Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 11

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Demon King of Phantom Thief, Eating with the Thieves

When Joseph opened the door, Keith and the other saw a table in a large dining room and a row of dishes on top of it.
The thieves were surprised.

Teriyaki chicken, swordfish soup, seaweed salad.

They had spent a long time with only hard bread and soup.
These dishes looked brighter to them than when Keith saw it.

“Can I eat all this?”

As Luka asked that, Keith pat her head.
Everyone took the dishes that were lined up and put the dishes on their plate.

“This meat is so delicious!”
“It’s roast beef, a luxurious food.”

Perhaps because they seem to be the same age, Luka was really fond of Diana.

“Nee-chan, so you can eat that much food!”
“I have to eat as much as possible to use good magic!”

Aleira was close with the guys.

“You there, eat more meat!”
“Eat until you are full, Anesan”
“It’s too rude to refuse the thieves, so i’ll do that then.”

Having said that, Aleira built a pile of meat on a new plate.

“It’s not good if you only eat meat!”
“If you eat so much, your stomach will hurt!”
“You are hopeless, nee-chan!”

At the side, the boss pick up three glasses of wine brought by the waiter and drinks them all at once.

“I don’t feel like drinking with only tiny glass like this! Fine wine is the best, but no matter how much i drink, i won’t get drunk!”

Diana responded to the words.

“Well, the boss is strong at alcohol.”
“That’s not at the level of strong anymore, anyway I’m going to grab food myself!”

One of the thief run to the table.
The boss, with a happy face, wiped the liquor on his beard with his sleeves.


Diana held her palm in the air, and a purple gate opened on the carpet, revealing a large barrel with Zuzuzuzu.

“I have no eyes for alcohol. But this is the finest wine. Joseph, two large goblets.”

What was prepared was two huge silver goblet.
Two of them were given to Diana and boss.

“Well, with this you can drink all you want.”

When the boss grinned, Diana returned it with a beautiful smile.
They take a goblet each, and Joseph pour wine there.

“Let’s start with a toast.”
“Oh, first of all, let’s make a toast for the Demon King of Phantom Thief! “
“To Demon King-sama … Cheers!”

Diana and boss hit their giant goblet against each other.
After that, the contents were drunk at once without breathing.
There was a cheer from the surroundings.

“Good drinking jou-chan!”
“The boss is also great.”

The next wine was poured immediately.

“So what’s next?”
“Of course, toast for Aldberg thieves!”
“Fine then, toast for Aldberg thieves.”

Then they both drank the wine at once.
Everyone gathered in a circle around the boss and Diana.
The cheers grew even more when the two were drinking wine at the same time.

“Are you okay, jou-chan? I don’t want to force to drunk and then faint.”

Originally, boss also had red face until his red ears.

“It’s fine. I don’t think i will back down before you collapses.”

Diana’s cheek also turned red. 
And the next wine was poured again.

“Go! Go! Diana!”

Aleira, already drunk, was standing up with one of the thieves.

(Is it okay …)

At first, Keith was more worried about her boss than Diana.
However, he could saw from Aleira that the demons were not strong against alcohol.
After that, Keith was worried about both of them.

“Ehmm, Boss, Diana, don’t drink too much …”
“What are you saying, isn’t it just a little friendship!”
“Demon King-sama. Thank you for your concern.

When they said so, it’s hard for Keith to said stop.

“Well, do it moderately …”
“Thank you, Demon King”

Diana bowed deeply to Keith and confront boss again.

“Then next time is a toast for our friendship.”
“I don’t care, but for our friendship.”


Then the wine was drunk one after another.
Keith was wondering where Diana’s little body was going to stored that much alcohol.
Finally, the time had come.
The roar of the thieves was increasing.

“Uhh… already … people … match …”

The boss turned his eyes around and fell over to the carpet.
At that moment, cheers came up.

“Hyu! I’ve done it!”

