Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 24

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The Assassin, Aiming For The Demon King of Phantom Thief

Today, Nboon was still eating soil and rocks.

“Yo, Nboon! You eat a lot again today!”

Boss who was riding a wolf shouted loudly at the huge black mountain.


A cheerful roar answered boss.
The hole which was occupied by minerals before were nowhere to be seen.

Anyway, Nboon had a huge body.
Using this body-

Keith’s skill [tactics] activated.

“…… So it’s like that”
“What is it? Demon King-sama.”

Keith smiled at Diana’s question.

“I just came up with something interesting.”


The Ashtran Empire was defeated by the Allies in the battle in Loftenkous.
The emperor sighed deeply, knowing that the cause was the sudden appearance of the Demon King.

The Demon King was the enemy of humanity.
So it was no wonder that he attacked the Asthran Empire army.

“The Tristram Kingdom has recognized the territory of the Demon King as a country!”

The emperor who sat on the throne struck the floor with his royal staff and was furious.

“Selling their souls to demons … humanity traitors …!”

The story would be different if Tristram Kingdom and Demon King forming an alliance.
The Demon King who appeared in that battle, Tristram Kingdom might be the one who sent him.
No, it should be like that.

“This war, I thought it would be easier to deal with the Allies first, so I am going to defeat them with my army.”

The Ashtran Empire border was closer to the royal capital of the Tristram kingdom than the Allies.
It was natural that farther the base of the enemy was attacked, the better.
Soldiers were still humans — the longer they traveled, the more they would feel tired.

“If you resort to something like this, then I also have my own method … Call the 13th Corps Commander!”

The 13th Corps of the Ashtran Empire.
It was an elite group, too small for a corps.
In short, they were assassination units.

The corps was the best assassin of the empire.

The corps leader of the 13th Corps appeared immediately.
A sharp-eyed woman with a rapier on her waist.
On the cobblestone floor, she walked to the front of the throne without making footstep noise and knelt down.

“Your Majesty, I’m here …”

The emperor first thought to assassinate the king of Tristram.
However, the kingdom, which had long enjoyed prosperity, had many talented human resources.
Assassination of the king did not help to solve the problem, only changing the king.

-But the Demon Kingdom was different.

It was an emerging country, and its king even appeared in the middle of the battlefield.
It was evident that crushing the king would cause the Demon Kingdom to collapse.

“Abigail, you will embark on a long journey …”

Abigail replied to the emperor’s words.

“For His Majesty’s orders, I’ll even cross continents.”
“Good spirit. That’s my 13th Corps. I’ll give you the order right away.”

The emperor once again struck the floor with the royal staff.

“… Assassinate the Demon King!”

Abigail was surprised at the emperor’s order.
It was common knowledge that defeating the Demon King was only possible for the hero.
It was a famous story that Tristram Kimgdom had once sent a large army, but it was devastated.

“Can you, who is not a hero, kill the Demon King … did you just thinking like that?”
“That … That’s …”

Abigail pouring cold sweat.
That’s exactly what was in her head right now.

“Please rest assured, I already investigated it. From what we know, the current Demon King… seem to be a former human”

The emperor smiled.

“This explains why a new demon king appeared immediately after the hero defeated the demon king. After all, the opponent this time is just a human with a monster skin.”

Upon hearing the emperor’s words, Abigail looked up.
The opponent was a human — there was no human that could not be killed by the 13th Corps.

“The trained assassins should be equal with the strongest adventurer like the hero.”
“As you say …”
“So get rid of it quickly”
“As you say …”

Saying that, Abigail disappeared.

“Kukuku … the legend of the hero will end here … Well, it’s a good opportunity.”

From the Ashtran Empire, the Demon Kingdom was a kingdom further that the Principality of Raden.
So, if the Demon King was assassinated and the Demon Kingdom would collapse, its resources would be seized by the Allies.

However, that would make Asthran Empire to benefit from it greatly.
It could be used to quickly swoop behind the Allies to pinch enemy armies who was retrieving resources from the Demon Kingdom.
It was a strategy of three birds with one stone.

“Now, no one will ever speak stupid thing like being a hero. It’s not just the hero who has the power of the legend. Let’s call what we have now power of the legend.”
“That’s exactly what you say. That power is worthy to rule the continent.”

The vassals bowed deeply at the emperor, who smiled widely.


The Ashtran 13th Corps was using meritocracy.
Therefore, Abigail had the greatest fighting power.
But she still thought that she needed her subordinate for this mission.

Abigail went to the courtyard of the castle and called her subordinates who were training.

“Zelkin, Elada!”

The two, who had been training throwing knives, immediately went to Abigail.
Zelkin was a muscular big man and Elada was a woman with a well-balanced body.
However, both had excellent skills.

“I received an order from His Majesty the Emperor. I’ll bring you two.”

As the number of peoples increased, the more demons that would come.
If more demons gathered, even if they were defeated, the existence of the assassination unit might be discovered.
Abigail had determined that there would only be three people who would participate this mission.

“Amazing, assassinating the Demon King”

Serkin and Elada looked dazed.

“Calm down. Apparently the Demon King is a former human. There is no human that we can’t kill, right?”

They replied loudly.

“So let’s prove that our 13th Corps is better than the hero.”

Infiltrating the enemy territory and killed the Demon King.
It was not an easy task.

But they had the ability to do it.
That was without doubt.

-That pride would end their lives as assassins.

Without knowing such fate, the three of them embarked on a journey the following morning.


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