Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 1

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Slime Slayer (LV3)

April 2028, I’m still in the dungeon today.

It’s been two years since I dived into the dungeon almost every day.

An underground labyrinth suddenly appeared in 2019. Till now, about 1500 underground labyrinths have been confirmed around the world.

This underground labyrinth is now called a dungeon.

The dungeons range from a single floor dungeon to dungeon with more than 100 floors and the lowest floor has not yet been confirmed.

There is a wide variety.

When the dungeon was first discovered,

“Ancient ruins?”

“No, underground people?”

“Buried treasure?”

The TV was bustling with news about dungeons every day.

In case of Japan, the dungeons were placed under the jurisdiction of the country and a large-scale investigation was conducted by the Self-Defense Forces.

As a result of about 3 years of research, they knew that the dungeon is full of fantasy elements, monsters, and treasures.

It turns out that there are levels, stats, and even magic in this world.

Following the investigation, it was opened to the public in 2024.

Thus the dungeon investigator, commonly known as “explorer” was established.

You can apply if you are over 15 years old. An investigator license will be issued if you paid the tuition fee of 100,000 yen and take a 7-day course.

Initially, the qualification for application was 20 years old or older, but when I started, there were few who were interested, and it was changed to 15 years old or older.

At the same time as I, Kaito Takagi, turned 15, I got my explorer license by paying 100,000 yen, which was a collection of my New Year’s money.

The day after, I got an uncontrollable sense of anticipation and started diving into the dungeon.

Two years after that, I’m still diving on the first floor in the dungeon near my neighborhood.

“It’s fine it’s fine.”

Right now, I am looking for a prey. Those that I hunt every day —-

I finally found it after walking around for about an hour.

A jelly-like monster, slime about the size of a soccer ball.

Silently approaching the blue slime, which is about 20 meters away, without making a noise so as not to be noticed

A powerful insecticide was sprayed.

At the same time, the slime reacted by shaking it’s body wildly then disappeared.

I resumed my breathing that I had stopped.

This is the deadly insecticide spray that I devised.

I don’t know what the principle is, but if I use an insecticide that I happened to bring in about the third day after I started diving, it worked dramatically.

I’ve been doing this ever since.

After the slime disappeared, a stone about the size of a little fingernail remained, so I take it.

This stone is the so-called demon heart, a magic core.

You can sell the magic core at the explorer guild.

Approximately 500 yen for one slime magic core —–

You can find about 3 slimes after diving for about 3 hours after school. 500 yen x 3 slime will be 1500 yen a day.

As an explorer, my earnings are about 35,000 yen, diving around 25 days a month. From there, insecticide cost 5,000 yen a month, so it’s actually about 30,000 yen.

Low. Too low.

30,000 yen a month despite the danger of life.

Of course, since it is a job filled with dream and hope, explorer of silver rank (medium) or higher earn about 1 million yen a month.

Unfortunately, I’m the lowest Wood-rank explorer.

Even so, I am working hard every day as a explorer specializing on the first floor for two years instead of working part-time after school.

Only slime appears on the first floor. As it was considerably safe and secure, slime does not left behind drop items.

All that is left is the magic core.

I exchanged 3 magic core today and received 1500 yen then went home.

My current status

Takagi Kaito

LV: 3

HP: 12

MP: 3

BP: 10


Equipment: Insecticide

After hunting slime for two years, my level went up by two to level three. HP increased by 5 and MP increased by 2.

BP is short for battle point and the so-called combat power.

This number is suitable for Wood Rank.

A complete mob.

At first I had dreams and hopes.

“Someday I’ll reach Orichalcum rank!!!!”

I was telling that to my classmates. Now it’s just black history.

I also went down to the second floor once. The second floor is the floor of humanoid monsters such as goblins and skeleton.

I thought I would die at that time. No, I was dying.

Goblin is a small fish? A small fish character in fantasy?

That is absolutely a lie!!

It was understandable after a little thought.

Goblin was a humanoid monsters, have some intelligence and monstrous strength.

Where is the element that can make even an amateur high school students win?

Not even 1mm big!

The deadly insecticide spray was also almost ineffective.

A goblin of about 150 cm beat me up and down, and I was about to be stripped of my clothes, and while becoming a bloody man, I escaped to the first floor for my dear life.

I happened to not have a weapon, so maybe it didn’t consider me as enemy so I was saved, but if I had a weapon, I was 100% dead.

Since then, I have been a resident of the first floor.

Over the course of two years, I have made several fellow explorers. I got the title of Slime Slayer from my friends.

I was diving on the first floor as usual.

“Well should I go home after defeating another one?”

While talking to myself, I found a golden slime as I walked again in search of slime.

“What? I’ve never heard of golden slime.”

I was a little worried, but as usual, I sneaked up and spray it with insecticide.

The slime disappeared while making the usual sound of “Guchu, Gunyu, Boyoyon”.


As usual, when I approached to collect the magic core, a card was dropped along with the demon core.

It is said that slime does not left behind a drop items. In fact, I have defeated nearly 2000 slime so far, but never have I seen a drop item.

There were no drop items.

For my first drop item, I was a little nervous and picked up the mysterious card.

“No way, this is …”

On my trembling hand was a super rare item that could summon a servant called a servant card, which I had only seen on TV.


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    you open for picking up suggest ?

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  • treyon13  says:

    So… this beyond stupid teen that likely failed all tests in school went to the dungeon with insecticide and tried to hunt goblins with it… got beaten up to an inch of death and decided that hunting slimes with said insecticide was enough….
    Never seen or read a protagonist this bad.

  • treyon13  says:

    So… this beyond stupid teen that likely failed all tests in school went to the dungeon with insecticide and tried to hunt goblins with it… got beaten up to an inch of death and decided that hunting slimes with said insecticide was enough….
    Never seen or read a protagonist this bad

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