Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 31

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Cicada Season

It’s been a few days since I started diving into the 4th floor.
When a insect-shaped monster appears,

“Kyaa!!!” “Uaa!!!”

“Sill, please use Iron Wall Maiden.”

It’s a repitition of this.
It seems that those two never get used to it.
Even when I ask them,

“I can’t do what I can’t do !!”

That’s their reply.

Three cockroach-type monster, that I call G-chan, appear and I immediately use the insecticide attack.
When the three escaped, they were in a state of panic while letting out an annoying screams, along with the screams of my two servants.
Even so, I chased after them, but suddenly the last one of G-chan.


It made a humming noise and flew toward me.

No matter how mild insects are, cockroaches, which are as big as large dogs, are heading to me.
My instinct as a living person sends a danger signal. I was terribly scared.
I couldn’t avoid it, and the leg of G-chan bumped into my shoulders.


It happen in an instant and my body is blown off about 1 m due to the strong impact.

“It hurt!!!”

It is unreasonably painful. Thanks to the carbon nanotube suit, there is no bleeding. But I’m sure there is bruise.
It’s not broken, just a bruise, but it hurts as hell.

“Are you okay master?!” “Hey, pull yourself together!!”

I could hear the voices of my two servants from behind, but they are quite far from me.
I have no choice, so I put up with the pain and chased the last one again and killed it.

“Huuu, that was dangerous.”

I endured the pain and talked to Sill and Rusheria, but the two of them only stay silent.

When I checked my status, my level went up.

Takagi Kaito

LV: 12
HP: 30
MP: 18
BP: 34
Slime Slayer
Goblin Slayer (temporary)
God’s Blessing
Water Ball


Unlike the previous level up, the effect of God’s Blessing is quite good now. The number is the highest so far.
BP has increase by 6.
Perhaps the feeling of Sill’s love for me has improved on the 4th floor.
I’m glad I did my best.

As I became a little stronger, I continued hunting again.

This time, it is a mantis-type, a caterpillar-type and the last one is a cicada-type which is the first time I see it.

The mantis sickle is especially dangerous.
I want to defeat them from within the effective range of Iron Wall Maiden.
I don’t think there is a problem with caterpillars-tyoe, but the problem is the cicada-type. Same as G-chan, this is a battle with flight-type monster.
If the effect of insecticide is not sufficient, I have no choice but to use a crossbow.

Immediately entered the battle state, but first killed the caterpillar type.
There was no problem to kill it with a large amount of insecticide spray.
Next is the mantis type, but since its sickle is threatening me, it is slightly out of reach.
The insecticide spray spread outside of Iron Wall Maiden, I ran to the side of the mantis type monster, and hit it with a tungsten rod.
I was able to defeat it well before it attack me.

The last one is the cicada-type.

It’s still flying around.
There is no sign of coming down, so I shoot my crossbow in rapid succession.

“Kan” “Kan”

“You’re kidding me!?”

The arrow of the crossbow was easily deflected by the cicada-type monster outer shell.
I forget about it because I only use insecticide spray after diving into the 4th floor, but the outer shell of an insect is hard.
When it increase in size to the size of a large dog, it would be ridiculously hard and thick.

Dangerous. With my weapon, then it’s useless.

The cicada-type is enraged by the attack of the crossbow

“Gee Gee!!”

It started screaming.


It’s ridiculously loud. It’s a roaring sound suitable for its size. my eardrum is about to tear.


I was desperate and trying to ask for help from the two behind me.

It seems that all insects other than “G-chan” are also useless, and it seems that Iron Wall Maiden can’t defend from sound attack, even when they see me suffering, they didn’t move an inch.

It’s dangerous.
It is an unexpected development, but in this case, I have one more card on my hand.

“Water Ball”

A lump of water is stuck on the face of the cicada.

Suffocating is less effective for insects because insects breathe through their spiracles. I don’t know if it works, but I have to do it.
After a while, the cicada-type monster start to rampaging, crashed then disappeared.

Wuuhuu! It is effective.

I felt relieved, and I was so tired that I fell on the spot.
I also wanted to mourn the lack of support from my servants.


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