Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 26

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First Magic

Blue Magic Orb drop item.
Probably tens of millions of yen if sold.
If I sell it, I will be very rich.

I have already decided.
Use it myself.

Today, I will be a mage that I dreamed about.

According to TV, to use Magic Orbs, one should only throw it to the ground.
Then you will be able to use the magic contained inside the Magic Orbs

My dream cannot be bought by money.

I slammed the blue magic orb against the ground with my quivering hands.



I don’t feel any change.

Checking my status in a hurry,

Takagi Kaito

LV: 11
HP: 23
MP: 14
BP: 28
Slime Slayer
Goblin Slayer (temporary)
God’s Blessing
Water Ball NEW

There it is. So it is real.
Water-based magic, Water Ball

“Woahh, I did it!”

I screamed unintentionally.
Happy. I’m too happy.
I want to brag about this to everyone.

For the time being, I’ll left the bragging to another day and try to use the magic.
I want to use it now.
I was like a little kid who couldn’t wait to play with my toy that I just bought.

“Sill, Rusheria, I learn a magic called Water Ball. I want to try its power somewhere. Please support me.”

“I understand.” “All right.”

Since this is my first time, I decided to use it to goblin on the 2nd floor just in case.

When a goblin stood in front of me,

“Sill, please use Iron Wall Maiden.”


“Rusheria, please prepare Prison Flame of Ruin in case I can’t finish it.”

“Leave it to me.”

Sill activates Iron Wall Maiden, and I finally activate the magic against the goblin

“Water Ball”

At the moment of activation, there is a feeling that my blood is sucked from my body, and a ball of water appears in front of me.


When I was still impressed by it, the water ball flew to the goblin



Involuntarily, three people said that together.

I was taken aback.

“Prison Flame of Ruin.”

Rusheria finished off the goblin.


Certainly, my first magic, “Water Ball,” was successfully activated.

There is no particular problem with the speed of going to the goblin, and it is also on target.

But it’s small. A baseball ball-sized water sphere, almost the same as the Magic Orb, flew away.

Fly away.


Just like that.

It feels like a water balloon is flying at high speed and bursting.

It didn’t damage the goblin.

There is no doubt that the magic was activated.

In other words,

I became a mage that I longed for.


It’s completely different from the mage I longed for.

I didn’t expect it to be as strong as Sill’s or Rusheria’s, but I thought it would be as powerful as the beginner’s magic in VR games.
Well, if I think about it, it was out of the question when the attribute was water.
Fire and lightning could do small damage
But water is different. If it’s ice, it will do some damage.
However, even if something is hit with water, I couldn’t expect it to be able to hunt monster
Just get wet,
A large amount of water may be able to drown monsters.
If it can fly at super high speed, it may be able to cut like a water cutter.
However, it is impossible with my baseball ball-sized water ball.

Disappointment struck me, my body is heavy.
I am curious so I check my status,

Takagi Kaito

LV: 11
HP: 23
MP: 10
BP: 28

MP has decreased by 4.
4 MP for just one Water Ball.
In other words, for me right now, three Magic Balls are my limit.

Did they see me shocked?


“It’s amazing just to activate magic. As you get used to it, its power will surely increase.”


“Well, that’s it. I think it is useful as we can drink water whenever we are thirsty.”

That concern hurts.
Even that Rusheria has such a strange concern.

The day I became a mage that I dreamed about left me with bittersweet damage.


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