Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 24

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Sill’s Level Up

It’s been a week since Sill’s feeling became clear.
Anyway, I try to treat Sill kindly.
The difficulty, though, is that if I’m too kind to Sill, Rusheria’s mood will become worse.
What should I do?
What should I, who have no interaction with girl before, do?
Often, the protagonists in dramas and novels are doing well in similar situations.
Rather, they live happily and enjoying their life.
If I am an dense protgonisy, I can completely ignore it and have fun.

However, this is a reality. It’s real.

I can’t do such a trick.
I can’t do it.
All I can do is wear down my nerves and observing their complexions.

While having such a stressing mental state, I became more devoted to killing monsters, as if seeking an outlet for stress.
Killing monsters on the 3rd floor.
Of course, my way of fighting that depends on Sill and Rusheria has not changed, but recently I have become accustomed to it.
However, I haven’t saved any money.
Because I increased the amount of magic core given to Sill to match Rusheria, so even if I kill monsters, their magic core wouldn’t remain in my hands at all.

Immediately after hunting a group of 3 wild boar as usual in a state of lack of money, a change appeared in Sill.


The entire body of Sill is wrapped in pale light and emitted light.
Perhaps it is only for a few seconds, the luminescence phenomenon soon subsided.

“What’s wrong? …”

This may be that. I hurriedly checked Sill’s status.

“It’s true. I’ve increase Sill’s level! I did it!”

“Eh. Is that true!? I’m happy. This is also thanks to master. I will continue to do my best.”

“Ou, I’ll depend on you after this too.”

This is the status of Sill after level up,

Type: Valkyrie
Name: Sylphy
LV: 2
HP: 140
MP: 105
BP: 190
Skill: God’s Lightning Strike, Iron Wall Maiden
Equipment: God Spear Rajunate, God Armor Legines

No new skill appear, but her stats are rising.
The numbers have risen by 15-20.
As expected, it is a number that is incomparable to me.

Alright, so why not try the power of her skill?

I immediately found 3 hellhounds

“Sill, I want to see the changes in your skills, so use God’s Lightning Strike and then immediately use Iron Wall Maiden.”

“I understand. God’s Lightning Strike, Iron Wall Maiden.”



Two hellhounds disappeared, leaving a louder roar than usual.

The remaining one attacks immediately, but is blocked by the Iron Wall Maiden.

In order to see the change, I watched the situation until the effect was cut off, and then killed it with a crossbow.

Originally, Iron Wall Maiden last for 60 seconds, but the effect time was extended to 90 seconds.

Both skills are visibly more powerful. It’s amazing with just 1 level up.
Isn’t this enough power to challenge the 4th floor?
At this time, as I was thinking like this.

Sill is as usual,

“I’m hungry.”

So I decided to hand over the magic core to her.

This time, she used two skills, so I handed over two magic cores.

Sill, who ingested the demon core, is staring at me while fidgeting.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“Master, I’m still not full. Can you give me another one?”


What does it mean? Until now, it should have been okay with one magic core for one skill.
This is the first time for Sill to said this.
When I calm down and put together my thoughts, the answer came immediately.

Did the MP consumption increase as the power increased?
It was a matter of course when I thought about it.
In reality, power did not increase conveniently.
High output, bad fuel consumption.
It looks like a luxury foreign car …
It cannot be maintained by common civilian…

Right now, I have a lot of magic cores in my pocket, but if I have no magic cores reserve, I can’t dive into the dungeon with Sill.
There is nothing I can do right now.
I’m stuck.

I was forced into a corner by Sill who level up.


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