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Finally done! Haha that sweat taste of victory! Fun fact, I translate chapter 30 instead of this one and only realized that when I am halfway done.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

Victor, Notice His Mistake

A few days after the tragedy, a meeting was held at Ashtran Empire Castle.
Unlike the conference room of the Tristram Kingdom, the seat of the emperor here was higher.

“We can’t leave the demon king alone! They will take more lives if we leave them alone!”

The man who killed all the imperial guards alone.
And only left the emperor.
It was a statement that he could easily kill the emperor if he wanted to.

So why did he not take the emperor’s life at that time – the emperor knew why.

“They are trying to take my empire as their puppet, just like Tristram Kingdom! We must destroy them quickly!”
“However, Your Majesty, there was a time when Tristram Kingdom sent their army 50 years ago. Sending the army was useless …”

The emperor groaned lowly.

“Either the army or the assassin has no effect … but we still need to do something.”

The emperor already ordered the news about the demon king’s messenger to be kept, but it was already spreading
The terrible thing performed by the Demon King’s messengers had already spread to the people.
This was a matter of prestige.

“I have a suggestion.”

One of the nobles said that while crossing his finger.

“… Say it.”
“The Tristram Kingdom had recognized the independence of the demon king. They are a kingdom that sold their souls to the enemy of humanity. For justice, isn’t that good enough reason to start a war with Tristram Kingdom?”
“We can’t!”

It was the general who raised his voice.

“During the war with the Allies, our armies have their hands full with just that. I definitely don’t approve this two front war!”
“But general.”

The nobleman stood up and pointed with a cane at the strategic map spread out on the table.

“Isn’t there a troop south of the front line? It should be deployed to the Tristram Kingdom territory.”
“The front line can hold on now, but they can be defeated! Isn’t the Loftenko’s battle a good example?”
“That’s what the Demon King did!”

The emperor struck the floor with his cane.

“No matter what, they will be our opponent when the time come.”
“As you say”

The noble grinned.
He had a mine on his territory.
The more the war intensified, the more the value of the ore would increase and his profit would also increase.

“Nuu …!”

That shitty rat! – And it was the general who tried his best to not said that.
The noble then continued.

“Your Majesty the Emperor, those three coffins have clear meaning. The tristram kingdom that sold their souls to the demon. The Allies that are starving for our territory. Then these coffins … “

“The one that is suffering the most is my empire!”

In the mind of the emperor, the assassin who had turned into a chunk of meat appeared.
The emperor shook his body from that.

“There’s no more time!”

The emperor grabbed the cane with his sweaty hand.

“We should do it as soon as possible, according to my information, the demon king and Tristram Kingdom have start a trade between them. The demon king demands tons of food while the kingdom wants ores.”

This was information unknown to the generals.

“There is only one use for ores at a time like this. Spears, swords, shields … the kingdom wants to strengthen its army, and so is the Demon King.”

The noble’s cane pointed at the Demon King’s territory.

“Suddenly they started to gather food, probably because they want to build an army. If the demon king, who have hundred thousand monster, now start to attack, we won’t be able to stop them any more”
“Umu …”

The emperor nodded deeply.
Three horrific coffins came to his mind.

“I think it’s better to attack the faster.”
“But … isn’t our war with the Allies not end yet?”

The general wanted to avoid a two-front war.
But the emperor said.

“Then general. When will the war with the Allies end?”
“That is……”

It was a long war, it was unknown when it would end.

“Do you understand, strike while the iron is still hot! With my mighty soldiers, the agricultural Tristram Kingdom is nothing! General, make the invasion strategy of the kingdom immediately!”

It was the noble who fueled the fear of the demon king of the emperor and gained the trust of the emperor.
The general massaged his forehead gently and sighed secretly.


“Demon King-sama, scones are better served with plenty of clotted cream.”

It was an outdoor tea time now.
Diana scooped a lot of the clotted cream.
Keith imitated that.

“Yes, this is quite good! But if you eat like this, won’t you get fat?”
“Uh …”

Diana’s hand that was holding a tea cup stopped.

“We, well … geez Demon King-sama, don’t say something like that. It’s okay if I ride Fenrir after eating this.”
“So it’s like that.”

(Even demons get fat if they eat too much, so they also care about that …)

Drinking tea while thinking about such a thing, a thief came from the fort.

“Hey Keith! Someone came while riding a horse!”
“Just one?”
“Yes, he is holding a flag. It’s the Tristram Kingdom!”

Keith placed the tea cup and prepared to welcome the messenger.

“I’m here as a messenger of Tristram Kingdom! This is something urgent!”

The messenger got off the horse and gave Keith a letter.

“The Ashtran Empire had declared war on Tristram Kingdom!”
“Wha …!?”

The other day, Victor was sent as a messenger of peace.

“What is the meaning of that……?”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t know more than that. For more details, please see the letter of Margrave Goldluff!”
“Okay … I have received your letter.”

When the messenger left, Keith immediately gathered the four heavenly kings.

“Victor, did you show the empire the body you mourned for?”

Victor replied.

“The three coffins was delivered for sure …”

There should be only one coffin and that was for Zelkin.

“Did you put the living one in the coffin too?”
“Yes … I opened the lid in front of the emperor …”

Keith had a very bad feeling from this.

“Apart from the dead one, what was the situation of the other two?”
“The woman Diana who laid her eggs was happy with her child … I forgot about the other one, so she was covered in feces and wanted water …”
“Then, what happened …?”

Keith was afraid but he needed to hear what happened.

“I attacked the imperial guards because they attacked me first … and, as you told me, I didn’t kill anyone …”

Keith was holding his head.

(Isn’t that a declaration of war! … That was out of my calculations, but this is my bad to not ask him what happen back then …)

“Hey, Victor …”

Keith said.

“The Demon Kingdom has sent you to the Ashtran Empire as a messenger of peace so you shouldn’t offend them …”
“I had attacked them … I made a big mistake …”

Keith couldn’t read that feeling from Victor’s expression.
However, the clenched fist showed that he knew his mistake.

“Would you get angry if Ginlow and Aleira were sent in a box?”

Victor opened his eyes.

“I never think about that … I made a big mistake …”

It seemed that the declaration of war by the Ashtran Empire was the consequence of Victor’s action.

“Well, this is my fault that I didn’t ask you the detail back then … please don’t think about it too much.”

After hearing that, Victor fell on his knees.

“Demon King-sama … I will give you my life if you ask for it … but if Demon King-sama still think of me as one of your limb, please … Please give me the opportunity to pay back this dishonor… “

The voice was the same as usual Victor.
However, the feelings contained there were transmitted to Keith.


Keith’s skill [Strategy] had begun to activate.


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