I escaped for my dear life.
A golden slime that I had never seen since I became a Slime Slayer (LV3) appeared, and when I kill it, a rare item called a servant card was left behind.
It is a dungeon exploration tale of a poor mob character … maybe.

Type: Webnovel(JP)

Author: Kaito

Year: 2019

Status in COO: 570 chapters

Original Publisher: Syosetsu