Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 28 Part 2

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Another chapter! I have bad news guys, it seems that I won’t be able to translate much this week. I’m so busy that I lack sleep(and oh God I almost late to go to work today).

Maybe I can continue translating on Saturday? Maybe? That’s holiday after all. Well that’s all see you again in Saturday(maybe). Sorry for the inconvenience! Hope I can release daily again next week.

Part 2

“You there! Who are you!”

A gatekeeper with a spear stopped Victor’s cart that was trying to enter the imperial city gate.
The gatekeeper gasped when he looked at the giant wolf pulling the cart.

“I am the messenger of Demon King-sama. This is a gift from him.”

Upon hearing it, the gatekeeper’s face turned blue.

“Plea … please wait a little …!”

The gatekeeper immediately rode a horse to the castle and told the emperor what was happening.
The emperor’s face also turned blue.
The assassination was a failure — he couldn’t send back the messenger now.

The emperor was also curious about the gift.
Because it was a gift, he needed to consider it too.

“… Well then, let him in.”

The news was immediately told to Victor.

“I don’t know the way to the castle … Guide me …”
“… As you say.”

Led by a gatekeeper that was riding a horse, Victor came to the castle.
As he got off the cart, he carried the three coffins and entered the castle.

The gatekeeper and the imperial guards closed their eyes after looking at Victor.
Tattered black coat and black hat.
Carrying three coffins — exactly the form of a grim reaper told in stories.

“The emperor allow you to meet him. That … please leave your luggage.”
“I was ordered to deliver this to emperor directly…”

Victor didn’t listen to what the imperial guard said.
The imperial guard decided to let it go this time.

“… You finally came, messenger of Demon King

The emperor said that with dignified voice, trying to hide his blue face.
Of course, Victor didn’t kneel or bow his head.


Victor threw the three coffins that he carried.
Then, the lid opened.

The first one was Zelkin, which had lost the effect of the restoration magic and became a chunk of meat.
The corpse was completely rotten and spreading a terrible smell.

The other was Abigail, who had lost her sanity completely.

“Ehe,ehe, my, my ba,… baby…. Uhihihihi”

Abigail, who was eating a giant caterpillar-like creature, looked healthy.

And finally, Elada’s coffin.

“Right … I forgot to feed her …”

Victor muttered.

Elada, covered in excretion, stretched her thin arm out of the coffin.

“Wa … wa … water …”

Seeing such a terrible sight, the emperor and the imperial guards sucked in deep breaths.
Some were unable to withstand it and left the room.

Then, Victor said.

“This is the answer of Demon King-sama …”

This was just a threat no matter how you saw it.

“Th, thi, kill this guy!!”

Following the emperor’s orders, the imperial guards raised their spears and attacked Victor.

“… I certainly had handed the ‘card’ to you.”

Victor stretched his arm.

-Two pistols came out of his sleeve.

The pistols fired at the imperial guards.
The sounds of pistol being fired rang in the audience room.

Bullets kept hitting the imperial guards who entered the room after hearing the noise.
 The spears broke, the armors were destroyed, and the helmets were blown away – the imperial guards were annihilated in an instant..

Now, only the emperor was left.

“Yo, yo, you are trying to kill me!!”
“Don’t worry. I was ordered to not kill as much as possible — [Heal]”

The bullets shot at the imperial guards melted into a green liquid.
The hole made by the bullets were quickly closed

“After a while, they will wake up. But if anyone chases me, I’ll kill that person. I’ll then go back to killing you …”
“… I understand! I won’t let anyone chase after you!”

The sweat on the emperor cheek flowed like waterfall.
Right now, there was no one that could protect him from the strongest gunslinger

“Did you receive the ‘card, from the Demon King-sama?”
“Sure … I have received it …”

Assassin who had turned into a chunk of meat.
Assassin who lost her sanity.
Assassin on the verge of starvation.

These three things were surely delivered to the emperor.

“Then that’s all for now …”

Turning his back to the emperor, Victor left the audience room.
Victor hadn’t killed anyone here.
But that back was unmistakably of the grim reaper.

“Mission complete……”

In the exact opposite of Keith’s speculation, the will of the Demon King was delivered to the emperor.
The empire would never send assassins to the demon king again.


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    It’s a coffin, it’s not a air/water tight thing for her to be able to gather any sort of anything… (air tight = no air = asphyxiation)

    Talk about sending a Grim Reaper greeting card with 3 possible outcomes of torture even after managing to save one at the beginning…

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