Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 4

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New chapter, enjoy it. As usual please correct me if there is typo or confusing part.

Demon King of Phantom Thief, Four Heavenly King Obey Him

(I don’t know what should i do …)

Keith stunnedly stared at the revived Four Heavenly King.

(A thief alone … No, it’s a phantom thief now, but my opponent is the four heavenly kings, I’ll be killed in an instant regardless of that.)

All of the hero party, and they attacked together, with only that they could win against the four heavenly king.
It’s not something to joke about.
Despite Keith’s despair, the four heavenly king were talking to each other.

“Why … alive …?”

A large man, almost impossible for human, whose whole body was covered with smooth silver, muttered in a low voice.

“Why am I not melted? Why?”

A beautiful woman in a purple dress was holding a stick with an eye-catching eye and looked around with Kyorokyoro.


A tall man wearing a hat and a tattered long coat was silently staring at his palm.

“I can’t imagine it … but this is, as i thought…”

When a beautiful girl in a black dress muttered, four eyes were staring at Keith.

“We are before the Demon King-sama!”

Together with the pretty girl’s words, the four jumped off the pedestal at once.
Line up in front of the confused Keith and knelt down.

“Summoner, Diana “

The girl’s hair shone silver and flow down on the red carpet.

“ Swordman, Ginlow! “

The giant body that glittered like metal reflected the shattered crystal light and shone brightly.

“Gun slinger, Victor … “

The black hat and black coat were still dark.

“Dark mage, Aleira Qualiator! “

The pale purple dress revealed a small limb, as opposed to a bright voice.

“… present in front of you.”

The Summoner said that and the other three bowed deeply.
After all, as [Identification Mirror] showed, Keith was recognized as the Demon King by four heavenly king.

(You all didn’t …die?)

Keith muttered while being pressured by the four kings.

“Yeah … hello … raise your head for the time being.”

Keith, who couldn’t hide his embarrassment, said, four heavenly king looked up at once.

“You are … no, you are …!”(TN: changing from informal to formal here.)

Summoner Diana’s purple eyes shot open with surprise.

“Well, of course you would surprised. That’s right. I’m one of the hero party … but if you want to revenge … you can defeat me easily.”

Keith said, Diana hurriedly lowered her head.

“Please forgive my rudeness! That majestic horn! And that jet-black cape that you wear! You are our master, the Demon King!”
“Don’t you care that I killed the previous Demon King?”
“I’m sorry, it’s not like’ we don’t care…. But you are still chosen by the previous Demon King!”

Four heavenly king bowed deeply again.

(That mean I’m save? …?)

When Keith was feeling relieved-.

“But there’s one more thing to worry about.”

A low voice resounded in the wide room from the large silver body.
Swordman, Ginlow.

“I’m sorry, can I ask you something?”

(that’s true, Summoner… Diana is it? It shouldn’t be that she can decide something for all four of them …)

Keith said in a firm voice.

“What do you want to hear …?”
“I’m sorry, Demon King-sama. Why didn’t you melt us but revive us instead without creating the new four heavenly kings?”

(Melt …?)

To Keith who couldn’t swallow the situation, four heavenly king spoke again.

“Because our lost is a failure, after all …”

Dark mage, Aleira Qualiator then said, after Gun slinger, victor.

“Returning a failed work to a mass of magic is what the Demon King has done so far …”

(No, I don’t know how to do that)

From Keith’s point of view, at the moment of desperation and shouting something, the four heavenly king suddenly revived.

“Why are we alive?”

Diana looked up and turned her eyes straight to Keith.
Purple eyes that seem to suck him away.
Keith turned away.

“Well, it’s that. I wanted to give you another chance. You should have learn a bit after failing once.”

Keith Intended to said something appropriate.
But when he looked down, he saw tears spilling out of Diana’s purple eyes.

“Why … what a merciful word …”
” Demon King-sama … Thank you … I thought I had die …”

Tears spilled out of the red eyes of the Aleira Qualiator and rolled down to her nose.

“This kindness, i’ll return it with whole body …”

Ginlow loud voice resounding.

“… the same for me”

Victor muttered.

“Now, Demon King-sama, give us your first order.”

Diana said.
Keith thought for a while.

“Yes …”

He had never gave an order to anyone.
When he was just trying to answer something, his body felt light and he almost fell.
He felt anemia.
Mary’s healing magic closed the wound, but the loss of blood did not returned.

“Are you alright Demon King-sama !?”

Diana was running to him.

“No, it’s nothing. It’s just a little loss of blood.”

Keith replied, and Diana’s purple eyes showed a magnificent light on her young face.
When Diana looked back, the other three stood up.

” Demon King-sama want blood!”

Ginlow slammed his fist into the palm of his hand.


When Victor shook his sleeve, two pistols came out of his sleeve.

“Hey, so we will attack town after a long time?

Aleira Qualiator’s eyes shone and said something ridiculous.

“How much blood will suffice to fill Demon King-sama’s heart, i wonder?”

Diana looked at Keith’s eyes again and lick her red lips that looked like blood.

“No, no, it’s not that Demon King-sama want blood, he’s just don’t have enough of blood in his body physically.”

Keith said that, and the four heavenly king looked at each other.

“… Oh, yes. I’m sorry. It’s my bad. Ufufufufu.”
“Nuguhaha wawawa!”

The laughter of the four heavenly king excluding Victor echoed in the wide room.

“… haha”

He felt dizzy in various sense.
There seem to be some difficulties in communication between demons and humans.


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