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Sill’s Feeling

I am simply pleased that my LV went up.

“I did it.”

Moreover, this time it is not just an ordinary level up, but a super level up with growth correction of God’s Blessing.

My expectation soared to the roof then I check my status.

This? ??
Isn’t it strange? ??

Takagi Kaito
This is my status when I’m LV 9

LV: 9
HP: 20
MP: 9
BP: 20

And this is my status at LV 10 that was corrected by God’s Blessing previously

LV: 10
HP: 25
MP: 12
BP: 25

And this is the status when I level up today.

LV: 11
HP: 27
MP: 14
BP: 28

Previously, my status only rise by 1 or 2 when I level up.
By acquiring the skill God’s Blessing, my status went up by 5 at once.
However, my status only increase by 2 other than BP which rise by 3.

Why? ??
What does it mean ??
Is it like a bonus for someone who level up to LV 10?


Of course I am happy with the LV up.
Moreover, my status has increased significantly compared to the past.


Not as much as I expected.
Did I expect too much from God’s Blessing?
While thinking about various things, I remembered it like a revelation.
I remembered it.

No way …

In a hurry, I check the explanation screen for the skill God’s Blessing.

God’s blessing … given to those loved by God and their kin. Supplementary status increase when leveling up. The rate of increase depends on the degree of love with God and their kin.

The rate of increase depends on the degree of love with God or their kin.

This is it. No doubt. This is it.

“But why?”

I thought I was doing well with Sill.
I’ve also call her from Sylphy to Sill.
I’m showering her with a lot of love.
Of course, it’s not that kind of LOVE but still love.
I thought I was also liked by Sill.

That’s why.

Does that mean that the love from Sill is 3/5 compared to the previous level up?

I couldn’t immediately think of what was the cause, perhaps because I upset her.

I thought about it for a while.

The difference between the previous level up and the current level up.
Nothing change except what I call her.

No way.
That? Is that the cause?
That’s it.

There is one cause that comes to mind.
It is the excistence known as Rusheria

Sill and Rusheria have the exact opposite personalities and existence type.
At first, I was worried about whether God and demon could get along, but I thought it was fine as they are of the same age though having the opposite personalities. It was smooth.
Both of them are getting along like sisters.

I am thinking.

In fact, Rusheria is also quite kind to Sill, unlike her previous attitude towards me.

Then why?

Sill, do you really hate Rusheria?

I couldn’t figure it out, so I decided to unsummon Rusheria and ask Sill directly.

“Sill, is there something that trouble you?”


“Why, so suddenly? There is nothing in particular.”


“I’m not good at guessing, so I’ll ask you directly, but what do you think of me? Do you hate me?”

“Eh? Eh? What are you talking about? Of course I won’t hate master. Rather I admire you. “


I don’t feel like she is lying at all. Being said that I was admired make my face became hot.

“Then what do you think of Rusheria? Do you hate her?”

“No, no. At first I thought she was a little scary, but when I talked to her, she is a nice and kind girl. Now I’m a good friend and I like her.”

This also doesn’t seem to be a lie.

“Well, Sill is the most important thing to me in the dungeon. If you have any worries or thoughts, please let me know.”

“Nothing in particular”

“I’m sure there is something”


“There should be”

“Well, then there is only one.”

“What is that?”

“Recently, master has been very kind to Rusheria, so I want you to do the same to me.”


The words from Sill were unthinkable for me.

“I don’t think I’m particularly kind to Rusheria. I think I’m kinder to Sill.”

“Recently, Rusheria receive more magic core than me.”


“I like Rusheria, but before Rusheria came, I was able to talk more with master.
I want you to talk more with me as well as Rusheria. “

“O, oh yeah. From now on, I’ll give Sill as much magic core as Rusheria, and I’ll talk more with you.”

“Is that true? I’m glad that you are my master. I’m glad.”

After that, I went home and lay down on the bed

This is that, right?
The so called jealous.
Jealous, right?

I didn’t even think about it.

I thought that there was no problem because Sill is a straightforward and good girl.
Since Rusheria is a problem child, I can’t deny that I am more concerned about her.
Certainly, I gave more magic core to Rusheria than to Sill.

I had no contact with girls until now.
Even though they are a servant, they are still girl
Suddenly there are two girl with me.

Can we do it well from now on?


Even today, at the age of 17, I am accumulating damage to my stomach due to stress.


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