Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 38

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Shopping Mall

Right now, I’m in a shopping mall.
Unlike at the dungeon market, I don’t really know what to buy.
When the misunderstanding about this shopping thing came, the only thing that came to my mind was the shopping mall.
I said I wanted to buy clothes, but since I am in the dungeon almost every day, denim pants and a hoodie are enough, but right now I can’t say that.


“What kind of clothes do you like? Something casual?”

“I don’t really know myself, so can I leave it to you?”

“I understand. Leave it to me.”

It isn’t the usual casual clothing store that she brought me to.

For some reason, it is a fashionable and mature clothing store.
It is the kind of store I won’t be able to enter if I am alone.

“Uhm, Katsuragi-san?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Just leave it to me.”


Then, for some reason, my dress-up show started.
I don’t want anyone to see it…

“Oh, this one might be good. But this one is good too .. Try it.”

“Y, yes.”

While being overwhelmed by Katsuragi-san’enthusiasm, which she don’t usually show, I turned into a dress-up doll.

When the dress-up show lasted for about an hour,
When I’m almost at my limit,

“Yeah. I think this is the best.”

It’s a white skinny pants and a dark blue jacket.
I feel uncomfortable.
Is it okay for me to wear this?
When I thought something like that,

“Hmm, yes. It’s really good on you.”

“I’m glad. Then I’ll go buy and wear it after that.”

“What? You are done?”

I had no way of refusing her sudden offer, so I ended up spending the rest of the day as a dress-up doll.

After that, I continued window shopping, but when I think about it, we only bought mine.
I want to give Katsuragi-san something too.
With that in mind, I approached the game center.

As we walked, I noticed that she was fascinated by the big stuffed animal in the crane game.

“Do you want that stuffed animal?”

“Yeah. I’ve never play a crane game before. And I thought it is a little cute.”

“Oh, then wait a minute.”

When I went to the front of the crane game, I put in 100 yen and started the crane game.
I tried to catch the stuffed animal, but I couldn’t take it because the arm was unexpectedly weak.
Then I spent another 100 yen and tried again to get the stuffed pig I was looking for.

“Wow. You really get it.”

“This is for you.”

“Eh, you’ll give it to me?”

“Think of it as a thank you gift for today.”

“Thank you. I’m glad. This stuffed animal is so cute after all.”

I used to get hooked on arcades before I got hooked on VR games, and I also got into crane games quite a bit at that time.

I thanked my past self for this unexpectedly usefull skill.

After that, when I am walking with Katsuragi-san who is holding a stuffed animal,

“Eh, aren’t you Takagi?”


“So you are Takagi after all? I almost mistake you for someone else as you are so fashionable.”

Okada Tsuyoshi of the same class stood there.
I’m not particularly close to Okada, but we are not in bad term.
Okada is more sociable at school than I am.

“Ah …” “Katsuragi-san …”

Apparently, he only look at me for a few second, then he is surprised to see Katsuragi-san next to me.

“Why is Katsuragi-san and Takagi together …”

“Ah, well, that is.”

“We went shopping together.”

Okada was overtly upset by Katsuragi’s answer.

“Ah, is that so. Well, I have something to do, so see you again.”

He left without saying anything after that.

Is this alright?
I wish there is nothing wrong happen at school tomorrow.
I was worried about Okada’s reaction, but I can’t do anything about it.
And Katsuragi-san seems like she doesn’t care so I stop thinking about it.

Then we continue to walk for a while and separate in front of the station.
Due to shopping with Katsuragi-san, I was several times more tired than diving into the 4th floor of the dungeon.

By the way, this shopping might have been a bit like a date. I noticed later.
Of course it’s not a date at all.


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