Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 5

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First Skill Slime Slayer

From the next day on, I took Sylphy and went around on the first floor.

I was able to kill about 6 monsters in an hour.
I was able to hunt as many as 20 slimes in just 3 hours.
We hunted 20 slimes for 3 consecutive days and reached 60 in 3 days.

It is all due to Sylphy’s God’s Lightning Strike.
The result of hunting 60 slimes for 3 days is 0 magic core.
It is only today on the fourth day that I can think calmly.
For the past three days, every time Sylphy hunts a slime, she ingests one slime magic core.
That means …
Needless to say, you will never get money.


It’s not good as it is.

Did all human beings became stupid when they got something incredible?

Or am I the only one that is stupid?

Either way, it’s bad, so I thought.

When I thought about it, the answer came out easily.

I asked Sylphy to detect slime, and then I attack it with the deadly insecticide spray.
I was able to constantly hunt 6 monsters per hour with a splendid collaborative technique.
Then I worked hard every day to kill slime.
I had been hunting alone for two years.
Even though Sylphy was a servant, I felt happy to be able to dive with someone.
Hunted, hunted, hunted.
I dived into the dungeon every day for about 3 months and continued to hunt slime for about 3 hours after school.
The cooperation was further improved and the efficiency of hunting was improved, and the amount of slimes that we hunted in 3 months were about to reach 1000.
If you check the status after finishing hunting as usual
Finally, the skill I had longed for was written.
“Wow, I finally have skill. Now I can escape from my mob status!!”
I didn’t check the contents well, and just having a skill in the skill column reflexively increase my tension to the max.
I calmly checked it.

Takagi Kaito
LV : 4
HP : 14
MP : 4
BP : 12
Skill : Slime Slayer

Skill Slime Slayer?

So, it is like this after all.
There is no fate twist.
I’ve never heard of such a skill in the first place. Does it make any sense?
When I thought of the slime slayer part, the skill explanation came out.

Slime Slayer: appears to those who have mastered the battle with slime. Increase all stats when fighting slime by 50 percent

… It doesn’t make much sense.

Till now, I had killed more than 3.000 slimes.
Is there any meaning to increase status 1.5 times higher?
In the first place, my mob status … My 4 MP will become 6 when it increase by 50 percent …

I finally got the skill I wanted.

The so-called useless skill.

“Shit! !!”

I suddenly heard a voice.

“Master, it’s amazing just to have a skills.”

Sylphy kindly called out to me.
I almost cried, but I couldn’t cry in front of a little girl, so I put up with it and turned to the front.
I’m sure this skill will make slime hunting smoother than it is now.
I can literally live as a slime slayer from now on.
The future of slime hunting must be bright from tomorrow.
If this happens, then aim for the world’s No. 1 slime slayer.

No way. I refuse …


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  • treyon13  says:

    HhHhaHhaha this dude is a serious case of brain dead idiocy… got a valkyrie and he didnt even tried to hubt goblinz but killed slimes for 3 months hahahshs…. the problem with this mc is not his strenght or courage… its that he is fkng stupid hahahah his IQ must be like 70 or something which equals to birderline mental retardation. Just for reference a gorilla is between 60-95

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