Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 29

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Preparation for the 4th floor

Since I found a better way to use Water Ball, I have been diving into the 3rd floor several times.
However, I don’t feel like my level will go up anymore.
At last, it seems that I have reach the growth limit of the 3rd floor.
If it’s like this, there is no choice but to start diving to the 4th floor.
However, my equipments are too poor to dive into the 4th floor.
Weapons are good, but I have no armor.
Although I have a shield, my other equipment to dive is a denim pants purchased at a mass retailer with a cheap hoodie.
Until now, I was protected by Sill’s Iron Wall Maiden, so I wasn’t hurt.
However, I don’t know if it will work even in the 4th floor.
So I want armor that protects my whole body.
Actually, I have already consulted with the old man from the dungeon market.

“Excuse me. I bought a shield here last time, but I’m thinking of going down to the 4th floor next time. Is it possible to buy a full-body armor?”

“Ah, I remember you. Didn’t you say you’re going to dive into the 2nd floor? You are already going to the 4th floor?”

“Ah, well, somehow.”

“You can do it if you try. How much is your budget?”

I want to keep 300 out of 1000 slime demon cores for Sill and Rusheria.
A maximum of 500,000 yen including my income so far.

“It hasn’t changed much from before, about 500,000 yen.”

“Hmm. It’s impossible after all.”

“Is it really impossible?”

“That’s what I want to say, but this is the second time you come here. If it’s a used one you can still afford it.”


“Wait a minute.”

After a while, the old man brought two cases from the back.

“These two are the only ones that are affordable with 500,000 yen.”

“This one is a set of leather armor with a tungsten plate attached and also a chainmail.”

“This one is a full-body suit made of carbon nanotubes.”

“Both are 500,000 yen.”

“Which one is better?”

“This one is high-tech. Carbon nanotubes can cover your whole body and protect it without gaps. It is difficult to penetrate, but it hurts if you are hit because it is thin.”

“On the contrary, this one is a traditional one. The leather armor has a gap, but the defense power is high in combination with the tungsten plate, and it is thick, so it is difficult for the equipped person to be damaged.”

“Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Try them on first.”

“Are you sure?”

Personally, if it’s a fantasy, I’ll choose leather armor and chainmail in haste, but I still decide to try them on.
First, I put on leather armor.
I tried to move …
It’s heavier than I imagined.
Maybe because it has tungsten plate, it’s okay if I just put it on, but honestly it’s impossible to run with this.
Chainmail alone is unusually heavy.
Is there a guy who can wear this and fight …
If leather armor is this heavy, then it’s absolutely impossible to use a full plate mail that I long for.

When it comes to that, the only choice is carbon nanotubes.
Next time, I will wear a carbon nanotube full-body suit.
It’s tightened a little and heavier than I expected, but it’s not too much to hinder my movement.
It looks similar to a suit for diving, probably to cover the whole body.
It’s a bit embarrassing to explore the dungeon with this because it looks like something that appear in SF movie or something.
It’s embarrassing, but I have no other choice.

“This one please.”


“But the equipment of an explorer is expensive, isn’t it?”

“It’s natural. There aren’t many available, and there are many special things to consider.”

“Ah sure”

“Anyway, do you have enough information of the 4th floor?”

“For the time being, I looked it up on TV or smartphone.”

“Then, I think that’s okay then, but do you have counter measure for unexpected situation?”

“Oh, that?”

“I think I’m pretty good at that, so maybe it’s okay.”

“I’m glad if it’s like that. Well, do your best to not die there.”

“Yes, thank you”

I will finally dive to the 4th floor tomorrow


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