Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 40

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Go to the 5th floor

With my tension at MAX, I’m finally stepping foot on the 5th floor.
The monsters on the 5th level are very different from the 4 previous floor.

“Sill, are there any monsters?”

“There are two over there.”

What appeared,
It was a group of Mudman and Sandman.
Unlike the biological monster before, this one is moving but not sure if it is alive.
Each one has “Man” in their name, but they are not human, just a humanoid monster.

For the time being, ask Sill to use Iron Wall Maiden and testing how strong they are.
Try firing a crossbow at Mudman.



Did the crossbow’s arrow slip through?
In a hurry, I try to shoot at Sandman this time.



After all, the arrow slipped through.

I became impatient, but I managed to regain my feelings and hit the Mudman with a tungsten rod.


The tungsten rod also slipped through Madman’s body with a dull sensation.

Maybe these guys can’t be killed with physical attack?
It’s bad. Or rather really bad.

If those two don’t work, I have no means of attack.
I also try to use the insecticide.

However, it didn’t seem to have any effect.
Mudman and Slime, to be honest, I don’t know what’s different between them, but insecticide doesn’t work.

“Rushe, use Prison Flame of Ruin.”



Both of them disappeared without a trace.

What should I do?
I can’t attack at all.
I’ve increase my level and also learned magic.
I was planning to play an active part on the 5th floor.
But now, it’s impossible …

If this happens, then it can’t be helped.
There is no choice but to leave it to Sill and Rushe.
If it’s like this, then I have no choice but to act as a shield.
That is the only way to maintain my dignity as their master.

I told Sill and Rushe about the strategy I had in mind and decided to continue the exploration.

“There are three over there.”

This time, it’s a combination of Stoneman, Sandman, and Mudman.

First, Sill use Iron Wall Maiden, then Rushe will use Prison Flame of Ruin after the monsters came closer.
Succeeded in eliminating Sandman and Mudman. ..
The only one left is Stoneman.
As soon as the effect of Iron Wall Maiden wear off, I ran and bashed the Stoneman with a shield.


An intensely hard mass.

Ugh. Heavy…

I endure desperately, but it’s pretty tough even with my status.

The moment I managed to push it, I order Sill,

“God’s Lightning Strike”


Stoneman disappeared with the explosion.
The remaining magic stones are about the size of a thumb nail.
Perhaps it can be sold for more than 1000 yen per piece.

However, this floor is quite hard.
I have used a lot of physical strength in just one battle.
The attack power of Sill and Rushe is still deadly without any problem.
The problem is me.
It seems that I can play the role of a shield without any problem if it is just one monster.
The problem is my physical strength.
The series of battles in a short time is quite tough, so I have no choice but to take a break.

While giving Sill and Rushe a magic core, I took a breath and sat down there.
I will take a short break for about 10 minutes then continue to find the next monster.

“Master, there seem to be four over there.”

“Okay. There are so many, so let’s advance carefully. We’ll hunt them one by one.”

“Yes” “Ou”

When I got to the monster without making a noise, I was there

There were four monsters, Bronzeman, Brassman, Sandman, and Stoneman.
Bronzeman and Brassman are metal monsters that I have never seen before.

Suddenly, my head, which is not that bright, thought of something.
Certainly metals are conductors, so it’s easy to conduct electricity.
Won’t Sill’s God’s Lightning Strike be useless here?

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