Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 25

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Drop Item

I’m absent from exploration today because I’m worried about the magic core issue that accompanies Sill’s level up.
I thought about it and came to one conclusion.
There is no other choice.

My conclusion is to withdraw from the 3rd floor and hunt slimes on the 1st floor.
It does not mean that I have given up exploring the 3rd floor, but if I cannot move due to lack of magic core, collect a large amount of magic core first and then proceed with the exploration. It feels a bit inefficient, but I think that’s the only way.

A slime’s magic core is the smallest.
Although it is the smallest, two hellhound magic cores and three slime magic cores are about the same size, so if I collect them in large quantities, there will be no problem with the amount that Sill and Rusheria eat.

Now that I’ve decided, I’ll do it right away.
I play an active part as a slime slayer on the 1st floor, hunting and hunting slime.

Then I dive to the 1st floor almost every day.

In fact, I noticed that the number of slime I killed was about to reach 500 in a month.
While hunting slime, I had plenty of time and spare time, so I was thinking about everything I had done so far.
It is said that if you kill monster other than slime, there is a 1 to 3% chance there will be drop item.
But for some reason, I’ve never seen drop item from a regular monster.
At first I thought I was just out of luck, but even when I kill more than 100 monsters, there is no sign of drop item at all.

Absolutely strange.
Something is wrong.

All I’ve got is two servant cards from slime that shouldn’t drop drop items.
Two servant cards alone is awesome, but explorers usually make money from magic core and drop items.
In particular, I think drop items are like bonuses that can be earned for a lot of money.
Anyway, I think this is unusual.
Usually, the most common ones are potions and materials, and I definitely want to get them.
But I don’t get one.
Until it happens, I can’t explain it.
I thought it was strange, but I couldn’t help it, so I worked hard to hunt slime and finally
When trying to reach 1000

“That is···”

“No way …”

This time I came across a slime with a blue metallic color.

“Sill, Rusheria, don’t let it escape.”

“Yes” “Ou”

No doubt. That is my third special slime.

Just in case.

I use the overkill combo of God’s Lightning Strike and Prison Flame of Ruin.

“Zugagagagan” “Guvoujuo”

As usual, the slime disappeared without any trace.

I stared at the place where the slime disappear.

“O, oohh!!”

“No way!?”

“This is!!”

What was left there was not the third servant card

Instead, a blue sphere was left behind.

According to the information on TV, this is a magic orb.

Magic orb is a rare item like servant cards.
It is a dream item where you can use magic skills by using it.
The magic orb I picked up is blue and looked like a glass ball, about the size of a baseball ball.

My hands are shaking, just like when I first got my servant card.


If I use this, I can be a mage.
Like a mage in my dream …
No, maybe I can be a great mage or a sage.

My dream as an explorer, no, the dream and romance of mankind.

That is magic.

Magic orbs are roughly classified by color.
This orb is blue so I should be able to use water or ice magic.

Using water magic.

That’s so cool …

Others can’t call me a mob anymore.
This is really awesome.


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