Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 6

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New chapter, enjoy it. When I’m lurking on syosetsu, for some reason 3 out of the first ten from the high fantasy genre ranking are NTR(not exactly NTR but something like That Person Later On if you have read it’). Is it’ a trending genre on Japan, I wonder. And I’m tempted to translate that( Wow, am i also not normal?) Well, that’s all.

Enjoy the chapter

Demon King of Phantom Thief Test His Ability By Stealing Skill

A black gate opened and Diana entered into it.
Keith followed her.
Beyond the gate was a long room lit by a magic torch.

“Here it is. Demon King’s equipment storage.”

Glass cases were lined on both walls, with various items illuminated by white light.

“[Bangle of obedience] … This is not equipment of phantom thief … [Crown across the heavens] … This is also not …”

Diana grumbled and looked around the glass case.
Keith following behind her, and the instinct of the thief was started to sprouted because of curiosities.
Diana then said.

“Of course, if you see something you like, you can have it. These are all the property of Demon King-sama.”
“Even so, I don’t know what effect it has.”
“As a Demon King of Phantom Thief, you should have the skill [Appraisal Eyes].”

To use skills, someone just need to thought about it.
All you need was the knowledge that you had that skill.
Keith stared at the black lamp in the glass case.

-[Appraisal Eyes].

Then, a green letter appeared under the lamp.

[Lamp of the Dark Night] … Change day into night. The duration depend on the amount of magical power poured.

“… That letter, you can’t see it right, Diana?.”
“Yes, it’s a skill that only Demon King-sama could see.”
“I see … it can be used.”

Keith looked around each item using [Appraisal Eyes].
As they looked around the case for a while, Keith discovered an item.

[Identification Glass] …… Read the status, equipment and possessed items of the opponent you saw. The more you use, the more you see.


Something flashed in Keith’s mind.
When he looked at the mirror of identification not long ago, he remember the word that came up.

[Phantom Thief] Control the Demon kin and steal everything he see.

“… I want this.”

Keith tried to took out the [Identification Glass] from the case

“I see, this thing is very useful as an aid.”
“It’s more than ” very useful ” to me … only this thing is enough for me.”

With that said, Keith took out the [Identification Glass] from the glass case and put it on his eyes.
And then he looked at Diana,


[Summon] [Mission] [Secretary] [Gate Keeper (Demon King Castle)] [Occupational Knowledge] … and the other.
And then the other status continued.

Keith saw it.
The Phantom Thief could stole anything he saw.

“Diana. I just want to try something with you.”
“What is it … ah”

Keith touched Diana’s white cheek and she turned red.

“Demon King-sama …”

Diana muttered in a low voice and looked down with her long eyelashes.

“Nobody is watching. But no matter who is watching, I belong to the Demon King …”

Diana slipped her thin finger in Keith’s hand.

“What will you try, i wonder? I’m looking forward to it …”

Finger movements that did not suit innocent look, bewitching voice dwelling in a sweet voice.
Keith was really surprised.

“No, um, not that kind of thing, I want to try something more platonic …”
“It doesn’t matter if you want to try a platonic one or with carnal desire. Please do whatever you like …”
(TN: guys, you know platonic? The author even use katakana to spell it and, well, this is even the first time i know platonic( I already looked it up on Wikipedia and it say something like abstract thing, if I’m not wrong). Should I change it’? Or keep it? The explanation for platonic is in the comment. Praise those who help this inexperience one.)

Diana rub and stroke Keith’s hand.
Her cheek also had a soft feeling.
From there, Keith extracted what he could saw with [Identification Glass] – “skill”.

“Well, let’s release our hands now.”
“Yes … I understand …”

With his hands free, Keith gently released his hands from Diana’s cheeks.

“What’s next …?”

The narrowed purple eyes had a sexy luster.
Something seem to be wrong.
Keith coughed with kuhum.

“So Diana, can you summon one of your favorite demon beast?”
“A demon beast !? Summon a demon beast?”

Diana blinked her eyes for a moment.
But that quickly turned into a melted look.

“Demon King-sama is a person who comes up with something wonderful … Okay, I’ll summon a special demon beast …”

Diana spread her palms to the air.

“Go out … come and see me…”

Keith closed his eyes and waited, but the gate would not open unless the demon beast came out.

“Oh, it can’t be! Ah, Demon King-sama! Please, please wait a second!”
“No, it’s enough. I’m sorry for being mean.”

Keith touched Diana’s cheek again.
Returning the skill to Diana.


Then a purple gate opened on the ground, and the demon beast tried to came out.

“Ah, Diana! Stop stop it! That was just an experiment! You don’t have to take it out!”

As Diana closed her palm, the demon beast returned with Zubuzubu to the gate.
He wouldn’t forgot the appearance of the wet and soft tentacles wriggling.

“What now …?”

Diana looked at Keith’s eyes and then noticed it.
She narrowed her eyes and smile.

“It’s a great idea, Demon King-sama. Surely if you have this equipment, you don’t need anything else.”

The purple eyes, unlike when melted earlier, had a sharp light of intelligence.

“Okay, the equipment is decided, let’s go back to the dining room”

When Keith returned, Aleyra said.

“Nice glasses! It looks great!”
“Thank you”

The status that displayed below Aleyra.
(It’ can even see the three sizes. What use is that? From the top it is 98…98! It is awesome, no, that doesn’t matter. Still 98 … yes, 98! )

Keith shook his head from negative thought.

Tea time after meal had begun.
Ginlow held a spoon with his giant finger and stirred the sugar in the tea.
Poured in milk, and then gently place the spoon on the saucer.

“Demon King-sama”

Keith turned his eyes to Ginlow.

“Demon King-sama probably thought of increasing our abilities. In order to do that, it’s a good idea to test our abilities first.”

Hearing Ginlow’s words, the number 98 blew away from Keith’s head.

“It’s a good idea …”

Keith drank a bit of milk tea and said,

“I have a purpose. I am here now because I have it.”

When Keith looked at the four heavenly king, everyone stared back.
They were all waiting for orders.
Order from Demon King-sama.

Keith declared on the spot.

“Release my family, Aldberg thieves from the prison of the Tristram Kingdom!”


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  • Zorlun  says:

    Yes you can leave it, a “platonic love” is a simple love, with only good sentiments and no carnal desire, no sex, the type of love you would normally have for your parents or siblings, or a kid love before discovering sexual desire.

  • nakakure  says:

    Moving on theme then

  • Syth Dracous  says:

    Platonic is a form of relationship between to people that doesn’t have a sexual aspect to it. In this case Keith is saying that he isn’t wanting to do something sexual with the summoner.

  • kariageweb  says:

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

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    In that person later on it depends what version you are reading. WN is straight NTR (though really it was a oneway crush off a childhood promise, not really hard steal the lover type NTR), while the LN pulls the whole giant misunderstanding thing and there is no NTR, but he thinks it.

    • Engineer Boy  says:

      What? I just know about it. So there is such a different. I only read the WN. Did you also experience feeling like you want to throw away your phone or pc when reading only the first chapter? Cause i do. And my heart hurt so much that I postponed reading that novel.

    • John Smith James  says:

      Dude if it’s like that then i don’t mind reading it but……is it a happy ending tho

      Or is it a wild goose chase that ends up being a slice of life with some lessons learned xD

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