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Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 7

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First of all, I’m sorry guys. I made a mistake about Aldberg. I thought it was just one person but were actually a group of thieves. Sorry about that. I already edit the previous chapter. The truth is I only read the first 2 chapter then translated it because it was on the first ten ranking. That mean when I’m translating it, that is when I read the novel. Well not that important. Anyway, once again, I’m sorry about the mistake.

Right I almost forgot, thanks for helping me before about the platonic thing. Is that what you feel if you have editor? Wanna be my editor? Nah, i’m kidding. But if you want to, just tell me.

Here is the chapter. Enjoy it. If there is typo or confusing part, please tell me in the comment.

Demon King of Phantom Thief, Releasing the Thieves

When Keith r...

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Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 6

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New chapter, enjoy it. When I’m lurking on syosetsu, for some reason 3 out of the first ten from the high fantasy genre ranking are NTR(not exactly NTR but something like That Person Later On if you have read it’). Is it’ a trending genre on Japan, I wonder. And I’m tempted to translate that( Wow, am i also not normal?) Well, that’s all.

Enjoy the chapter

Demon King of Phantom Thief Test His Ability By Stealing Skill

A black gate opened and Diana entered into it.
Keith followed her.
Beyond the gate was a long room lit by a magic torch.

“Here it is. Demon King’s equipment storage.”

Glass cases were lined on both walls, with various items illuminated by white light.

“[Bangle of obedience] … This is not equipment of phantom thief … [Crown across the heavens] … This is also no...

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Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 5

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New chapter again, enjoy it’. Please tell me if there is typo or confusing part or wrong grammar or whatever it’ is

Demon King of Phantom Thief, Four Heavenly King and Dinner

“Demon King-sama.”

Aleira Qualiator turned her red eyes to Keith.

“It may be very rude, but can I touch it?”
“You can do what you want, hmm … Aleira … right.”
“Alei is fine! Then!”

Aleira stood up and placed her hand on Keith’s horn.
He was touched by a beautiful woman, and it made him nervous.
Immediately a valley on the purple dress appeared before him.

Keith looked at it-and sinfully remembered Mary.
Although hidden by a long robe, so it’s hard to know her size, but Mary had a quite big one.

(What’s Mary doing now in the party?)

Thinking about that, the eyeball embedded in the Aleira’s sta...

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Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 4

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New chapter, enjoy it. As usual please correct me if there is typo or confusing part.

Demon King of Phantom Thief, Four Heavenly King Obey Him

(I don’t know what should i do …)

Keith stunnedly stared at the revived Four Heavenly King.

(A thief alone … No, it’s a phantom thief now, but my opponent is the four heavenly kings, I’ll be killed in an instant regardless of that.)

All of the hero party, and they attacked together, with only that they could win against the four heavenly king.
It’s not something to joke about.
Despite Keith’s despair, the four heavenly king were talking to each other.

“Why … alive …?”

A large man, almost impossible for human, whose whole body was covered with smooth silver, muttered in a low voice.

“Why am I not melted? Why?”

A ...

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Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 3

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Translator Note:

New chapter, enjoy it.

Thief, Became Demon King of Phantom Thief

The first thing he saw was two big horns.
The legendary sword Fragnum stab deep into the chest, and the black blood of the horn owner, Demon King, spilled.
It was a sight he saw once.

-Death of the Demon King.

But there was no hero here.
There were no Zott, no Meralda,or Mary.

“O thief”

The Demon King’s voice echoed.
The place was that from the former battlefield.

“A nameless person”
“……Demon king!”

Keith shouted.
We should had killed him.
My companion-no, no longer companion, but the Demon King should had died.
Keith took a step back unconsciously.

Now, the hero party was not here.
Keith was alone, he couldn’t win.
The Demon King took the sword that was stabbed into his c...

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Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 2

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New chapter guys. Enjoy it.

Thief Betrayed by the Hero Party

Through the wilderness, over the steep mountains and through the wide grasslands, the hero party reached the city of Elem.
They were greeted by the cheers of the town peoples.

A tent was set up in the square, food and drinks were prepared on the table, and a party was held to commemorate the defeat of the Demon King.
Everyone ate a lot and drank a lot.
Keith, by the way, only drank a little wine and returned to the inn alone.

When he arrived at the inn, he went upstairs, entered his room, and sat on bed.
From afar, he could heard the loud sound of the party.

(It was the worst journey …)

Keith thought.

(Because I’m a thief, I’m treated like garbage. Mary’s presence was the only salvation, but that almost end...

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Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 1

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The Hero Party Defeat the Demon King

The hero Germ, the warrior Zott, the sorcerer Meralda, the priest Mary, and- the Thief Keith.

The Great Hall of Demon King’s Castle was lit by a magic torch.
The five brave heroes had arrived there.

The four heavenly king had been defeated and the demon king who remained on the throne alone, was an old man with deep wrinkles above his eyebrows.

“You have come …”

The Demon King slowly rose from the throne.

“To think that each of the four heavenly king were defeated … It seems that there is someone who is good at searching …”

Searching was Keith’s job.
Thanks to Keith’s work, the hero party had been doing quite well.

“That’s not it, it’s our ability. And demon king, next is your turn.”

The hero Germ drew his sw...

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