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First of all, I’m sorry guys. I made a mistake about Aldberg. I thought it was just one person but were actually a group of thieves. Sorry about that. I already edit the previous chapter. The truth is I only read the first 2 chapter then translated it because it was on the first ten ranking. That mean when I’m translating it, that is when I read the novel. Well not that important. Anyway, once again, I’m sorry about the mistake.

Right I almost forgot, thanks for helping me before about the platonic thing. Is that what you feel if you have editor? Wanna be my editor? Nah, i’m kidding. But if you want to, just tell me.

Here is the chapter. Enjoy it. If there is typo or confusing part, please tell me in the comment.

Demon King of Phantom Thief, Releasing the Thieves

When Keith returned to the dining room, he told everyone.

“I am going to rescue my family, Aldberg the thief. Thieves have rules: one, not killing people, two, don’t hurt people of possible. This time, we will follow that rule. “

This was Keith’s wish.
Keith’s only wish, but betrayed by the king.
 Upon hearing that, Ginlow nodded deeply.

“That’s going to be a sneaking operation. Gun slinger, Victor is unsuitable for this. ”

Victor, who was denied to join, looked at the empty table.
Ginlow continued.

“And then, me who stand out is also unsuitable.”
“That’s right, Ginlow”

Diana then took over

“Various assistance can be expected depending on the situation from Aleira Qualiator the black mage, then me as a summoner can summon beast as transportation”
“Can I follow Demon King-sama?”

Aleira kicked the chair and got up.

“That’s alright! Demon King-sama! I’ll kill all the human beings in no time at all!”
“Aleira didn’t listen again …”

Diana let out a sigh.

“This time, we are going to help the Demon King-sama’s family, and it’s no good to kill or hurt the hostile humans! Just knock them out!”
“I understand!”

The shining red eyes of Aleira made the other wonder if she really understood the instructions.
But it’s no doubt that she’s the right person, as Diana said.
And Keith, who fought once with Aleira, was well aware of her ability.

“Okay, I’ll take you two. Then let’s go …”
“You don’t need to do that, Demon King-sama!”

Aleyla ran to Keith.
Then suddenly, she tightly grasped Keith’s hand with both hands.

“Wait Aleira! You are being rude!”
“But it’s needed. Demon King-sama, please imagine the closest place from where your family are confined in! The gate will be opened !”
“I … I understand …”

Keith closed his eyes, feeling the warm hand holding his hand.
The closest place to that prison-it’s the room where the hero party met the king before their departure to defeat the Demon King.
There was a table in it, and two chairs.
Behind was a wooden door to went outside.
And opposite to it was a rusted iron door.

Next to Keith, who was closing his eyes, Aleira also closed her eyes and pushed her cane to the floor.

“Cutting the darkness and then joining the pieces, the dream on daytime when seeing falcon …”

A bright voice with a high tone.
A wind blowing from nowhere lift up the tablecloth, along with a low, and cold voice from casting the magic.

“Inside the black fog, a group of human and demon beasts were also dreaming … “

The wind got stronger, and the plant scattered their leaves and then fall.
Diana, Ginlow, and Victor were watching over it.
Eventually, the wind became a vortex, with a black mass inside.

“Time is road, road is time, time returned to darkness, but there is no darkness, and there is no time … Then make the road, [Gate]”(TN: I swear this spell burn my brain.)

Lightning strike the black mass.
The mass turned the light into darkness, grew, and finally grew large enough to let someone in.

“… I’m done!”

With her eyes open, Aleira hugged Keith.

“Ohh, I did it Demon King-sama! But it will only last for 30 seconds, so let’s go quickly! Diana! Let’s go!”
“I know. Then Demon King-sama.”

There was a prison inside the castle of Tristam Kingdom.
Keith had heard from Diana what kind of skill Phantom Thief had.
Keith just had to test it later on the spot.

–Keith stepped into the vortex.

Keith felt a bit dizzy but when he noticed he was in the prison.
It’s a small room.
Smell of rust, stagnant cold air.
Here, he will finally met his boss.

(I’m back in Tristram Kingdom!)

Mysteriously, that was the first thing that came to Keith mind.
Of course, he couldn’t afford to be immersed in such feeling.
Keith touched the rusty iron door.


When Keith used his skill, the key made a rattling sound and opened by itself.

“Diana will wait here. Aleira, you follow me.”

Aleira seem to knew the situation, and she didn’t made any noisy voice.
After passing through the iron door, there was a narrow corridor.
Keith crouched, reached for the floor, and closed his eyes.


