Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 16

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Demon King of Phantom Thief, Elves Obey Him

Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs, Khajiits and Kobolds – Keith had been around many tribes this month.
And then he came again to the elves village.
The release of the elf was witnessed by Keith and Ginlow, the distinguished person who defeated the slave trader and came with Aleira’s [Gate].

When Talem opened the carriage door, the elves from captivity came down one after another.
The elves were all dressed cleanly.

However, it was impossible to hide the despair from the slow movement and their hollow eyes.
It was painful to see because the elves were originally a beautiful race.

The other elves run and hugged the elves who came down.
In their arms, the captive elves finally shed tears.
Their crying voice resound in the quiet forest.

“This is all the elves in my property! Please, only my life …”

Talem got off the carriage and rubbed his forehead on the ground.

“… our comrade is your property, is it? “

Keith remembered Fiore, who was with him that night.
Anger rose when seeing Fiore and the other elves shed tears.

“What should we do, Demon King-sama? Let’s get rid of him.”
“Hii, please other than that …!”

Hearing Ginlow’s words, Talem was trembling.

“Shut up, you insect, I’m thinking now.”

There were plenty of reasons to killed Talem, and there was a desire to do so.
However, the skill [Rule] suppressed it.

“… What do you all want to do, kill or save this man?”

When Keith asked the elves, they looked at each other.
After a while, the woman who was the chief of the elves went forward.

“The dirty blood had been shed lot enough. We don’t want anymore killing in this forest.”

Ginlow’s battle, Keith had seen it using Aleira’s [Scout] and [Projection], which showed the scene.
The elves no longer wanted to see any more bloodshed.

“So how about killing him out of the forest? I know a lot about how to torture and kill humans!”

Aleira’s red eyes shone.
Talem was kneeling down and sweat fell on his pale face.

(Probably … that’s not what the elves want)

Keith was thinking.
The elves never thought of revenge, they were too soft.

“Ginlow, the “body” that you let this man to drank, can you leave it as it is?”

 When Keith asked, Ginlow replied respectfully.

“Yes, it is possible, and that won’t be a hindrance for his body either.”
“I see. Raise your face.
“Ye, yess!”

Talem raised his face with mud on his forehead.

“The silver thing shall be embedded in your body until you die.”

Keith said with cold eyes.

“If I change my mind, you will die no matter where you are. Never touch the elves again.”
“Yes … that’s … of course …”

While touching his round belly with one hand, Talem replied.
This man couldn’t escape from Ginlow.

“And it’s an order.”

Keith took out the head of a mercenary from the wrapping clothes.
Keith had ordered Ginlow to recover it.

“Hold this and parade around the city. Spread the rumors. What will happen when someone touches the Elves again”

When Keith offered the mercenary’s head, Talem received it with a shivering hand.

“Don’t look down on the Demon King’s eyes. You are always watched.”
“Yes, understood! Of course!”
“Take off your clothes.”
“… what?”

Talem opened his mouth wide.

“I didn’t say anything difficult, I told you to take off your clothes.
“Hii, I understand! I’ll do it now!”

With his head still confused, Talem took off his clothes in a hurry, took off his coat, took off his jacket, took off his shirt and pants, and got naked.

“Turn back … yes, then, Aleira, as an example to the others.”
“Yes, leave it to me! Burn with the snake tongue – [Brand]”

A red light came out from the eye of Aleira’s wand.
The light swelled like a snake, with a fire on the tail.


The red light relentlessly clung to the skin.
Letters were carved on the back of the Talem that was suffering and sweating a lot.

“This one had stupidly bought the Elves’s wrath and lost everything.”

“Well done. Aleira, next.”

Keith held Aleira’s hand.
Keith was imagining the fountain in the central square of the capital.
Aleira saw Keith’s image and cast a spell.

“Cutting the darkness and then joining the pieces…”

A strong wind was blowing, a black mass appeared, and lightning strike the ground.
Then a [Gate] to the royal capital opened.

“Get up and jump into this”

Talem stood up, enduring the pain.

“And if I jump in … I … what will happen to me …?”
“Just get up and jump there, will you?.”

Keith picked up Talem’s head who was scared, and then strongly kicked Talem’s ass into the [Gate].


With a scream, Talem was sucked into the [Gate].
By now, he was probably in the fountain of the square.

“… well done, Ginlow”

As Keith called his name, Ginlow knelt down.

“If we were just to defeat the slave trader, it would have been possible for the other four heavenly kings, but it was because of your might that we could bring back the captive elves.”
“Your words of praise, I don’t deserve it.”

Ginlow dropped his head.

“Demon King-sama…”

The elven chief said.
Her expression looked a bit brighter than when Keith first visited this village.

“Thank you very much, really thank you very much. You have returned our family. You also made sure that no more slave trader will appear again … No word is enough to thank you, Demon King-sama.”
“You need to return that thanks properly.”

[Rule] was activated, and also [Tactics] …

“Your village was asked a sacrifice on a regular basis as an allegiance …”

The elven chief’s face became clouded quickly.
A demon king who needed a sacrifice and a slave trader who took away their friends.
For the elves, the degree of fear was different, but the two were essentially remained the same.

“There is no need for sacrifice anymore”

Keith thought it was the time.
Because the elves were feeling grateful for returning their families, this words was meaningful.
When the chief heard that, she squinted her eyes.

“Instead, I want soldiers. Elven archers are excellent.”

Keith glanced over the elves, who glanced back at him.

“Organize and train more people to form an army so that I can call them at my will at any time, and I promise to give the elf asylum.”

When the elven chief heard it, she was crying.
Not just the chief.
Every single elves were crying.

Targeted by humans, sacrificed by the Demon King – the elves had endured while being exploited from two sides.
They had endured with a strong heart without breaking.
That was finally acknowledged today.

――We were people, not things.


Watching the elves, Keith’s eyes were getting hot.
Although not as bad than them, Keith had a past where he was treated as an object.
However, the dignity of the Demon King must be preserved.
The elven chief, on the other hand, shed tears and bowed deeply.

“We Elves, promise to be one of the Demon Lord’s powers, whatever happen in the future “

With that words, the elves who gathered at the place all knelt to Keith at once.

(This solves one problem …)

Keith asked the elves to raise their heads and said that he wanted to eat with the elves, including the chief.
This order was well-received.
Tonight’s meal would not be as heavy as before.

(Should I ask Aleira to tell them one of her jokes?)

When Keith thought so-.

“… and the man said, “Stop it, that’s my mother!””

The result was a loud laugh.
Although it was a joke that was thought as stupid by dwarves — it seems the reaction was different depending on the race


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