Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 1

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The Hero Party Defeat the Demon King

The hero Germ, the warrior Zott, the sorcerer Meralda, the priest Mary, and- the Thief Keith.

The Great Hall of Demon King’s Castle was lit by a magic torch.
The five brave heroes had arrived there.

The four heavenly king had been defeated and the demon king who remained on the throne alone, was an old man with deep wrinkles above his eyebrows.

“You have come …”

The Demon King slowly rose from the throne.

“To think that each of the four heavenly king were defeated … It seems that there is someone who is good at searching …”

Searching was Keith’s job.
Thanks to Keith’s work, the hero party had been doing quite well.

“That’s not it, it’s our ability. And demon king, next is your turn.”

The hero Germ drew his sword and said it.

-The battle began immediately.

Mary’s shield magic caught the shock wave emitted by the demon king,
Zott axe crushed the ice blade,
Meralda’s fire weaken the demon king.

There, the hero jumped with a sword, but Keith, the thief, had captured the entire battle.

No-timing that was too early!

Sure enough, the demon king was trying to raise his hand to launched the next shockwave.
In this state, Germ would received the shock wave directly from the front.
If that happens, he couldn’t be safe.

The demon king’s palm opened.
The jewel on the cape shone red.
Probably that was one of the sources of the demon king’s power.

Keith almost instinctively jumped to the front.
The sprinting of the thief surpassed the speed of the hero.
After overtaking the hero, Keith kicked the floor and reached for the demon king’s neck.

“……… Nup!”


Keith’s forefinger and middle finger snatched a red gemstone on the demon king’s cape
The light disappeared from the demon king’s palm.

The hero finally arrived there.

“With this the darkness will!”

Germ’s legendary sword Fragnum penetrated deeply into the demon king’s chest.
Black blood spilled.
Blood splattered on the polished stone floor.


Desperate, the Demon King left his last words.

“Even if you killed me … the second and third demon king …”
“I’ll kill them all when they appear.”

The demon king was burned by the white light of Fragnum and died as black ash.

“It’s unexpectedly easy …”

Germ put his sword in and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

“Keith, what did you do just now?”

It seems that Germ couldn’t see Keith’s [steal].
This was the highest skill of thief, stealing items from opponents.

“Stole this thing.”

Keith showed a red gem from the demon king’s cape.

“When the other people is betting their lives, you are stealing thing ? This is why thief is dirty!”

Germ then grabs the jewel from the palm of Keith’s hand.

“You are such a waste.”

He didn’t seem to had thought that Keith saved his life.

That was the case even in the battle of four heavenly king.
At the hero party, Keith’s scouting had a perfect grasp of where each of the four heavenly kings, the keeper of the Demon King’s defense, was.
Because of that, they were able to attacked each other and killed one by one, leaving enough physical and magical power to defeat the Demon King.

But what would happened when he said it?
The one who knew it was only the priest Mary.


Mary turned her big, black eyes toward Keith.

“Someday, the day will come when everyone will understand. How much Keith-san has contributed to the party.”
“Thank you Mary, but that day won’t come. Even if it’s only you who know, I’ll be rewarded.”
“Keith-san …”

Mary felt down.

“What are you talking about together? We’ll go back!”

Zott was aiming for Mary, so if Mary and Keith were talking, he would be in a bad mood.
The violence that he expressed made Mary felt uncomfortable, but he was not a man who noticed such a thing.

“Yes, let’s go now Germ. I want to return to the kingdom quickly.”
“Wait, wait, Meralda. You have to find the treasure chest in the castle first.”

When they are relaxed, they walk with their arms crossed.
Zott gritted his teeth.

(If Meralda was Germ’s woman, Mary would naturally be my woman!)

Zott’s thoughts were, of course, spotted by Mary.
The relationship between the two couldn’t advanced.

The five opened the treasure chest around the castle, but none came out large enough to be called the demon king’s treasure.
Still, it would still be a fortune.

“Okay, let’s decide on the distribution here.”

Keith, of course, only had trash-like items.

“Everything is unfair!”

It was Mary who raised her voice.

“It’s natural that the reward is based on contribution, right?”

Meralda said with despise.

“If Keith’s share is too small, you should just give your items.”
“… I will do it.”

Mary took the demon king’s cape out of her share and offered it to Keith.

“Keith-san, this is yours.”
“Sorry … I can’t get it. It’s your best item.”

The jewel that was in the cape was a share of Germ, but the Demon King’s cape was still a first-class item.

“Please, take it. You should have get more than this!”

Mary’s eyes were slightly moist.
She had seen Keith’s work so much, and she was sorry that it wasn’t justified.

“… I understand. Thank you very much. I will never forget your kindness.”

Keith received the Demon King’s cape and put it in his bag.

At this moment-Keith’s fate was decided.


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