Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 34

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Magic Item

I stared at the bracelet inside the glass.
It doesn’t look like it’s broken, and it’s beautiful.
Looking at the item description,

Amplifies the magical effect of the wearer.
However, there is a restriction that the wearer cannot move from the spot while the magic is activated.

This is…

Isn’t this the so-called cursed magic item?
Increase magic. That is amazing.
However, there is a restriction that the wearer cannot move at all during the magic activation.
Isn’t this fatal?
If there are multiple enemies, I’ll be killed in one shot while the magic is activated.
It’s a curse that make a fatal flaw when facing the monsters deeper than the third level.

Some magic items are sometimes called cursed items.
These items have restrictions that are detrimental to their effects.
Some people use it occasionally, but in most case it is abandoned.
Looking at the price, it is 100,000 yen.
It’s not cheap, but if I use my saving, I can buy it.


I think about it for a moment.
Increased magic effect.
That is an effect that I, a poor mage, want to get at all cost.
However, I can’t move at all during activation …


I noticed there.
If I think about it, I have Sill.
If I limit my magic activation inside the range of Iron Wall Maiden, it may not be a problem if I can’t move.
Until now, I have never been attacked while activating magic from within the effective range.


A cursed item, no, it is a magic item made for me.

I couldn’t stay there anymore, so I hurried home, grabbed 100,000 yen, and immediately bought the bracelet.

Tell the the shopkeeper sister that I want to buy the bracelet and ask her to take out the item.

“Ah… Do you really want to buy this?”

“Yes, please.”

“Will you use it yourself?”

“Yes, I’m going to do that.”

“Right … Did you read the product description carefully?”

“Yes, it is okay.”

“Right … it’s cheap as a magic item … This is … the so-called cursed item. Are you really going to buy it?”

“Yes, I will buy it.”

“Honestly, I don’t recommend using it for young people.”

“Thank you, but it’s okay.”

“Okay, then, dungeon market will not take any responsibility for anything caused by this item.”

“Yes, I understand.”

I was full of expectations and received the bracelet, but the shopkeeper act strangely.
I’m sure that person is a very nice person.

I had decided that today was a rest day, but I still dive into the dungeon as I can’t stand it anymore.
Immediately, I headed to the corner of the 1st floor of the dungeon.

Use the bracelet on my arm and try using magic.

“Water Ball”

A feeling of restraint struck me that made me unable to move while activating the magic. This is probably why it is called a cursed item.

The effect of the bracelet increases the magic effect.
I am wondering if the ball of water will grow bigger or fly faster.
However, the effect of the bracelet appeared in a different way than I expected.
The size of the ball of water remains exactly the same just like a baseball ball.
There is no change in its flying speed either.



When it hit the wall, I heard a hard explosive sound that is different from usual.
When I look closely, it is not a ball of water, but an ice ball.
The effect of the bracelet is that the ball of water turned into an ice ball.

Now, I can use an Ice Ball because of the effect of the bracelet.

Since its size does not change, it may not be so powerful, but if I consider its attack power, then it is better than before which is almost none.
Suppressing the desire to jump around, I activated two more shots and went home feeling intense fatigue and satisfaction.


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