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Demon King of Phantom Thief, To the North

Keith told the maid to put a round table in front of the Demon King Castle and enjoyed the morning tea time.
Everyone from Aldberg Thieves is with him.

Elada sits next to Victor, holding a cup of tea.
Little by little, she seems to be getting used to her life here.

“Diana onee-chan! This is delicious!”

Luca, the younger sister, ate sweets made for the tea party put her hand on her cheek.

“It’s a Raisin Butter Sand.”(TN: If I’m not wrong then it’s a sandwich cookies from Hokkaido.)

Diana replies with a smile to the innocent Luca.

“It’s delicious! But it looks like it will make me fat!”

Diana stopped adding sugar to her tea, her smile frozen.

“Luca don’t need to worry about getting fat. You should eat it if you want to.”

When thinking of Luca who was thin when she was in prison, Keith is happy just to see her enjoying and eating various things.

“But I’m a lady, so I have to be careful about my style.”

Luca relpied so.

“Don’t worry about that, eat more eat more! Because style doesn’t matter!”

Diana’s forehead crease at the words of Aleira.

“Luca, be careful, don’t just nourish your chest that your head become empty .”
“That’s right, Luca, you have to be careful.”

There is no self awareness in Aleira.
Diana sighed.
At that time–.

“Oh, welcome back”

Three wolves ran up to Diana.

“I see, so it’s like that. Well done.”

While sitting on a chair, Diana strokes the wolves’ heads.
Then she snapped his finger and the wolves disappear like a smoke.

“What are you doing just now?”

When Keith asks, Diana replies.

“I’m doing regular reconnaissance to see if there’s anything wrong with the territory.”
“For you to do such a thing.”
“It’s my duty as the first of the Four Heavenly Kings.”

Diana continues to drink her tea.

“By the way, was there anything wrong this time?”
“That’s right, if I’m not wrong then the permafrost in the north is about to melt.”

Responding to Diana was Ginlow, who was pinching a small cup with his big fingers.

“Is the land of Ice Spirits being invaded by heat … “
“What is Ice Spirits?”

Ginlow answers Keith’s words.

“They are a race that lives in the north. They have been disobedience since the days of the former Demon Lord, but because it is a barren land, so it is abandoned.”

It seems that there are various places in the Demon King’s territory that Keith do not know yet.

“Demon King-sama, please allow me to say something.”

Ginlow said, gently placing the teacup on the saucer.

“I propose a reconnaissance to the north. Even if there is no interaction, all the people who live in the Demon King’s territory should pay respect to Demon King-sama.”

This time, it’s Diana.

“You shouldn’t bother the Demon King-sama for personal reason.”

Ginlow groaned lowly at those words.
The appearance of looking down at the table made the others thought his words certainly contain some emotion in it.

“It seems that something happened with those people …”

Keith says so as Ginlow closes his eyes and bows deeply.
Ginro’s facial expression is hard to read, but one can tell that he is thinking about something.

“… As you said, I have something to do with Ice Spirits. However, what I said earlier is true.”

It is unusual for Ginlow to be so persistent.
However, the warming of the north is an important event for Ice Spirits.

“I understand, then I’ll go there right away …”

Keith was worried about the northern land that he had never been to, and he was also interested in Ice Spirits who were not afraid of the Demon King and continued to be disobedience.
And above all, it’s a wish of Ginlow.

“Thank you for accepting my request, and I have no words to express my gratitude.”

Ginlow bows again.

“Raise your face. I do it because I thought it is necessary.”

Since Ginlow was told to raise his face, he can’t lower it again.
Ginlow simply replied, “Thank you.”

“Then I’ll change my clothes right away. North region is a very cold place after all.”

After drinking tea, Diana stands up and tries to go to the Demon Castle alone.

“Wait, Diana, I want to dress warmly too.”
“Don’t worry. The cloak that the Demon King-sama is using has the power to keep your temperature.”

Keith pinched the hem of the Demon King’s Cloak, the cursed equipment.
There are many things that he don’t know yet.

After waiting for a while, Diana appeared in a thick black fur coat and bonbon boots like she is an aristocrate lady going on a trip.

Ginlow is only wearing pants as usual.
Even in this state, it seems that he can withstand the cold.

Keith and Diana rode Fenrir together, and Ginlow made wheels out of his silver arms.

“Then, I’m going out for a while.”
“Be careful!”

Aleira waved.

“Don’t catch a cold!”

Everyone of the Aldberg Thieves also bid them farewell.
The journey of three people has begun.

As they go through deep canyons, climb cliffs, through forests, and through grasslands, then the footsteps sound of the wolf change.
The sound of treading on frozen grass-a tundra zone.

Even though the Demon King’s Cloak has a heat retaining function, it can be seen that the appearance of the wind has changed.
An icy wind blows from wherever they go.

“… The area ahead is a permafrost. There might be snow too.”

Ginlow said, trampling the meadow with his huge wheels.

Spend the night in a huge tent that Diana brought and head north again.
Finally, the ground began to be covered with hard snow.
The three climb a high hill.

When they reached the top, a blizzard struck suddenly.

“So sudden!”

There seems to be a limit to the heat retaining of the Demon King’s Cloak.
Keith shook at the chills that pierced his skin.
Diana also has a bitter face.

Only Ginlow was looking straight ahead.

“Probably that is the city of Ice Spirits. It’s the first time I’ve reached this point.”

As Ginlow said, a faint light can be seen beyond the blizzard.

“This blizzard is not because of weather but the power of Ice Spirits”
“With this, no intruders can get closer.”

They can’t get any closer.
Keith and his companion were stuck in raging snow

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