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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 18

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There is a reason I became an explorer.
Of course, the biggest reason is because it is cool.
But the real reason goes back to elementary school, though I haven’t told anyone yet.
When I was in the lower grades of elementary school, I had a fairly high level of athletic ability and was sociable, so I was a prominent figure in the class, if not the central figure in the class.
At that time, I had many friends regardless of gender.
However, I’m not a special boy, and I’m not a good student either.
Rather, I often making noise in the class.

Such elementary school life began to change as it approached the upper grades.
In the lower grades, athletic ability and sociability were particularly important, but in the upper grades, factors such as academic ability and looks have greater influen...

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Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 40

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Sorry for the wait. Here is the chapter.

Mary Arrives at the Holy City

The leader of the rebel is now the Vice-Chairman of the Ashtran Republic
The Chairman is, of course, General Altsfaith, who was a general of the empire before.
The two were being swayed in a carriage.

“The truth is, I don’t want to leave the country.”

Altsfaith sighed.

“Ashtran is still in the midst of turmoil. Merchants are stocking metals in bulk. In the future, itd price will definitely rise …”

Altsfaith, a former member of the Imperial higher-ups, is not a politician.
However, as the no.1 person in the Republic right now, he still need to think about it.

“Our revolution will keep going until the Republic national affair get on track. It’s not just about changing the leader.”
“As you say, in the...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 17

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I’ll release two chapters from now on if I can translate 2 chapters a day as it is short anyway. But don’t expect too much. What I can promise you is 1 chapter a day.

To the 3rd floor

Finally, I’m on the 3rd floor.
Of course, Sill is summoned and is in perfect condition, but we are still advancing with MAX tension for the enemy we have never seem before.
Sill’s ability quickly found the monsters.
There are two hellhounds.
Immediately, it seems that there will be a battle with multiple monsters, probably because it is a norm on the 3rd floor.
The hellhound is a low-ranking monster whose combat power is probably not that different from a goblin.
However, unlike human-shaped goblins, it is not so intelligent, but because it is a four-legged monsters, its speed is naturally far superior to th...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 16

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Preparation for the 3rd Floor and Moe Sister

When I reached LV 10 with 25 BP, I felt the growth limit on the second floor.
Goblins used to feel scary, but now they are as strong as I am.
Even without Sylphy’s help, I wouldn’t be killed right away.
Going to the 3rd floor means that I will definitely be against monsters that are stronger than goblins and skeletons.
It’s an unexplored, unknown territory that I’ve never stepped into.
It is an unknown area for me, but of course there is information about it.
Up to the 2nd floor, only a single monster appeared, but from the 3rd floor, multiple monsters will appear.
In other words, while Sylphy is fighting one monster, I also need to fight.
For me now, even though Level and BP have reached the stage of getting the right to challenge the third floor, ...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 15

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Miracle at LV 10

Since I became a Stone Rank, my motivation has risen, and I am more absorbed in dungeon exploration than ever before.

Maybe it is a dungeon addict.
It’s almost like when I was addicted to VR games when I was in junior high school.
I want to do it even if it reduce my sleeping time. If I don’t do it, I can only think about it all the time.

It’s like I’m sick.
I have experience a series of things that I have never feel before , such as leveling up, ranking up, aqcuiring skills, and the existence of servants, and honestly, it’s fun.
I get the illusion of becoming the main character of some game.

I’ve been absorbed in it for over a month, but unfortunately I haven’t improved.
One more LV to become LV 10, but the pace of leveling up has clearly slowed down.
It seems th...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 14

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School Life

I’m at school today as well.
The high school I go to is a normal high school.
There are quite a lot of people, 40 students per class and 10 classes.
Although I dive as an explorer every day, I think that I am a person who is doing my best.
In the morning, greet the only two people that I can call as a friend, Shinji Oyama and Mizutani Hayato,

From those two people


They replied so.

I’m not a cheerful teenager character who says “good morning” to everyone at the same time as entering a classroom, but not a shady loner too.
Doesn’t stand out, wether good or bad.
I’m in classmate A position. Even at school, I’m also the definition of mob character.
I take notes and listen to school lessons very seriously.
As expected, I don’t study at home, so if I don’t do it seri...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 13

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Rank Up

I’m on the second floor today.
Killing the goblins with Sylphy as usual.
I also kill some skeletons because I sometimes encounter skeletons mixed with goblins, but they are more difficult than goblins.
Since they only have bones, the crossbow does not have any effect, so I can only hit it with the tungsten rod. Crushing its skull then finally it disappear.
Hitting with a rod means that I have to get closer.
Protected by Sylphy’s Iron Wall Maiden, I sometimes need to get my arms out.
Yesterday, an intelligent one aimed at my arm and I was almost dragged out.
It was dangerous.
I swore to myself that I shouldn’t get distracted.

My level become 8 in 3 months.

Takagi Kaito
LV: 8
HP: 18
MP: 8
BP: 19
Skill: Slime Slayer
Goblin Slayer (temporary)

LV 10 is a milestones, but BP 20 is more imp...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 12

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Posting two chapters today as it is a weekend, enjoy it

Rare Monster

Even today, after school, with the help of Sylphy, I continue to hunt on the second floor.
Taking advantage of the other day’s reflection, I rely entirely on Sylphy.
It may seem a bit pathetic to strangers, but I completely ignored that.
Thanks to that, I have been able to proceed smoothly.

Unusually on the way, I encountered another exploration party.
A three-person party, looks like the same age as me, or maybe a little older, but the goblin facing them is being killed by the three people easily.
A man as a vanguard controlled the goblin, and the other two enter the goblins’ blind spot.
After a 30-second battle, after being attacked from the blind spot at the same time, the hunt was decided.
Looking at it, I honestly...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 11

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Level Up

I have been hunting goblins smoothly since then under the help of Sylphy’s Iron Wall Maiden.
The MP consumption of Iron Wall Maiden is 5.
Since the MP needed is half of God’s Lightning Strike, Sylphy’s magic core ingestion is also half.
It is so easy to defeat a goblin now, that I was in a good mood and thought that if I had a crossbow, I could defeat them alone.

“Sylphy, this time I’ll hunt alone, so you don’t need to help me.”


I set the crossbow in advance and went to battle with a goblin again.
Aim at a distance of about 20m and shoot a crossbow arrow so that the goblin I find will not noticed it.
I hit its arm brilliantly, but the goblin looked this way.

“Guga! Gya !!”

It was angry and rushed here.
I hurriedly fired again, but it didn’t hit.
I am in...

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Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 39

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Posting it here again. I have no excuse again. At least I’m planning to continue this series.

Enjoy the chapter

Demon King of Phantom Thief, To the North

Keith told the maid to put a round table in front of the Demon King Castle and enjoyed the morning tea time.
Everyone from Aldberg Thieves is with him.

Elada sits next to Victor, holding a cup of tea.
Little by little, she seems to be getting used to her life here.

“Diana onee-chan! This is delicious!”

Luca, the younger sister, ate sweets made for the tea party put her hand on her cheek.

“It’s a Raisin Butter Sand.”(TN: If I’m not wrong then it’s a sandwich cookies from Hokkaido.)

Diana replies with a smile to the innocent Luca.

“It’s delicious! But it looks like it will make me fat!”


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