Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 3

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When I came back from school the next day, I didn’t dive into the dungeon as usual, but heading to the National Dungeon Exploration and Research Center, commonly known as the Explorer Guild.

There is no special guild staff, but there was a receptionist’s older sister who always buys magic core
I was acquainted to her to the extent that I usually had a one-word or two-word conversation.

So I asked her about “servant card” under the guise of selling yesterday’s magic core to Hitsugaya-san.

“Excuse me, can I ask something? How much will it cost to get a servant card someday? Are there cards of angels and gods?”

It may have been a little suspicious, but I pretended to be calm and asked her in quick succession.

“Hmmm, rare cards are often kept secret by explorers, so they are not widely known, but there are certainly gods and angels cards. Only about 100 cards can be found all over the world. It’s a super rare card that hasn’t been released to the public. “

“Maybe it will cost more than 1 billion yen if it goes on auction, but it has never come out.”

“Tha, tha, that much??!!!”

I wondered if my heart would pop out. Do, do, do, do, my palpitation does not stop.
Incomprehensible sweat start to pour from my whole body.
I thanked Hitsugaya-san for answering and dived into the dungeon so that I could escape quickly.
Although I dived, I sat in a corner of the dungeon and couldn’t move.

“1 billion yen.1 billion yen.1 billion yen.1 billion yen.1 billion yen !!!”

If you have 1 billion, you can live without working in the future. Rather, I can live in luxury.
Even if I buy a house or a car, there is still a lot left.
You don’t have to go to college at all.
Rather, I will be rich and maybe my social life would improve from now on.
Such unhealthy thoughts are spinning around my head.
I take out the Valkyrie’s card again and stare at it enough to make a hole on it.

It is worth a billion yen …

Once summoned, it is no longer available for sale.
Thinking normally, there can be no other choice than to sell it.
It’s a treasure card.
A dream-like 1 billion yen card.
And a dream-life of 1 billion yen.
No, If it’s in an auction, so I might get more than that.
If an angel costs 1 billion yen, then a demigod is 2 billion yen?

But …
I became an explorer not only because of money but also my dream and romance.
With this card, I could dive deeper.
I could be a hero who defeats the Demon King that I dreamed about.
Above all, I want to summon this incredible beauty.
The meaning of servant is a servant.
Making a beautiful woman my servant. Isn’t that a man’s romance that I dreamed of?
As a slime slayer who has hunted only slime for the past two years, I definitely want to summon it.
My explorer life may change dramatically.
The excitement just like when I became an explorer may come back in these rutted days.
When I started thinking so, I couldn’t stand it anymore.
[My dream is worth more than a billion. ]
I made a decision.
Use the servant card.

It’s easy to use.
All you have to do is place the card on your forehead and recalled the name of the servant.
I put the card on my forehead and recalled the Valkyrie’s name Sylphy.

The card was wrapped in a flash of light, and Sylphy was in front of me …

“Eh? “



“Who are you …”

Why is it a 10 years old girl, not a beautiful woman?
A little girl in blue armor stood with light blue hair.

“I manifested in response to your summon.”

Certainly they are not entirely different. Her equipment is similar.
However, it is strange when I think about it. Why is the one that came out a little girl.

I would have been happy till I cry if my strike zone had a loli attribute here.
If you look closely, she is cute.
It feels as if she is the 10 years-old version of the beauty drawn on the card.
Moreover, small wings are growing from her back.
She is probably a Valkyrie demigod because she is not a normal human being by any means.
It’s a servant that I dreamed of.
It looks like that servant card was real.



It is not the beauty, my dream and romance that is worth 1 billion yen
Certainly, a cute little girl demigod named Sylphy has manifested.
But it’s different. This isn’t the servant I dreamed of.
At that moment, I was left with despair and also a little girl servant


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