Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 27

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How to Use Magic

The next day I am in the explorer guild.
To make a chance, sell only 10 slime magic cores and talk to Hitsugaya-san with a small talk as usual.

“There is something I’m interested about. Magic Orbs are rare items, aren’t they?”

“That’s right. It’s rarely put up for sale.”

“How much is it?”

“It can be sold for more than 50 million yen even for unpopular wind and water systems. More than 100 million yen for fire and lightning.”

“It’s expensive, isn’t it?”

“Not really, but it’s not something that a high school students can afford.”

“No, there are some high school student explorers who have been successful in purchasing Magic Orbs.”

“Takagi-san, please aim for it.”

“No, no. I can’t. By the way, is the unpopular orb such as water system useful for something?”

“The magic that appears inside a Magic Orb is random, the so-called gachas, so if you win, you will get powerful magic.”

“That’s right. Then, if I lost, should I give up?”

“No, even with the same magic, the power changes greatly depending on the ability and aptitude of the explorer, so it can not be said it is useless.”

“Yes. I understand. Thank you.”

As usual, I left the dungeon guild in a hurry.

According to Hitsugaya-san, magic obtained from Magic Orbs depend on luck.
Then honestly Water Ball would be a loss.

Discarding 50 million yen only to get not so powerful magic.

I might have done it …
But I really wanted to use magic.
No one could stop this dream of mine.

Rather, what I was interested in was that even with the same magic, the power changes depending on the ability and aptitude.
My shabby Water Ball. This may mean that my ability and aptitude are low.
If my ability improves, so will my power.
Perhaps it is possible to change the parts other than power in the current situation?

A ray of light came in.
I still can’t give up on becoming a great mage.
I have time. If there is a possibility, I will give it a try.

Immediately, I dived into the dungeon.
However, I only come to the 1st floor instead of the 2nd floor.
Although I am fully prepared to verify and improve it, it is reckless to fight monsters with the current Water Ball, so I decided to study by myself on the 1st floor.

The first thing I can do is change the speed of flight.

“Water Ball”

Concentrate on the water ball that appear and try to let it fly toward the wall.


It’s exactly the same as when I first used it.

“Water Ball”

This time, concentrate and shoot at the wall while imagining slowing it down for clarity.
I did it.
The water ball flew slowly and hit a wall.


It seems that the power has decreased a little because it is slow, but my idea seems to not be wrong.

“Water Ball”

This time, I concentrate really hard that make me even hard to stand, and imagined speeding it up.

The water ball fly at a considerable speed and hit the wall.


It seems that it was the most powerful so far because of its speed.

Hooray. This may be manageable with practice.

This moment. The road to the Great Mage has opened a little …

Though it’s still a long way..

After that, I managed to get home while feeling tired, but I managed to get home.
I made a full dive to bed and let go of my consciousness until morning.


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