Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 32

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I managed to defeat the cicada-type monster, but I was exhausted, so I went home and made friend with my bed.

The next day, in a corner on the 1st floor of the dungeon, I decided to summon Sill and Rusheria and have a discussion.

“I’m going to dive into the 4th floor again today, but before that, I have something to talk about.”

“Yes. What is it?” “What is it?”

“It is about yesterday’s battle. When I was fighting G-chan, I got hit and blown away, but I didn’t receive any support.”

“Yes.” “Well.”

“Then you saw me suffering from the sound attack of the cicada monster.”

“… Yes” “… Well”

“You also saw that the attack of my crossbow did not work but I thankfully managed to defeat it with Water Ball.”

“… Yes” “… Well”

“The next time it happen, something might gone wrong. I may die.”

“………” “………”

“I understand that you are not good with insects, but I still want you to support me in case of emergency.”

“I’m sorry …” “I understand that …”

“If so, then I’ll rely on you for the next battle!”

“I can’t! I can’t!” “Absolutely imposible!”

“I will stand as the vanguard so that the monster won’t approach you. Basically I am the one who will fight, so I will only ask for help when it is dangerous.”

“Uh …” “Ah …”

“I’m begging you.”

“… Yes” “… I understand.”

I’m a little worried, but I have no choice but to take a look at the actual battle.

Immediately, I went down to the 4th floor and encountered a flock of G-chan, a flock of 4 monsters.

“Sill, please use Iron Wall Maiden.”

Of the four monsters blocked by Iron Wall Maiden, two are close to each other, so I succeed in killing them at once, but the other two quickly take distance.
I chase after one of it.
I kill it with the insecticide spray too.
On my back that became empty during my chase,



The last monster attack me with flying attack from the blind spot.

I couldn’t move immediately because of pain and difficulty breathing.

“Zugagagagan” “Guvoujuo”

When I am panicking, the usual roaring sound echoed.

After the explosion, the last G-chan disappeared and only its magic core was left.

When I slowly turned around with my injured body, I see my servants who just used their skills while crying.

“Glad it works …”

With my current power, 3 monsters are barely enough, and 4 monsters seem to have exceeded the limit
The damage received this time was also the highest ever, enough to make me feel like I’ll really die.
It is highly possible that I would have died without the support of Sill and Rusheria.

But … Speaking of support, they were watching everything, so I wanted them to kill the monsters before it attack me from behind.


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