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Rare Monster

Even today, after school, with the help of Sylphy, I continue to hunt on the second floor.
Taking advantage of the other day’s reflection, I rely entirely on Sylphy.
It may seem a bit pathetic to strangers, but I completely ignored that.
Thanks to that, I have been able to proceed smoothly.

Unusually on the way, I encountered another exploration party.
A three-person party, looks like the same age as me, or maybe a little older, but the goblin facing them is being killed by the three people easily.
A man as a vanguard controlled the goblin, and the other two enter the goblins’ blind spot.
After a 30-second battle, after being attacked from the blind spot at the same time, the hunt was decided.
Looking at it, I honestly thought it was amazing.
The three who succeed in their hunt are happy that they are giving a high five to each others.
I met their eyes and gave a light bow to the three and left.
That is because I didn’t want to let them see Sylphy.
The other reason is that their party members, the other two beside the vanguard, were women.
Moreover, they were pretty cute.
The vanguard man certainly looks a little handsome, but it’s unreasonable.
I have Sylphy now, but for me, who has been solo for over two years, he is my enemy.
Damn. I envy you …

Due to the size and variety of routes in dungeons, I rarely meet other explorers.
Especially when I was hunting slime on the first floor.
I’ve advanced to the second level and I’ve seen other explorer from time to time, but it’s the first time I’ve come across a battle scene like just now.
It wasn’t very helpful because it was a trio, but it was quite fresh because it was my first time to see people fight.
When it came to a party of three, I wondered if I would fight like that too.
Of course, the third person in the image is a cute girl.
Next time I want to have a cute girl in the party.
A girl of the same generation who is not a little girl.

While thinking about such stupid things, bones that emit light appeared in front of me.
No, it is a skeleton that glowed.

“Sylphy, it’s a skeleton.”

“It’s shining, but it’s a skeleton.”

“Maybe it’s a rare monster like the golden slime. I’ll kill it for sure.”


“Sylphy, use Iron Wall Maiden.”

“I understand, Iron Wall Maiden.”

The glowing skeleton is stuck outside of the wall of light.
Hit it with a tungsten rod as usual.


“Guu, it’s hard.”

Normally, I could crush the bones with just this blow, but I heard a dull sound and the attack did not pass.
In addition, my hands were completely numb.
After all it seems that it is different from a normal skeleton.
It’s completely incompatible with me.

“Sylphy, as soon as the Iron Wall Maiden ends, use God’s Lightning Strike .”

“I understand. Well then God’s Lightning Strike”


The glowing skeleton, which I couldn’t do any damage to, disappeared without a trace in one blow.
I was staring at the disappeared traces.
I wondered if there were any drop items, like Sylphy’s.
Unfortunately, there was nothing like a drop item, and only one magic core was left.
When I picked up the magic core, it was a little reddish unlike a normal magic core.
I felt a little strange, but the size is the same as the usual one.
I gave it as a reward to Sylphy.
It was because I was satisfied with the performance of Sylphy.

After that, I stopped by the guild to sell the magic core.
Have Hitsugaya-san take charge as usual.

“Hitsugaya-san, do you know something about glowing skeleton?”

“What about it?”

“No, I actually encountered and defeated it on the second floor today.”

“Takagi-san, is that true?”

“Of course that’s true.”

“Then do you have its magic core?”

“No, no. I got a slightly reddish demon core, but it seems that I lost it during the next battle …”

I couldn’t say I had Sylphy ingest it, and I quickly said so.

“Did you drop it? It was reddish, so there is no doubt about it.”

“What is it?”

“Takagi-san killed a rare monster that rarely appear. The reddish magic core has a special value unlike a normal magic core.”

“What? Is that so? How much does it cost?”

“It’s hard to say for sure, but I think it is more than 2 million yen.”

“2 million yen····”

“Maybe you will see it again. Please do your best without being discouraged.”


I’ve done it. I handed it over to Sylphy without thinking about anything.

I’m such an idiot …

2 million yen disappeared in an instant.
Anyone can understand if you think about “rare monsters are expensive”.
How stupid I am!
I don’t have the confidence to live anymore …

It was three days later that I regained my energy to dive into the dungeon.


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    Translatiñor does mc gets smarter or he is as stupid as a tree the whole novel?

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    This Main character is painfully dumb… I’m trying desperately to enjoy this but he’s so painfully short sighted!

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