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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 30

Demon King of Phantom Thief One comment

Shocking G-Chan

Finally, I’m on the 4th floor.
There should be no problem with our party strength other than me even in the 4th floor, but there is only one concern.
I think it’s okay because there is a demigod and a demon in my party.

“There is a reaction over there. Three of them.”

Following Sylphy’s guidance, I finally encounter monsters on the 4th floor.

“Kyaa!?” “Uaaa!!!”

“No, let’s run away !!” “No way no way !!”

“Help me!!” “Fuaa, die, die!!”

At my first battle on the 4th floor , my party is panicking.
Rather than my party, it’s Sill and Rusheria to be exact.

The monsters I encountered were a cocroach-type, a spider-type, and a centipede-type.

The 4th floor is the area of insect-shaped monsters.

However, each one of them is as large as a large dog.


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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 29

Heroic Exploration Tale 2 comments

Preparation for the 4th floor

Since I found a better way to use Water Ball, I have been diving into the 3rd floor several times.
However, I don’t feel like my level will go up anymore.
At last, it seems that I have reach the growth limit of the 3rd floor.
If it’s like this, there is no choice but to start diving to the 4th floor.
However, my equipments are too poor to dive into the 4th floor.
Weapons are good, but I have no armor.
Although I have a shield, my other equipment to dive is a denim pants purchased at a mass retailer with a cheap hoodie.
Until now, I was protected by Sill’s Iron Wall Maiden, so I wasn’t hurt.
However, I don’t know if it will work even in the 4th floor.
So I want armor that protects my whole body.
Actually, I have already consulted with the old man from the dungeon m...

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Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 28

Heroic Exploration Tale 2 comments


The road to become a Great Mage had opened a little yesterday, but it wasn’t that sweet.
I am still doing magical training in a corner of the dungeon today.
Even though it is a special training, it is limited to three magic a day, so it is necessary to maximize the efficiency.
Continuing from yesterday, I decided to speed up as much as possible today.

“Water Ball”

It seems to be a little faster than yesterday.

“Water Ball”

It’s almost the same as before.

“Water Ball”

Does not change.

This is the end of today’s special training.
Moreover, I am tired as hell.

I am training in a corner of the dungeon every day.

First of all, speed, but I soon felt the limit.
The speed is considerably faster, but it is probably the same as the ball thrown by a professional baseba...

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