Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 4

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The Power of Sylphy

The little girl Sylphy manifested and I shouted, “Return my 1 billion yen!!!!”

Guess I’m cursed.

Will a time machine drop from the dungeon?

Can’t I somehow go back 5 minutes?

Dreams and romance? Fantasy? ?? What is that?

Am I crazy? ?? ??

I was born in a general household and I made a mistake in my life choice …

How did this happen…

Five minutes ago, I was crazy and chose Sylphy instead of 1 billion yen.
As my servant.
Sylphy, my servant is a “little girl”.
I’m a normal high school explorer who was chasing money, dreams and romance.
I don’t have that kind of hobby.

No loli yes 1 billion yen

Indescribable regret struck me.

“What’s wrong, master?”

I returned after listening Sylphy’s voice.
Can’t be helped then. There is nothing I can do as she is already summoned. Even a little girl can be a servant.

I regained my mind and said, “I’m going to hunt slime.”

Immediately after that, I encountered slime.
Normally, the probability of encountering one monster per hour is about one, but this time it was about 10 minutes.
Of course, it’s not a coincidence, but Sylphy’s ability. It doesn’t seem to be a skill, but she seems to be able to detect the sign of a monster.

There was a slime ahead of me when I was guided by Sylphy, “This way, master.”
I asked Sylphy, “Can you beat it alone?”, but she immediately answered, “Of course.”

Sylphy pointed her miniature spear at the slime when she stood about 20 meters in front of the slime and shouted, “God’s Lightning Strike.”
A strong flash and roar echoed then the slime disappeared in an instant.


I was utterly speechless and stared at the place where the slime was not long ago.

“What is that····”

Due to her appearance as a little girl, I completely forgot Sylphy’s status.

My BP is 10 that even slime can beat me. Sylphy’s BP is 170.
It’s a complete overkill. Sylphy-san with 170 BP. No, she is a demigod, so should I call her Sylphy-sama?


“Ye, yes?”

“I’m hungry.”


“I’m hungry and I’m about to fall.”


What do you mean?
If you kill one slime, you’ll be hungry and about to fall …?
Is it a reaction for using skill for the first time?
Speaking of which, I think I see on TV that servants ingest magic core to grow.
I picked up the slime demon core

“Can you eat this?”

I gave it to Sylphy.
When Sylphy gladly picked up the demon core, the demon core emitted light and disappeared.
Sylphy seemed to be satisfied and smiled.
After that, I found 6 slimes in about an hour and defeated them with Sylphy’s God’s Lightning Strike, but every time she defeated them, she felt hungry and ingested magic core every time.
Apparently, she is not hungry because she used the skill for the first time, but it seems that she is hungry every time she use skill.

This day was my slime subjugation record, in just one hour and I succeeded in hunting a total of 7 slimes.
However, there are no demon cores left at hand. That is, today’s income has also become 0.
I was excited after the shock of the 1 billion yen lost incident at the unexpected strength of Sylphy, and I was in a strange tension, so I only looked at the subjugation record and did not realize the seriousness of the matter.
Subjugating 7 slimes but I got nothing.


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  • kariageweb  says:

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

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  • treyon13  says:

    Guess this is similar to giving a 2000$ pc to a random kid in a village where they dont know what a tv is… why use god lightning strike on the smime?!?. Just stab with the spear…..

    • Engineer Boy  says:

      The author mention why the mc didn’t let Silphy use her spear is because of his mental health, ordering a ten years old children to charge to goblins even if the mc know she is strong.

      • treyon13  says:

        LoL… cuess author is silly too then. He should at lesst verify the strenght and defenses of the girl by habing her stab a training dumny

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