After all, it’s fun to win.
Keith ordered his boss to drank water.

“Even though it’s good, don’t be reckless. Your opponent is a demon, you know?”
“Uuu … whhh … I …… lose … to that girl … huh”
“Yay! Diana won!”

Aleira held Diana’s wrist and raised it.
Diana wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and gave the goblet to Joseph.
Joseph received it respectfully.

“That’s great jou-chan! To think you could defeat boss in drinking”
“That’s right, she’s not a human!”
“As you said, i’m not a human … so please excuse me.”

Diana tried to walk away splendidly, but stepping on boss’s goblet, she fell to the ground while her butt faced the sky.

“Hey, are you okay, Diana?”
“I showed you some embarrassing place …”

When Diana tried to get up, her knee went limp and she fell again.


Diana curiously looked at her feet hidden by the skirt.

“You must be drunk too!”

Keith rushed to gave Diana water too.
Eventually, they both laid down on the couch.
Boss’s body was lifted by two thieves, and Diana was raised by Keith.

“Nfufufu … I’m being held like a young lady …”

Diana closed her eyes and curled up comfortably.

(She surprisingly look like she is enjoying this …)

With that in mind, Keith laid Diana softly on the couch.

“Finally, we can enjoy our meal again…”

Then, with Aleira and her group of thieves, they continued to ate the dishes again.

“Demon King-sama, this is also delicious! Please try it, ah!”

Keith ate crackers with cheese cream and caviar directly from Aleira’s hand.
If Diana was conscious, she would be mad at Aleira.

“Nm, it’s delicious. It tastes like wine.”
“Then, why don’t you get plenty of wine from that goblet?”
“Well, pardon me from that. I’ll just use normal glass.”
“I understand!”

Aleira did not drank as much as Diana, but she was still drunk.
Then, after enjoying the meal for a while, the boss who had been sleeping on the couch came.

“Hey, why don’t you sleep a little longer?”
“I’m fine I’m fine! Good wine will dissapear after a short time.”

Boss hit Keith’s shoulder.

“You have become someone great, Keith …”

Boss said.

“Well, let’s talk a bit seriously while eating.”

The boss said while taking a roast beef on a white plate.

“I’ll make it clear … you’re no longer a member of the Aldberg thieves.”

Hearing that unexpected word, Keith felt like his heart stopped breathing.

“Such a thing……”

Keith thought he was always a member of Aldberg thieves.
Ever since he was born.
He never dreamed that his boss would said this.

“What is it, so suddenly … Don’t joke about such a thing boss …”
“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’re not a family. No matter who you are, we’ll always be a family until we all die.”

The boss placed the plate down and placed his large hand on Keith’s shoulder.

“But you’ve become a Phantom Thief, become a Demon King, and that great jou-chan will follow you. You are not fit in the the Aldberg thieves anymore, as you’ve become someone great. “

Boss shook Keith’s shoulders lightly.

“Let’s join our hands. Aldberg thieves and Keith the Demon King of Phantom Thief. We will be ally. Listen, after this, you must be thinking of something great. I know. At that time, Aldberg thieves will move as your limbs. Though we don’t know how far we can go … “

Boss held Keith’s shoulder.

“No matter what happen, we are still family, there must be one or two thing we can do, right?”

Became a Demon King and followed by four heavenly king, became a Phantom Thief and stole everything – Keith was no longer the old “thief”.
Nevertheless, Keith was painfully aware of his boss’s willingness to stay connected with his family.
The warmth that touched his heart after a long time made him wanted to cry.
But Keith held back his cry as much as he could.

“Yes, we’re family … and i’m the Phantom Thief … let’s form an alliance. That’s the best idea …”
“Don’t say it with that face!”

The boss hit Keith’s back.

“Please treat me well, Demon King of Phantom Thief”
“… Oh, same with me. Aldberg Thieves’s Boss!”

Keith hit the back of the boss, too.


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