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School Life

I’m at school today as well.
The high school I go to is a normal high school.
There are quite a lot of people, 40 students per class and 10 classes.
Although I dive as an explorer every day, I think that I am a person who is doing my best.
In the morning, greet the only two people that I can call as a friend, Shinji Oyama and Mizutani Hayato,

From those two people


They replied so.

I’m not a cheerful teenager character who says “good morning” to everyone at the same time as entering a classroom, but not a shady loner too.
Doesn’t stand out, wether good or bad.
I’m in classmate A position. Even at school, I’m also the definition of mob character.
I take notes and listen to school lessons very seriously.
As expected, I don’t study at home, so if I don’t do it seriously at school, my test result will be bad.
This is because my parents impose a condition of being within the 200th rank on test result to continue being an explorer.
During lunch break, it is a daily routine for us three friends to eat lunch together.

“Kaito, you still doing that explorer stuff?”

“Umm, that’s right.”

“Then, are you defeating a lot of slime?”

“No, I already graduate from slime hunting.”

“Huh? So you did quit after all?”

“No. I’m hunting goblins and skeletons on the second floor.”

“What !? Really?”

“Yeah. Seriously”

“You’re amazing. Hey.”

“How did you defeat it?”

“Well, I’m just good at it.”

“What? Are you daydreaming?”

Both Shinji and Hayato became explorers at the same time as me, but both of them were frustrated at the first floor and quit after half a year, so I was half amazed at the fact that I continued to be an explorer. Respects me more.
So, to some extent, they know my situation as an explorer before, and jumping up to the second floor is probably a suicide.
I can’t say anything about Sylphy, so I’m vaguely answering.
They are the few friends I have, it’s probably okay to tell them, but I don’t really want to be known as a Gods servant card holder.
What’s more, if the servant is a cute little girl, it’s scary just to think about what kind of rumors would be made if that were known to the people.
Far from being a mob character, there is a risk of being socially wiped out.
At least my current position at school will blow away.

“Rather than that, I want a girlfriend.”

“That again? You know it’s impossible, right?”

“It’s not impossible.”

“It is impossible even if you dive in the dungeon all year as you aren’t popular.”


By the way, none of us have a girlfriend.
Rather, life is equal to three people who haven’t had a girlfriend.
Just because we are not popular doesn’t mean aren’t interested in woman.

“Katsuragi-san is cute”

“She was looking at me for a moment.”


“You’re being delusional.”

“Katsuragi-san, maybe she like me?”

“”Definitely not “”

And the usual barren conversation continues.

I liked Katsuragi Haruka. Katsuragi-san has been in the same school as me since elementary school and has been in same class several times. In a broad sense, it can be said that she is my childhood friend, but she was not a special friend, but when we were in the lower grades of elementary school, we had some conversations.
As we approached puberty, we stopped talking at all.
However, after the shocking event that happened when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, I am completely in love with her now.
Though it is one-sided.
I’m not a stalker.

Katsuragi-san never had a boyfriend, but she is quite popular.
She is sometimes confessed to, but I haven’t heard of her dating.
Maybe she is waiting for me?
I have some delusions that make me feel a little uncomfortable.
Half of my high school life is already gone.

I have no courage to confess so far.
Just as I was able to rank up to a Goblin Slayer (temporary) as an explorer, can I also rank up in my private life?
I want a servant card for private life, which is a rank-up item.
Actually, there is no such thing.
I want to associate with Katsuragi-san as much as I want to be a successful hero like in my dream.
In my dungeon life, I had already experienced a life-threatening battle that I could never lose, but in school life I had no pretense or courage to fight at all.

Previously, I decided to confess if I could go to the second floor.
Now that I’ve reached the second floor, I’m determined to confess when I reach the third floor


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    — Thanks for the chapters~ ^^

  • treyon13  says:

    Im doubting the wolrd standars in that world..m…. is killing goblins and skeletons amazing?… but unlesz there are no healing pots or magic, it is dangerous for untrained people to fight against goblins, as the fear of permanent damage would be huge.
    At least for me, if i can heal a deep cut in less than a day with a cheap pot i would lose most of any fear i have.

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