Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 28

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The road to become a Great Mage had opened a little yesterday, but it wasn’t that sweet.
I am still doing magical training in a corner of the dungeon today.
Even though it is a special training, it is limited to three magic a day, so it is necessary to maximize the efficiency.
Continuing from yesterday, I decided to speed up as much as possible today.

“Water Ball”

It seems to be a little faster than yesterday.

“Water Ball”

It’s almost the same as before.

“Water Ball”

Does not change.

This is the end of today’s special training.
Moreover, I am tired as hell.

I am training in a corner of the dungeon every day.

First of all, speed, but I soon felt the limit.
The speed is considerably faster, but it is probably the same as the ball thrown by a professional baseball player.
Maybe it’s about 100 km/hour
It didn’t have much effect if it’s only that fast.
Perhaps the power will increase dramatically if the speed of sound is exceeded, but that is impossible.

I gave up on speed, and this time I tried to see if I could change its size.
In conclusion, its mass could not be changed, but with the precious three times a day special training, I was able to change its shape and change its surface area.
Simply put, I can change what is originally ball-shaped into a plate, or a square.
I succeeded in changing its shape, but unfortunately Its power stay the same.

If only I’m a main character of some anime, I will use magic every day until my MP is exhausted, then my MP will increase and my power will increase too, but that growth pattern did not come.

One thing is that when I train for the first time, I was exposed to fatigue like I was about to collapse, then I became more tolerant of it after a while.
Even if I’m about to fall, I can ignore it and still move.
For the first time, I see some light.

I organized what I was able to do and repeated trial and error to see if I could use it in actual battles.

And finally, I am going to use it in an actual battle today.

As in the last time, I confronted a single goblin on the 2nd floor.

“Sill, Rusheria, same as last time, please.”

“Yes.” “Yea.”

Towards the goblin that is blocked by the Iron Wall Maiden as before,

“Water Ball”

At the moment, when the ball of water hit the goblin, the ball of water spread out so as to cover the nose and mouth of the goblin, and stay like that.


The goblin couldn’t breathe and the dead goblin finally disappeared.

“Oohh. I did it.”

“As expected of master.”

“You really did it.”

“Well, thank you.”

The strategy I took. It is to suffocate the enemy.
There is neither power nor speed that I need.
What I need is for the ball of water to hit the target.
Only that.
Even with a small amount, if I cover their mouth and nose, they will not be able to breathe.
The operation went well, and I was finally able to defeat a monster with magic.
With this, I am also considered a mage.

“Master, there is another monster there.”

I am still immersed in my sense of victory, but Sill’s voice brought me back to reality.

When I look at where Sill’s pointing at, there is a skeleton this time.

“Sill, Rusheria, same as before!”

In the same way as before, the skeleton is blocked by Iron Wall Maiden.

“Water Ball”

The moment it hits, it changes its shape and chokes the skeleton.



The skeleton didn’t stop.

Rusheria resolve the situation with Prison Flame of Ruin
My water Ball didn’t work at all.
I completely forgot.
The skeleton only has bones, so it is not breathing.
The suffocation attack is completely ineffective.

I am hunting monsters with magic for the first time, but it turned out to be completely ineffective against undead monsters.

The road to become a Great Mage is still so far …

No, wait a minute. I wanted to be a Hero, not a Great Mage.
I vowed to be careful from now on.


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