Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 33

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Rest Day

The next day, I was asleep after I was hit by G-chan.
I am in so much pain that I can’t move. In addition, I got a fever.
It’s serious.
I’ve been asleep for three days and I’m absent from school.
With a low potion, this kind of damage would recover in an instant, but I don’t have it.
After all, it is a luxury item that costs 100,000 yen per bottle.
There is no choice but to leave it to my natural healing power, and I continue to become the inhabitant of bed.

It looks like I will be able to move tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Saturday, so there is no school.
I’m getting tired of laying on bed, so I’m thinking of shopping tomorrow.
I don’t have anything particular that I need to buy, so I’ll just go window shopping at the dungeon market as usual.

The next day, I managed to recover enough to move, so I decided to head to the dungeon market as planned.

When I left the house and walked for a while, I felt a presence from the other side.

That is···

Isn’t that Katsuragi-san?
I didn’t do anything wrong, but I hurriedly hid in the shadows.
After a while, I saw Katsuragi-san having a fun conversation with her friend
Her friend,

“Okajima-kun is so cool!”

“Hee, is that so?”

“And he is super handsome, isn’t he?”

“I’m not that good with people like him …”

“Then what kind of person is your type?”

Isn’t this love talk between girl!??
Moreover, Katsuragi-san’s type?
I focused all my nerves on my ears so that I wouldn’t miss anything.

“Hmm. Someone who is devoting himself to something. And also a kind person.”


Someone who is devoted to something! ??

Is that me? Is it about me?

I’m devoting myself into the dungeon.
A kind person?
I can be a super kind person for Katsuragi-san.
Maybe, it’s not a one-sided feeling after all.

While being dominated by such an unlikely delusion
I was grinning while looking at the back of Katsuragi-san.

“Mom, that person is a pervert”

“Stop it, don’t look there”

When I noticed, a little girl was looking and pointing at me, and her mother stopped her in a hurry.
It became an awkward situation, and I left immediately.

I came to the dungeon market as planned, wondering where the “pervert” was.
I don’t really want anything, but it’s like a holiday routine since I was a kid.

Take a closer look inside the showcase as usual.
Looking at the advanced potions, I think that if I had this, it would eliminate this pain in an instant, but of course when I looked at the price, I immediately turned to the next product.
Seeing the fantasy weapon, Mithril knife, one day I will get it in the dungeon and indulging myself in delusion that I will become a master of one. Of course I have no intention of buying it.
I can’t buy it.
Looking at the pouch-sized magic bag, if I have this, I won’t have to carry the magic core or insecticide with my backpack. I can dive into the dungeon more easily.
This is the item I want most now.
However, the price is high.
It costs 10 million yen even though it only fits 5 kg.
I can’t afford it.
Can I get this from the dungeon?

It’s really fun to look around the dungeon market while having delusion like that.
Even if people think it’s disgusting or unpleasant, I can’t stop.

After continuing window shopping for a while, there was a showcase at the end, which I’m not used to.
If you look closely, it says inventory disposal.
Inventory disposal?
I’ve never see that before.
I was curious and took a look inside the showcase.

A knife with a broken tip.
Rusted and shabby gauntlets.
A low-grade potion with a slightly muddy color.
The fur of a monster with torn edges.
And so on
It’s being sold.
It’s not free, it has a decent price tag.
I want the low-grade potion with a slightly muddy color, but the effect is uncertain because the expiration date has expired in the item description column. Dungeon market is not responsible for any changes in your physical condition.
There is something written like that here.
Should I buy this?
I thought, but decided to go through.

When I continue, there is something like a bracelet with a little blue glass ball on the edge, which looks like a decent item, so I want to take a closer look.


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