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Servant Card

As in a classic fantasy, when you defeat a monster in a dungeon, drop items are sometimes left behind.

Drop items have been confirmed from all monsters except slime, but the drop rate is said to be about 1 to 3%.

The main source of income for the explorer is the gain on the sale of monster magic core and drop items.
Most of the drop items are various potions, weapons and armor, and also rare metals.
A magic orb that can make someone use magic sometimes dropped in rare occurance. A skill block to learn skill. There is also vital jewel that can increase stats.

Of course I’ve only seen rare items on TV.
Most of the drop items are sold at the state-owned dungeon market operated by the country, and I never have the opportunity to purchased it.
Of course, rare items are also sold, but they are only sold in the room behind the thick door dedicated only to VIP, and of course I have never entered.

The “Servant Card” is one of those rare items that is sold in the VIP room.
According to the information via TV, it seems that you can summon monsters or warriors called servants.
It looks like a deck card in a card game, but it is made of metal instead of paper.
It seems that only one explorer can use it.
When attacked, it’s HP could decrease, and when it reaches 0, it seems that it can never be called again.
However, it seems that the reduced HP will be recovered after one day after returning it to the card.
It is a rare item that is coveted by explorers along with magic.

I don’t even know how many times I had a dream of summoning a red dragon and firing maximum magic to get rid of the Demon King.
I can’t say it in a loud voice, but I still have that dream at the age of 17 from time to time.

There are many different servants that can be called with the “Servant Card”.
According to the cards currently confirmed, the weakest servant of the monster type is said to be a goblin, and the strongest servant is said to be of a dragon species.

I prayed with the card in my trembling hands, and peeped into it.
Even the weakest goblins are much stronger than I am. I will accept it, of course, but to tell the truth, I want a slightly stronger card. Not a dragon is fine. At least be a wild bear.

“Please! Uuuu ! God!”

The voice of my heart was leaking from my mouth.
From the card, I saw a beautiful woman with light blue hair and blue eyes and a Western-style armor. No, there are also wings … No way, an angel? No, God?
When I look at the status part in a hurry.

Type: Valkyrie
Name: Sylphy
Lv: 1
HP: 120
MP: 90
BP: 170
Skill: God’s Lightning Strike, Iron Wall Maiden
Equipment: God Spear Rajunate, God Armor Legines

It seems that human beings can’t move when something outside their imagination happens.
My throat is clogged, and I can’t make any voice. My whole body trembles.

Then I don’t remember how I got home …

After arriving home, I’ve already been looking at the card for over two hours while lying on the bed.

I’ve calmed down a little, so I searched for “Servant Card Valkyrie” on my smartphone.
The search results are just hits of similar words such as card games.
?? ?? ??
Is there something that can’t be searched in this era?
Is this card fake?

This time I searched for “Valkyrie”.
This time there were a lot of hits.
“Valkyrie” … A demigod that appears in Norse mythology.
What is a demigod?
Is it a god? Is that possible? Is it a fake after all?

I couldn’t summon it except in the dungeon, so I didn’t know the authenticity and fell asleep with a muddy feeling.


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  • Christian Jaksana  says:

    Somewhat interesting, would hope for this series to continue to be translated, at least till we know whether it’s good or not. Hopefully.
    Translation is good as well.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Engineer Boy  says:

      I already translated 12 chapters right now, so I can promise you another 10 chapters for the next 10 days.

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  • treyon13  says:

    Was expecting a slime… but he likely got an OP waifu instead?. The god of wimps and idiots?..
    Hopefully we get some character development and he studies some. A dog might be smarter than him

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