Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 36

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Breaking through the 4th floor

The day after my ‘Water Ball’ was strengthened by the bracelet, I began to dive into the 4th floor again.

“Sill, Rusheria, please support me today too.”

“Yes.” “Yeah.”

Immediately, we encountered 5 G-chan.
It’s the highest number of monster that we ever face.
As usual, Sill and Rusheria are trembling.

When I turn my face toward Sill,

“Iron Wall Maiden.”

Sill immediately activates a skill.
In the dungeon, our cooperation has been considerably polished after a series of battles, and it has become possible to communicate without giving instruction. As for Rusheria, we can also communicate, although it is limited for the 4th floor.

As usual, the five G-chan who rush to the Iron Wall Maiden in rage, and let out a loud scream.
I endure the sound attack, holding the insecticide with both hands, and quickly hunted two of them with double spray.
At that moment, the remaining three monsters try to take a distance, but towards one of them,

“Water Ball”

A bracelet-reinforced ice ball flies in a straight line while a feeling of restrain struck me.


I am able to kill the third one without a problem, and the feeling of restraint disappear with the impact.

The other two are also easily killed by Sill’s God’s Lightning Strike and Rusheria’s Prison of Ruin.

Looking at them, they look a little pale, but they stood firmly.

The discussion the other day seems to have worked.
For the next month, I continued to hunt insect-type monsters but my level did not rise.
It seems that the level limit for this floor has been reached.

The current level is,

LV: 14
HP: 42
MP: 27
BP: 47
Slime Slayer
Goblin Slayer (temporary)
God’s Blessing
Water Ball

My level had reached 14, but what was more amazing amazing was the increase in my stats.
BP 47.
Apparently, it can be said that it is the 4th floor correction , and it is not an exaggeration to say that Sill depends on me on this floor.
It seems that I was rewarded for my hard work in a sense, and I’m so happy.

And I have noticed recently.
Perhaps it is the effect of leveling up to LV 2 or something, but I feel that Sill has grown a little.
It is only a little bit, so I didn’t immediately notice it.(TN: there you have it. The confirmation of the author.)

Perhaps, if I continue to raise their level, I will be able to see the beautiful woman just like on the card.
When I thought so, my motivation and tension went up all at once.

For that reason, I’m thinking about graduating from the 4th floor.
On the 4th floor, I did almost all the fighting.
I also learned magic, and thanks to my item, I was able to strengthen it.
Both level and status have rise.
Because I fight as the vanguard, my fighting ability also improved a little.
For Sill and Rusheria, I’m sure they are fine with the 5th floor.

“Sill, Rusheria, I want to say something.”

“Yes?” “What?”

“I’m thinking about going to the 5th floor, what do you think? Do you think we can do it?”

“I have a question.”


“Are there insects on the 5th floor?”

“No, the 5th floor is not an insect area, so I don’t think there are insects there.”

“Let’s go! Let’s go now! What are you waiting for??!!!!”

“Tell me that quickly, are you stupid!? What’s the benefit for staying on the 4th floor all this time, you stupid!!”

“Eh …”

I understand that they hate insects, but it’s the 5th floor.
Is it okay to proceed so quickly?
Though, I am the one who suggested it.

Thus, from the next day, we decided to dive into the 5th floor.


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