Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 11

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Level Up

I have been hunting goblins smoothly since then under the help of Sylphy’s Iron Wall Maiden.
The MP consumption of Iron Wall Maiden is 5.
Since the MP needed is half of God’s Lightning Strike, Sylphy’s magic core ingestion is also half.
It is so easy to defeat a goblin now, that I was in a good mood and thought that if I had a crossbow, I could defeat them alone.

“Sylphy, this time I’ll hunt alone, so you don’t need to help me.”


I set the crossbow in advance and went to battle with a goblin again.
Aim at a distance of about 20m and shoot a crossbow arrow so that the goblin I find will not noticed it.
I hit its arm brilliantly, but the goblin looked this way.

“Guga! Gya !!”

It was angry and rushed here.
I hurriedly fired again, but it didn’t hit.
I am in a panic state, and the moving target was completely different.
My aim is so terrible that no arrows hit.
The goblin become closer and closer as I am loading an arrow.
I was prepared to die again seeing the approaching goblin.

“No way! I won’t make the same mistake twice!!!”

At that moment, I used the crossbow arrow as if it was a sword and stab the goblin’s chest in front of me.
The goblind became frightened and ran away then I shoot it with the crossbow again after calming down, the goblin disappeared.


I had a lot of cold sweat, but I finally could relax.

“As expected of master. It was cool. Will you hunt alone next time too?”

Sylphy’s voice, pure without any sarcasm.
I used a poker face to deceive the heartbeat that was about to break in the previous battle.

“Hmm. I think it is enough, so let’s hunt together next time. It’s more fun with two people than one. It’s good to hunt alone, but after all it’s best with Sylphy.”

“You think so highly of me… I’m glad.”

Sylphy’s reply with a smile that I had never seen before.
… That smile made my chest hurts
…My heart hurts
…My soul hurts
… I’m a human trash

Feeling guilty that makes me want to die.

“Obviously, Sylphy is the most important thing.”

“Thank you. I will continue to do my best. I am really glad that Kaito-sama is my master.”

…That smile is too dazzling
…… It’s so dazzling that my eyes are about to become blind
…That voice seems like it can crush my ears
… It felt like a God’s punishment

It was so easy when I hunt with Sylphy that I had the illusion that I become stronger.

After all I was a mob and goblins were stronger.

From now on, I decided to rely on Sylphy and do my best without getting on her way.

Then I killed about 10 monsters the same way as before.
And finally that time has come.
I finally leveled up.

Takagi Kaito
LV: 6
HP: 18
MP: 6
BP: 16
Skill: Slime Slayer
Goblin Slayer (temporary)
Equipment: Steel Shield
Pistol Crossbow Gun
Tungsten Rod

This time, another skill did not show up, but I finally reach LV 6.
For two years, my level went from LV 1 to LV3. It’s been about four months since I started hunting with Sylphy, but my level already gone up by three from LV3 to LV6.
The explorer life has changed dramatically within me.
I almost died twice since Sylphy appeared, but I feel like I’ve been able to spend a little bit of my explorer life that I dreamed about.
Unfortunately, I don’t feel like becoming a hero yet, but I used to be a slime slayer for two years, and now I’m a goblin slayer (temporary).
It is full of unprecedented excitement and fulfillment.
It was really nice to meet Sylphy.
Sylphy is a goddess for me so far.
The impact of the 1 billion yen lost has not completely healed yet though…

“Thank you, Sylphy”

Words from the bottom of my heart leaked naturally.


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