Thinking of his boss daring face.
Then, in Keith’s mind, the path to the room where the thief were locked was drawn.
Because Aleira couldn’t used [Shinobi Leg], her shoes sound rang in the hallway.

[Unlock]ing the door, went around the corner, and then they would found a hallway where the prison were line up.
However, the [scanning] earlier mentioned that there was a guard keeping guard but he was slacking off.

(I can’t use stunning technique …)

The technique to stunning the opponent was something that Keith had used since becoming thief.
However, it couldn’t be said that it wouldn’t made any noise at all.

“Leave it to me”

Aleira whispered.
She seem to noticed the guard.
Keith thought it would be a good idea to left it with her.
The purpose was to check his power, but it was also a good opportunity to test the power of Aleira as one of the four heavenly king.

“Okay, please”

As Keith whispered, Alera held her cane in front.

“[Paralysis Fog] …”

A yellow mist came out from the tip of the cane.


The yellow fog followed the swirling wind and turned to the hallway.
It didn’t made any sound.

“This is enough.”

Keith believed in Aleira, [Unlock] the door, went ahead and then turned.
There, a guard, holding a spear, opened his eyes and looked at him.
He seem to said something, but he couldn’t even move his mouth

“Good Aleira ”

Aleyla laugh.

“Good job”

When Keith called out to the guard, the guard glared at him.
Of course the guard couldn’t move.
The prisoners in prison were all asleep.
The two of then then went deeper.

Aldberg thieves was trapped in the second innermost prison.
They were lying on the floor and snoring.
Keith wanted to hug them.

The only dear family in the world.
Keith family was in front of him, but betrayed by the king and unable to helped them.

“I’ll take you all out now …”

Keith unlocked the jail key.

“Aleira, wait there.”

Keith entered the prison, reaching for his boss.
He had grew beards after he entered prison.
The once large body now looked thin.


Keith tapped his boss’s cheek.
The boss then opened his eyes.


Keith raised his index finger, then his boss looked over the area.
The boss whispered quietly in Keith ear.

“Aren’t you Keith! Why are you here? What happened to the Demon King? What are those horns and one-eyed glasses?”
“I’ll explain later, we have to leave here first.”
“… I guess that pardon was a bullshit?”

Keith and his boss woke up the other as quietly as possible.
26, not one was missing.

“Keith ni-chan!”

Luka, Keith sister, was hugging him.

“You have grown a lot. Even though in a place like this…. Are you alright?

Everyone, and also Luka all looked thin.
Keith’s chest felt sore.
He hadn’t been able to came to help until now, so he couldn’t helped but felt sorry.

“It’s alright. After all, Keith ni-chan came to help!”

Contrary to Keith’s thought, Luka answered with a bright voice.

“I believed in you! Have you defeated the Demon King !? What happened to that horn?”
“The story is long, let’s get out of here first.”

Gently tapping on Luka’s back, she nodded and began preparing to escape.
She was a daughter of thief, and she knew exactly what to do.

“Keith, who is that beauty there?”

The wake-up companion asked Keith that after the Demon King and horn.

“She is Aleira. She is like my subordinate.”
“Ohh, you are great, Keith!”

Luka hit Keith’s shoulder.
He felt that he was somehow saved. At least for now

When everyone woke up, they then used [Shinobi Leg].
Keith was a little relieved to saw that everyone was ready to use that skills.
The guard glared at Aldberg thieves.

“What is this guy doing?”
“It’s because of Aleira’s magic.”
“That’s great.”

Keith returned to the meeting room first to meet Diana then unlocked the door to the outside.
Using [Scan] along the way that lead to outside, and he detected four guards in a post near the back gate.
However, with the paralysis fog and wind of Aleira’s there should be no problem.

“Diana, can you summon demon beast that can carry this people?”
“Of course. I came here as a transportation. Even 10 times of this is fine. But it’s a bit bigger so it’s better to go out.”

When the guards were paralyzed with [paralysis fog] and [wind], the gate was [unlocked] and all the Aldberg thief went outside.

“It’s a fresh air after a long time.”
“Everyone looked thin.”
“We only had two meals, a plain soup and hard bread.

The Aldberg thieves were quietly sharing the joy of freedom.

“Yes, Demon King-sama”
“If anything happen, take everyone and run away.”
“Um, Demon King-sama?”

Keith turned around and flapped his cape.

“I’m such an idiot, I have something to do in the castle.”


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